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There are a large number of writing platforms on the “World Wide Web” geared towards artistic people.   On these sites, creators, writers, bloggers, and authors can share their passion and talent. They can share tales of their adventures, life experiences, or maybe they just want to share their hobbies.  Share something, anything of good value for your reader’s experience.

That being said, writing good articles is what it’s all about.   And, did I say many writers believe that it could be a lucrative enterprise if you went about it with enthusiasm, patients and most importantly?   Good writing.

But no matter what is said on the WWW, there is no get-rich-quick way to make money; there are only schemes.  “Hard Work and Good writing are what it takes!”

But this is the jest of my story.

How do you know how great your chronicles are if nobody acknowledges your fine writing?  As an author, writer, and four e-books to my credit, I’ve even been called a storyteller on occasion.   My writing is ok, and after saying that, it can only get better and better as time goes on.

But here’s what I’ve noticed;

I find the readers can be a little shy in pressing that like button or thumbs up, buy me a coffee any acknowledgement at the bottom of that fine read they just read.  I have to wonder, and only through my eyes, it does cost anything, a split second of your time to acknowledge a job well done to the author.  Or even a comment if you can! Saying this is why you did or didn’t like the read.  Some writing platforms even have a spot where you could donate money to the author for appreciation.

On my home website, I have a donate button on most of my articles.  Why? It’s for people who borrow my material whole or in part that doesn’t acknowledge my work but, is good enough to borrow.  The PayPal buttons are for people to credit the author’s hard work; that’s me.

We all have many things in common, but most of us would like to be recognized for our achievement and in my case, a simple gesture would suffice. But by nature, we all would like a little pat on the back.

Remember one interesting thought.  Some natural-born writers could write a thousand-word article in a few hours.   No mistakes, no proofreading by a spell and grammar program, just an exciting piece with all the T crossed perfectly.  But most have to work a little harder at writing their stories. It’s waiting in that gray matter between our ears; ready to jot down on paper.

But that Nostradamus-style scribbling like mine needs a makeover.   And in most times, the stories to be told could be positively great.

 Only providing the grammar is correct, the spelling is up to standards, and it has to flooooow nicely. 

Something I have to work on, but I’ll get it. I have too many stories to tell.  And that my friends, takes time!  Not all people are writers by nature! In a sense, it goes from the brain to paper, and to you, “do not pass go” and do not collect two hundred dollars.

A perfect read to read every time!  So that’s where the hit that button comes into play, show graduated to the writer that just spent two days proofing his interesting and maybe informative material, just for you to read.  A simple gesture like a clap, hit the heart button, thumbs up or down, or I’ve even seen a yes or no control, buy me a coffee, but you get the idea, something.

Myself, I recommend hitting that “Subscribe” and never miss another  story LINK, “But That’s Just Me!”  Tips are never mandatory, but they are appreciated if it applies.

Thank You For Reading and this story is only “Seen Through My Eyes!”

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