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Ever wonder where Automobile Enthusiasts of fine automobiles, get their classic car projects? Well, wonder no more. These car guys, like me, don’t sit still, we’re always looking and inquiring. I’m always reading the Old Autos Enthusiast Magazines, all 1000 of them, just for the right classic car you’re looking for!

When going for a drive, my head turns this way, and then that way. Darn, my neck gets sore just thinking about it, “We all have seen those types of people.” These guys never sit still! Well, “THAT’S ME” and all my car enthusiast buddies like me.

We are always looking for that big score in the back forties.

Yauthor with a coronavirus on maskou’ll never know where you’ll find that classic car of your dreams, so you have to keep a sharp eye open at all times when you’re gravel running.

The term “Barn Find” always keeps coming up whenever looking for some classic piece of iron to work on.

  • Terminology: … Barn Find is a classical word for finding something in a barn. There are rumors where the term originated, but I don’t really think anybody knows for sure. “Look what I found in that old barn!” That phrase works. Eh!
  • In one of my articles, I wrote that I believe “Number One Hoarders Are Farmers” I believe farmers are the worst for buying, storing, and abandoning their treasures. Why you ask? Because they have the room.

We all read and hear about barn find stories, and most of them could be true.

After the war ended, there was a surplus of vehicles from Harley Davidson Motor Cycles, in crates as well as armored cars. Out-doormen, hunters, or loggers, would buy anything cheap with tracks on it for the rough terrain of the bush environment.

These old war relics are getting somewhat scarce to find nowadays. But it wasn’t uncommon to see an abandoned piece of army equipment in the back forties. Some of these pieces are found with trees growing through and around them. Abandoned, right where they stopped running.

military motorcycle barn findBEFORE AND AFTER Ford Universal Carrier barn find

Some abandoned cars or classic trucks can be found sitting in someone’s back yard, or an old barn. “BARN FINDS,” they call it, but could be found in ordinary house garages. Hell, you can find them almost anywhere.

  1. Auto Swap Meets
  2. Abandoned Barns or Working Farms
  3. Old Autos News Papers Classified
  4. Car Shows and Meets,
  5. And Yes, Even Word Of Mouth.
  6. Back Yards
  7. Sitting in Fields
  8. Abandoned in A Bush.
  9. Estate Auctions Sales
  10. Storage Auctions, Like “Storage Wars On TV.”

So you’re Still Wondering Where Car Guys Get Their Car Projects?

Collectors Story:  There was a Spring Classic car show in Toronto Ontario, so we decided to take a go-train,( easier, no parking problems,) and the train stops a few blocks from the event. Life is good! But the best part is you have a chance to look behind everybody’s back yards.

“Barn Find” is classified as an abandoned anything, “Supposedly in a barn.”

  • In one of my other articles, I wrote about an old motorcycle find. It wasn’t a barn find, really it wasn’t even abandoned, but under all those boxes in my buds garage is a full dressed Harley Davidson with an original sidecar, just sitting there after 25 years. I leaned over and said to him, ” you know what would happen to your Harley if anything happened to you, right?”

Most times, car guys aren’t wound that tight that we can joke about stupid things like that. We know that our labor of love, our project, was not necessarily shared by the other half. They just don’t have that same fussy warm feeling as you do.

  • Many years back, A bud of mine bought this mint 1972 Corvette. He drove it for the summer and parked it in his barn. He said it would sit there until his first grandson was of driving age, and that would be his first car. The grandson just turned one year old. And it sat in that barn all that time until he passed away before the grandson had his 17th birthday. Where do you think that Vette ended up?

 “So you’re Still Wondering Where Car Guys Get Their Car Projects?”

Rumor has it that a wife came up to her husband and said,” you’ve been a good boy all these years, provided for the family with all the niceties, and “Now it’s your time.”  It is now the time for you to find that Camaro SS you always wanted.”

Before she changed her mind, the feelers went out. There was word on the street; I’m looking for a 1978 Camaro SS.

This story is not classified as a barn finds, but it is … kind of.

They looked and looked, and then one day at the office, the wife was casually talking to her co-workers, “if any of you ladies know where there is a classic car sitting around doing nothing, let me know.” OK.

Well, as the story goes, this co-worker in the next booth says, “yeah, I have this beater in my garage, and I want it OUT. “I want my garage back,” and the rest was history. After looking for a Camaro and finding this classic looking metal flaked Road Runner under the boxes, I’ll take it. Twenty years it sat in this lady’s garage. A family member that owned the car, just abandoned it after all those years. The lady didn’t even know what kind of a car it was and didn’t care. She said I want my garage back!

This classic car #barnfind”, well garage find, same but different eh!

So you get the idea where car enthusiasts get their projects.

Now you’re hooked!

 LAST STORY with a link to the author’s web site.

I just read an interesting article about this car collector sending his son to college. He gets a phone call from his son saying he was talking to another student, and says he knows where there is a “concept car”, I think, Buick maybe, the car was sitting” I THINK!

Like me, this author will beat the bushes, but he says to his son, “Just In Case,” do some investigating, and don’t forget to send some photos.

It turned out to be a one of a kind Buick four-door concept car, and in the end, he turned out to be the proud owner of this only one made car.

Now you never know where you will find your next barn Find.

But now, through all reality, the article on the concept car doesn’t say that it was in a barn or abandoned …But it’s a barn find to me.

Read his whole exciting article at this link.

The best places to find your treasures is word of mouth; ask around.” Oh yeah, I know where there is one of those.” It could be that easy! Eh!

So there you have it, some ideas where car guys get their car projects.

So, Are You Still Wondering Where Car Enthusiasts Get Their Car Projects?

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