At an environment question and answer period, it was explained that in our area we’re due for a hundred-year flood. Is this a regular reoccurring weather pattern or did we leave our precious environment too late for fixing?

On Environment Day, the city tour guide says were due for a hundred-year flood in our area. The weatherman reported this is the worst snowstorm since 1895. And then another, this is the worst weather since 1885.

My way of thinking is, that only means if they put a date on it, we’ve had bad weather before. So what’s the big deal!

Then I listen to a Climatologists and Environmental Scientist speaking at a University seminar and the reasoning and science behind climate change. And their future environment predictions and now, “they have my undivided attention!”

 But is Global Warming A Done Deal?

But then! I worry about the ever-changing landscape of our planet and more so as every year goes by. Many people especially the younger groups are getting acclimatized and believe these weather events are the norm. People comment, “there is nothing to worry about” which probably bothers me the most because, “sorry folks, the new changes in our weather is not normal.”

And if it happens suddenly you won’t have time to kiss your ass goodbye!

If this is the mentality of the future generations and coerce and our elected leaders? Then there is no doubt, “We Are The Frog” In The Water.”

Look around and see, and you’ll know the Globe is Warming and drastically changing and, sorry to say, it seems to be a done deal.

The science says we still have time but very little if we start curbing our ways it’s a big maybe! How severe it is, you ask, you might never know for sure, but just perhaps, you don’t want to know.

My question is, “Did we leave Global Warming too late?” Is it a done deal?

Is that what’s happening here with the doom and gloom and the drastic change in our climate. I have another question that swings in the other directions. Who do you believe anyway?

Most of us have not seen the melting of the glaciers or the oceans and beaches full of plastic debris; how do we know this is true?

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We can also put all these stories you read or heard in the category of propaganda. We know that misinformation is alive and well, especially with the long reach of the World Wide Web. And of course, let’s not forget the conspiracy therapist that fills the social media sites and governments deliberately give out misinformation “for our better wellbeing.”

I believe “Propaganda” had a practical purpose way back in the day and was widely used during wartime. Right or wrong, it was a valuable tool to energize the general public with a positive spin to the dome and gloom overseas. Broadcast good news to the public, and the war is being won on all fronts, when in reality just won a battle maybe, not the war first hand.

We all have seen it at work; we all know we’re only reading some of the truth, but that’s ok, “we didn’t want to know the truth anyway.”

A nationwide survey was taken by a news outlet on that very subject. Do you believe the news media are accurate in their Journalism? The answer is, nobody trusts what they hear or read and only half of what you see. But the people that took the survey said they didn’t have a choice but get their information this way.

 Formal President Donald Trump Said. Global Warming is “Fake News”

Up-to-date, have things changed with the thinking on Climate Change and Global warming.

This is where the general public gets supposedly and hopefully truthful information in our free world.

Now Were Swinging In A Different Direction Again And Hopefully Put It All Together.

Could money have anything to do with the lousy weather we’re having? Good weather doesn’t make the news. Could this be a typical climate pattern the world is going through, and institutions exploit it for profits with doom and gloom?  Short of what I hear, I’m writing this article seen through my eyes.

Follow the money. I didn’t make that metaphor up; this proverb has been around longer than I’ve been standing upright.

People watch the weather channel constantly; they wouldn’t leave the house unless they knew how the day would go. Bad news again, the weather person blames it on global warming. More rating and I’m assuming, comes more revenue?

This article is not about the fake news per-say, but you have to admit, where else does the average guy get any factual information. Newspaper, TV, all the same outlets, run and operated by the same people. Spin the channel selector, and you’ll find the same news on a different media channel. The power of the media!

  Orson Wells radio program “War Of The Worlds.”

Take this example; Orson Wells radio program in the late 1930s.

On a Halloween night, he had a radio broadcast show, and his theme was about earthlings being invaded by ET, UFO’S. It was the original “War Of The Worlds.”

It was so influential that people believed this dramatic radio program was valid. Some people committed suicide believing what they heard on that radio was the real deal, and in fact, we were being taken over by Martian, and they’re not getting me one said.

The effects of radio program/media coverage were instantaneous! Do not underestimate the power and advertising of the Media, especially on Climate Change or any other high-profile news.

So what are you supposed to believe, and why would the folks believe?

Still, my question stands: if this doom and gloom are correct and climate change will change our way of life, the future of our kids, and humanity, why is there not more being done?

Could it be as simple as  “Follow the money”

Little History.   

Money didn’t seem to come into play during the Great Wars? We need it now was the moto. What was a by-plane one day was a state of the art flying machine the next?  Start of a conflict soldiers riding horseback into battle, horse-drawn carriages at the start of the war. A few years into the conflict there turn into state-of-the-art army tanks, jeeps.

“Necessity Is The Mother Of Ingenuity”

A global emergency like Covid-19 showed its ugly face, and money didn’t seem to come into play. For example during the Great War. But then you have to wonder why the elites don’t take this problem with the same importance. Why isn’t the world community as a whole taking this problem more seriously? This man-made global problem affects every man, woman and child on this planet. The same way or more-so than this Covid-19.

Question; “Do They Believe Global Warming Is Already A Done Deal?”Maybe, and that’s why more is not being done.

The frog in the water metaphor goes this way;

If you put a frog in boiling water, the frog will jump out. If you put the frog in cold water and turn the temperature up, the frog will sit there. “Not Noticing The Temperature Change,” and be boiled alive. We are the frog!

Some people believe this weather is normal, and it is not.    Looking through my eyes “That’s the way I see it.”

Thanks for reading folks.

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