How Far Will You Go for Money

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How far are you willing to Go

How far is too far for money?  Will you do anything for it? We all know everything is wrapped around the greenbacks called money. It makes the world go round; it makes things impossible … possible. But how far would you go to get it, or even have it?.

How far would you really … really go for money ???

A person can get quite obsessed with wealth; rich people want to get richer and poor people would settle with just a little. But there’s no limit to how much money is enough — there is no — “Enough!”

But, how far would you go?

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Sure it sounds like a stupid question, given most people will do almost anything for it. People have been known to sell their own mother down the river for money; some people would even sell their country out for a little pocket change. Wars have been fought over money. Bad feelings have been caused by money.

Does money make you look at things …differently as a person?

This is a lousy comparison, but in terms of making money, there are no better people in this world that can squeeze money out of a stone or out of almost anything, than the Americans.

Good, bad, or ugly, there is money to be had. I wish I  knew some of the tricks, but I don’t.

The Americans are the envy of the world. If there is any money to be made anywhere on anything, they know how to do it. And I guess that is a good thing. That’s what made America greater than any country in the world.

Their economy outlasts any to point everybody thought they just printed more money when they needed it.

“We will never go broke as long as our printer is still working.”

How far would you really go for money?

Now we all know there are rules to money and currency and this is a joke, right? I don’t possess to understand the economics of it, but I think it goes something like this; you must have a gold reserve to equal the amount of money floating around that you’re printing or spending. Well, something like that.

So just printing more money is a joke, it’s a metaphor.

So keeping that in mind, I have noticed the US administration cut spending around the world, like pulling out of the World Health Organization, “that saves the American taxpayers billions.” The previously called Nafta Deal with the Canadians also saved billions of dollars in the US favor. They cut spending to the environmental organizations, undue tariffs, and pulled out of the war games off Japan.

That saved billions of dollars, and, I don’t even know what I’m talking about, but, I’m not blind. Everything Trump has done is wrapped around the $$ greenbacks $$

The slant to this article is that while the US is saving money and not spending it, that makes total economic sense, that a good thing.

But how far will a PERSON go to make money? There has got to be another factor at play here!

He, the president, has befriended all US allies and “friends” for the almighty dollar. “Be tough” he said, “we don’t have friends when it comes to money.” Maybe that’s what it’s all about … more money, “I can buy friends.”

Bring all the jobs home; keep the money in the country, that’s almost recommendable for a president.

But the downside is, and if all this is true about the US — how far, is too far for the almighty dollar? How far will you go to save money OR MAKE MONEY?

How far would you really go for money?

As the old story goes, Americans can bleed blood out of a stone. That’s a good thing, isn’t it? Right.

Can you still make money out of something horrible like the Coronavirus, Covid-19 plaguing the world? He is the head of state, and he doesn’t wear a mask. Does he know something we don’t?

Donald Says, come, my children, come to my rallies, and don’t forget, “Leave your masks at Home.

How far would you really go for money?

Now the tide has changed lately because the US elections are around the corner, and Trump was spotted wearing a Coronavirus face mask for the first time. The wind has changed. He’s still not endorsing masks or the Covid-19 virus to appease some voters and wears the mask to appease the others. “But it’s no more than a nasty flu bug,” he says.  Eh!

Some hardcore conspirators think it’s a designer virus just to kill off old people, a cost-saving idea, and, the world governments are in on it.  If that’s true, do the likes of Donald Trump already have the vaccine and, that’s why he doesn’t wear a mask?

Well, if it was just designed to kill old people, the joke is on somebody. It virus has now changed direction and it’s, not discriminating anymore.

I still smell money to be made, BUT HOW?


Stay healthy my friends.


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