How Legitimate Is Canada Claim to The North

Canada-Northwest passage map

How legitimate is Canada’s claim to the North  Look at any globe or map dating back as far as map-making goes. It shows Canada in black and white being the rightful owner of the Northern part and up to the North Pole.  Including the Northwest Passage. Under international law that should be proof. Some are claiming NorthWest Passage as being international waters. But as per any map that’s clearly not the case.

post authors avatar Any map shows that these waters have never been contested and now global warming is opening up the North. Everybody wants part of the Arctic and claims some legal interest.

Silly comparison but really not;

I believe if nothing else, Canada could claim Squatters Rights as by real estate law.

Squatters Rights Canada says;

Under Canadian property law, a squatter must be in open, notorious, and continuous possession of all or part of a landowner’s property for a specified length of time. In other words, the squatter must act as if he owns the property and not try to hide his use of the property from the owner or the public in general.

That says it all; it has never been contested by any nation before the warming of the arctic waters.

But can Canada police the Arctic? Can they force rules on all the shipping that is now going through the uncontested strait known as the Northwest Passage?

So as of today, the environment is changing the landscape around the world. The Great White North, for the first time, is passable and showing great interest amongst all nations.  It is a shorter route to Asia and the vast resources the north holds.

Everybody is now claiming part ownership of the Northwest Passage.

History has shown that nations will fight heavily for resources that they deem are in theirs or, in some cases, not in their best interest, but theirs anyway. One would put it under an umbrella of “National Security,” and that’s worth fighting for. And remember, wars have been fought for less.

Did you know Denmark and Canada have had a territorial dispute in the Arctic going back forever?

Since the 1930s, Denmark and Canada have had a territorial dispute between who owns a rock called Hans Island. It’s a small, uninhabited, barren island in the Arctic. One year the Danish would go there and plant their national flag and leave a bottle of schnapps, then the Canucks would go there, remove their flag and put a Canadian flag up and … leave a bottle of our finest whisky. That’s how civilized nations settle a dispute. Since that war of booze and flag changing the dispute has been settled and, without any conflict.

I’m not sure we would have the same outcome with the Northwest Passage.

If this issue with the northern waters above Canada is not settled in the next couple of decades or sooner, there could be catastrophic consequences, and the North is warming at such an alarming rate, Canada could be “The Frog In Hot Water Metaphor.” A Canadian will not have to worry about going to the desert regions for a conflict, “it will be at Canada’s front/northern door.

But then I have to ask the question, is Canada ready? Can they protect their own interests?  Having a few patriotic flag wavers in the north, well I’m not quite sure that is enough to convince anybody of ownership.

As we speak, many nations other than our own are using the north waterway uncontested that Canada is proclaiming is theirs. I’m far from being a legal lands claim lawyer but if Canada owns these waters. Then these very trespassers must acknowledge Canada’s rights and report their intent when traveling through Canadian sovereign waters.

Canada must protect its interest or eventually lose it,  as the saying goes “possession is 9/10th of the law.” Once you find national flags, boat docks, and infrastructure being built by any foreign identity anywhere in the north, then it’s already too late.

George Washington Famous Quote;

“Experience teaches us that it is much easier to prevent an enemy from posting themselves than it is to dislodge them after they have got possession.”

On a popular website, this question was asked, “How legitimate is Canada’s claim to the North” and “it generated a lot … a lot of interest” Eh!

 There you have it, food for thought for all Canadians.

An explanation for “Frog in the water Metaphor”

The frog in the water Metaphor goes like this. If you drop a frog in a pot of boiling water, it will leap out. But if you take that same frog and put it in a pot of ambient water and slowly crank up the temperature, it will stay in that water and boil to death. It loses perspective on the change that is happening around it. In the end, you lose.

I believe we’re That Frog in the Ambient Water.


Question…Is the northwest Passage international waters?

The United States disputes Canada’s claim and views the Northwest Passage as international waters. All ships (including military vessels) that are part of a country in the United Nations should have the right to use the passage without asking.  “As it states in the law of the freedom of navigation.”

If the US claims are valid then Russia, China, and other nations will be at Canada’s northern borders. Mining, polluting, and … “claiming.” will be the flavor of the day. Open a door and all will walkthrough.

Retired Colonel Paul Maillet was quoted as saying;

Canada-Northwest passage joke If Canada holds claim to the Northwest Passage, and all of its vast resources then you have to have the means to claim and uphold ownership.

To defend something you need the necessary power to do so and that is what Canada is lacking.

For example; Canada’s small fleet of icebreakers is few compared to Russia which has the best and most in the world. They have been eyeballing Canada north for a long time, but ironically, they validate Canada’s claim.

Right now we are extremely dependent on the US for support in terms of both our economy and military strength. So he said, we need to depend less on the United States and improve our own military capabilities. But I have to mention, our friends to the south are the very people that are contesting Canada’s claim and have been setting up camps on Canadian soil for many years.

For Canada to Enforce their Sovereignty?

Maillet said that the fleet F-35 jet fighters do not meet the needs of the government’s Canada First Defense Strategy, especially in the cold north, a key pillar of which we need to protect Canada’s claim to Arctic sovereignty.

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Again I say, once you find any national flags, boat docks, and infrastructure being built by any foreign identity in the north, then it’s already too late for Canadians to cry, “That’s ours” no, that was ours. Eh!