How Far Down The Rabbit Whole Does Conspiracies Go. Part 4

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Conspiracy Theorists must smell things that aren’t quite right. They must have a sixth sense about there could be “total government control over the horizon.”

Is there a supercomputer lurking someplace on this planet, storing all business and money transactions from around the globe? Is this the same computer compiling all your data? “Spying on You.”  Passwords, everything about you, your family history, your spending habits profiling every person on this globe in one central computer location called the “Beast” or in the case of this Manhattan building, built-in 1974. (Built shortly after the story of The Beast was exposed)

author with a coronavirus on maskThis Manhattan Spy Building, shown here, was initially known as the AT&T “Project X”—and is also surrounded by secrecy. It has no windows, just shutters, and heat vents circulating outside cold air amongst the hot components stored inside. “And the worst part is, if there is one, could other supercomputers be doing the same thing?”

Manhattan Spy Building

Manhattan Spy Building

All for a sinister reason, “Control.”

My story behind this self-programming computer called “The Beast” could be a platform for a good sci-fi novel. The intriguing information for this four-part article was from an old text. In my estimation, not from a very trustworthy source, and could very well be total fiction.

Is the story of the Super Computer real? Well, you be the judge.

However, if not, could it be real today? Do we have the computer technology today like the Manhattan Building with no visible signs of windows or doors and has all the smell of computers?  Gun control, Face masks mandatory, what next?

How far down the rabbit whole do conspiracies go before they are … “real?”

personal information stored in one location


If these articles are accurate, the conspirers have more to worry about than wearing a face mask during the Covad-19 pandemic. Hell, if any part of this story can be validated, then we should all be concerned. Our personal data stored in one location for the powers at hand to scrutinize at their every whim. (RED FLAG)

Do away with currency, greenbacks, money, and replace it for the convenience of a small tattoo on your hand, maybe a computer chip under the skin.

Tattoo barcode on hand

Did the world powers bring on the Coronavirus as a test to people’s reactions? Are there more lockdown changes to come in the future? If any part of this article is correct, the world wealthiest would get wealthier because of the control factor. The average person would be more impoverished and finally totally dependent on the system in place. (Matrix) Governments could not and would not intervene because they would be part of the (Control) process. (RED FLAG)

Hell, I’m starting to believe my own story!

Can a person get too wrapped up in conspiracies? Can the lockdown of 2020 with the Coronavirus have a mental health effect on every person’s thinking? Maybe we are all going a little stir crazy from being inside too much. Not enough sun maybe, that’s it. “NOT ENOUGH, SUN.”

But giving these articles a second thought, there are many similarities in today’s worldly events.

Being forced into wearing a protective face mask for your neighbor’s better health, or, in the case of the Conspiracy theorist, the government is taking away more of our Constitutional rights, our freedom has nothing to do with the masks.

It’s just another nail in the control coffin lid.

But we have to remember, through the years, we have been slowly giving our private information away, freely. We freely answer that “bogus”  “pay now,” or Revenue Police will knock on your door, punch in your password, and we will make it go away.  How many people have paid these bandits over the phone and given out their banking passwords at the same time?

Of course, that shows we have a sick society that preys on the weak.

But are we going in that direction of our own free will? How many times a day do you give out some of your personal information, whether it’s your age, height, weight, or how about, ”are you black or white.”

Wearing face masks for your protection and the people around you, “IS THAT WHAT IT’S ALL ABOUT OR?” “I’m not doing it, they can’t make me” it’s the freedom thing!

We have all heard this metaphor about the  “FROG IN A POT.”

You know that old saying that if you drop a frog in a pot of boiling water, it will leap out. But if you take that same frog and put it in a pot of ambient water and slowly crank up the temperature, it will stay in that water and boil to death. It loses perspective on the changing environment around it. I think we’re that frog in the ambient water.

Could that be where we’re at this time in history?

Is “Coronavirus Real or Not.” Is the gun registry for the well-being of some or all? Is even Global Warming real, or is it government control propaganda? We have been lied to before, Eh!

According to the author of the Super Computer, “The Beast,” the more significant concern is “ Doing away with currency.”

If all currency is removed from our way of buying things, for any reason, then we have to say no to the bigger picture. (RED FLAG) Our way of life will be dictated by money, hunger, and politically motivated people. “Somewhat like today”

The money-hungry will control interest rates for using their paperless system. You’ll have to pay whatever fee is ruled on you.

As the story goes, once this action is established and anybody objects to the system, they will be labeled criminals. They also state that every book you read, every food you eat, every item you buy will is computerized, and there is no privacy left. There will be no underground buying of anything without “THEM” knowing.

So it’s not the COVID-19 Face Masks you have to worry about or the real or not real flu pandemic. It’s what could sneak in the back door when you’re not looking!

The original article on the Beast was an exciting read, and, only because I have an open mind for such exciting possibilities. Reading this article printed in the 70s could have some resemblance to today’s activities.

The Super Computer called “The Beast” back in the 70s could have been a good sci-fi story. But maybe in part with today’s technology, could it be a reality tomorrow.

Do these conspiracies and the RED FLAGS that keep popping up, be something we should worry about? Yeah …Probably.

Wear Your Protective Face Masks, Just In Case Covid-19 is real, Eh!

I’m getting too wrapped up in conspiracy theories. “they’re almost starting to make a little sense?” Can the lockdown of 2020 with the Coronavirus have a mental effect on everybody’s thinking? Yeah, I think.  Not enough sun maybe, that’s it. “Not enough, Sun.”  I’m starting to believe my own shit.

How Far Down The Rabbit Whole Do Conspiracies Go?

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