Fire Disasters Are The Most Destructive

fire fighting in Canada

It is fire season again and we’re in the same dilemma except worse. We have already seen more wildfires to date than from last year. And last year was a record-breaking wildfire season. In my estimation, fires are the most destructive of all disasters, and here is my reasoning why.
author with a face mask onDid you know Forest fires are not classified as natural disasters?
But those exact words (record-breaking wildfire season) were spoken last year and the year before, and every passing year. Severe drought and record-breaking heatwaves across the region are only getting worse. Two hundred thirty people in British Colombia died last weekend amid the “historic heatwave.” and a flash wildfire.
According to this article from Huff Post (CLICK HERE LINK),  reads US Joe Biden has called on all state governors to do more as this growing threat of wildfires increases. Now finally, someone important has seen wildfires for what they really are. The most deadly natural disaster known to man!
Of course, Biden is talking about climate change directly, but most major forest fires today are a direct result of climate change. Lightning strikes and dry conditions are the main culprits slightly behind stupid people.

But is heat the only element that’s causing Lightning strikes?

Fires Disasters Are The Most Destructive

A climate scientist says Lightning is the leading contributor to starting forest fires in the dry season, but that part we know. And they mention lightning is a natural feature of storms when certain conditions are met in the atmosphere. Particles in a cloud rub together, gathering opposite charges. One scientist suggested, it may be premature to tell, but he thinks there is a direct link between pollution and electrical destruction of Lightning. So the amount of Lightning generated may be influenced by factors beyond the natural realm of nature.

Chris Baraniuk wrote this article.

Scientists have linked aerosol emissions; they call it with lightning strikes over areas of the Amazon that are prone to forest fires and many regions of China with thick air pollution.

(Aerosols are tiny atmospheric particles of sea spray, smoke, dust, and other substances such as chemicals. (Web Information)

car submerged in flood water disasterDoes human activity influence atmospheric electrostatic discharges? Climate researchers discovered dense Lightning trails in the soot-filled skies over two of the world’s busiest shipping routes in the Indian Ocean and the South China Sea.

Could shipping have an impact on climate change and Lightning strikes?

Atmospheric scientists Joel Thornton at the University of Washington found lightning flashes occur nearly twice as often directly above heavily trafficked shipping lanes as they do elsewhere over the ocean. The increased frequency of Lightning follows the exhaust from ships.  WHY?

As a Truck and heavy equipment mechanic for many years, the answer is simple. Unburned fuel from their engines is spued in the atmosphere mixed with tiny liquid or solid particles that float in the air.

One hampers the other.


Did you know trees, their roots, and vegetation hold backwater? With all that burned carnage of a forest fire the natural wall along mountains, hillsides are now prone to mudslides in the summer and avalanches in the winter.

In my estimation, wildfires are the most dangerous natural thing on this planet and are directly related to global warming. And in turn, scientist says if forest fires aren’t taking more seriously for their destructive environmental impact. it will escalate global warming by twofold every year.

Now I believe these people only talk about property damage and wildlife devastation and hopefully not the cause of fatalities.

But this is my reasoning and my biggest concern, with all forest fires, with their destructive behavior, it has the ability to do more damage than the loss of property and life described in any news or even by scientists.

It turns your breathable air into none breathable and toxic polluted air. That poor quality air will eventually kill every natural living thing on this planet that depends on oxygen to breathe.

Pollution causes more Lightning that causes more forest fires and that, causes poor quality air.

We all know this INFORMATION is accurate, so it is not news for anyone. This is only a “refresher” thought.

When a forest fire burns through a town, village, or a burned-out vehicle, it burns more than just wood. It burns oils, chemicals, plastic, and various hazardous materials and puts them in the atmosphere/air for you to breathe.

And we are not just talking vegetation, property damage, or animals distinction.

In a paper published recently in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, UCI researchers show that elderly and low-income residents have suffered a disproportionate share of the fires’ impacts. Still, in the end, we all will suffer the consequences.

Up till today, lung and respiratory ailments are a leading cause of heart failure, disease, and death?????

Natural disasters are damaging events that include extreme weather such as blizzards, droughts, floods, heatwaves, hurricanes, tornadoes; they also include non-weather events such as earthquakes, mudslides, and wildfires.

Fires Disasters Are The Most Destructive

None of those natural disasters mentioned will cause the same kind of long-term devastation as the effect of a major forest fire. The only other would be the eruptions of a volcano filling our atmosphere with sulfur or natural impurities that are unbreathable for people and wildlife.

The most common announcement ever heard on any emergency loudspeaker is, “If you have a breathing problem, stay inside.”

Did you know four of the most destructive fires in the US in history have happened in our lifetime, and we all have to see them for what they are?  And until then, it will create havoc until the fires consume everything and deplete all of our natural breathable air.

Skeptics would argue that this Canadian (me) is smoking up again, and that could never happen, poor air maybe, only for a short while, but it will clear. BUT, WHAT IF IT DOESN’T!!!


Did you know a firefighting helicopter or plane will drop water bombs on fires, and chances are the water will vaporize before it hits the ground? I believe it is doing little or has no impact on putting out the fire. Their only hope is CHEMICALS to extinguish a fire.

As I wrote three articles on the effects of forest fires and believe everything known to man should be used. Put this long time effect menace out and not next week, not tomorrow right away, today.

I’m very concerned that TIME IS NOT ON OUR SIDE.

An article on the web states President, Joe Biden believes Fires need to be put out.

One concerning factor by statesman has been that firefighters are so expensive. If the cost of manpower is holding you back, pay them, if you need more equipment, get it. Once we all think along the same lines we should not flee these fires. We have to fight them with a common goal to put them out. If left it will show its ugly face tomorrow, next week, and come back with a vengeance the next time.

There was a story years ago that when like this;

Traveling through the northern bush country there was word out of a major forest fire not far from the Trans-Canada Highway where we were. Rumor had it if the fire got out of control in that area it was mandatory that we fight it and not try to outrun it, but we were on holiday I said to the cop. Putting out that forest fire was more important. That was probably a scare tactic at the time, but it could hold some validity today.


Have water stations in place at all lakes and substantial water ponds; train people living in the fire zone in firefighting techniques, hold mandatory classes on how to fight a fire. Have some and all water equipment stations ready for any mobility.

burned trees natural disaster Climate change has led to hotter temperatures and drier conditions, creating longer, more destructive fire seasons.  “Put those fires out sooner than later!”

A Canadian scientist a few years back had a hair-brain idea, exploding a type of bomb inside the center of the fire. The idea was to remove one part of the equation that a fire needs for the flame. Oxygen!

“No oxygen to burn, no fire” Theoretically snuff out the flames from lack of fuel for what fire needs.

Stupider ideas have turned OUT to be a revolutionary new reality.


Anything that burns (campfires, barbeques, forest fires needs the same element you need to survive on this planet, “OXYGEN. ” The very air you breathe and spits it out in pollutants.  As we take our time to rid this menace that comes around in all dry spells, it will get worse until such time, it will be too late.

There are no winners here, just looser and if we do not take this problem more seriously we will all be living underground.  Fires Are, The Most Destructive Of All Natural Disaster.

Pollution causes more lightning that causes more forest fires and that, “causes poor air quality” that you breathe. Our breathable air is now gone, should have done more, could have done more …but didn’t!!!  The perfect storm eh!

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The smoky air can cause coughing, throat irritation, shortness of breath, and headache. People with respiratory illnesses and heart disease, STAY INDOORS!

The Forest Fire Is 1500 Miles Away.

This is only my opinion and many hours of web Research.

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