Is Hollywood Glamorizing Taxi Drivers


Taxi Driver HeaderThis is another story from the “Chronicles of a Taxi Driver” series. So, You Still Want To Be A Taxi Driver, Eh.? There are many movies out there glamorizing the taxi driving industry. Some of these movies listed at the bottom have a hilarious theme like the weekly “ #TaxiSeries ” from the ’80s to my favorite space-age theme “ #TheFifthElement” with Bruce Willis.  Most have a funny and glamorous side to their stories.

One person asked, “Is it hard to be a Taxi Driver?” No, not really, but being a taxi driver is not all fame and glory.

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Driving a cab/taxi would be explained this way. It’s a self-employed job where, in most cases, it can be up to the driver to decide the working hours and days. Some might say that’s the perfect job for me. The freedom, no punch clock, nobody looking over your shoulder, it’s worth being a Taxi driver, that’s my dream come true job, eh!

Imagine helping some little old lady do her shopping, helping the health-challenged people get to where they want to go safely and business people in a rush to go … nowhere. That part of being a taxi driver is rewarding. Helping People!

But it’s not for everybody.

Most Truck drivers take up that trade just because; most are not made for factory work or office “book worm” type jobs. The freedom of the road, see the country and getting paid for it, that’s where it’s at, good buddy. But that truck driving gig also has a downside, but that’s a different story.

taxi roof Taxi driving could be classed in that category of the freedom of working for yourself, by yourself, and without the headache of actually owning the taxi, I’m just …“Renting it for the Night.”

The lack of restrictions of being a taxi driver is one thing, but the earnings … might not be sufficient enough to fulfill your every need or dreams, especially if you have a family to feed.

So as you get all hyped up in being freedom fighter “ #taxidriver” on the city streets, it’s not all fame and glory, and there is a nasty downside to driving cabs and Limousines.

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Some statistics say 10 per 100,000 taxi and limousine drivers in the industry, were murdered while performing their job in a year. Most Taxi drivers are lucky, though; they just get away with a nasty beating from some irate alcoholic induced person. Yeah, the same one that spent their last dollar sucking down a beer at a local watering hole. And … no taxi fare home!

Sorry man, I’ll pay you …next time when I see you, as he exits the car without giving you a second look. “But it doesn’t work that way” you say to this guy. So that is where it starts.

So, you still want to be a taxi driver, for fame and glory? As I said, it’s not for everybody. Eh!

Who can forget the memorable “Taxi” weekly classic sitcom on TV?

Famous Hollywood Movies

  • The Ghost of Christmas Past
  • Total Recall
  • She’s The One
  • Collateral
  • Taxi Driver
  • Night on Earth
  • Stripes
  • Old School
  • The Fifth Element
  • Race to Witch Mountain
  • Die Hard
  • Half-hour TV Sitcom called Cash Cab
  • Taxi series on TV             Full Series by Amazon 

Is Hollywood helping to Glamorize Taxi Drivers? I would say yes.

The question, You Still Want To Be A Taxi Driver Eh?

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