Frog In The Water Metaphor Has Real-Time Implications


The Frog In The Water Metaphor goes this way; If you put a frog in boiling water, it will jump out. If you put a frog in water and turn the temperature up the frog will sit there, not noticing the change in temperature, and will be boiled alive.

That Metaphor could have many meanings, like for example;

  • I believe mankind is the frog in the water. If we talk about climate change and global warming, it’s gradual, we notice the change, but we have lots of time. Right!
  • Changes in our future rights and freedoms I believe, “we are the frog” Most of us do not see the gradual change to the “And then there was One” syndrome.”  Which could have major consequences in your lifestyle as you know it today?
  • Our body can recognize a sudden foreign change like a sliver in the hand, a cut, and is fast in reacting to the natural healing process. But the immune system seems to be slow in reacting to a slow and gradual change in our system, like a cold.  Even our own body defenses can be fooled.

The Frog in the Water Metaphor just means we all should be aware of slow-moving changes in our lives.

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