Truck mechanic repairing a computer

A truck mechanic going to repair a computer

What is electronic manipulation and, where is it used?

Electronic voter fraud (electronic manipulation)  has always been mentioned in the same sentence as elections. The federal elections in Canada have just passed, and provincial parties are now rallying the people for their upcoming event. In the U.S., their presidential election has also just passed.

But my point is, there’s constantly been rumbling about electronic manipulation.  Electronic voter fraud has always been mentioned with such a concern, in some cases challenged in court.

What is electronic manipulation, and where is it used? Anywhere there is an electronic device managed by other outside sources that can be electronically manipulated.

And yet today, with that threat of Electronic Manipulation in our midst and hackers that are really good at what they do, we continue on our journey that more electronics is better.

When I started my blogging adventure, my first impression many years ago was how easy it would be for electronic manipulation for any purpose of choosing.

Here is a link to an interesting article.  How Valid Is Canada’s Claim To The Artic and The NorthWest Passage (CLICK HERE ) To read more

Manipulate numbers, people, even your articles, stories.  Some article you would have put money on that it was going to revolutionize some industry.  The story was that great of a read.

The longer I’ve been blogging and researching articles, the more I believe the web is directed, electronically manipulated to a set of rules that seem to keep changing with the tide.

My blog site has been up and running for many moons, and the visitor count shown through analytics goes up and down, which sounds acceptable in my eyes. But here is the kicker, the count should not go in leaps and bounds or down the same way, that goes against all laws of nature.  There is something amiss and controlling the whole system.

Manipulation with numbers, figures at its finest!

But I have to wonder how easy is it to do it and for what reason. Make a person look good, bad, or ugly, maybe a make a good writer better. “If I only had the paid version”

I signed up for a popular site on the web. After a few weeks of diligently taking the site seriously and posting photos, adds everything to be successful.  I noticed the visitor count going up daily like I was an upcoming rock star. Thousands of visitors count in a week, it smelt funny and unusual, but I’ll take it anyway.

I’m one happy camper; there’s no money to be made yet, but what comes first the people and then the sales or lots of ads with no people?

After a few months of bathing in my glory, I received a questionnaire about my plans for my site. I proceeded to say that if the numbers stay up, I’ll eventually learn how to monetize it.

You see, I didn’t believe the high numbers that they were showing me anyway.

The following days after the questionnaire, all my visitor numbers dropped dramatically to almost nothing. There was that smell of electronic manipulation again.

So I believe the web needs a little house cleaning from its original good intent.

To date, my visitor count is still under a hundred, so somebody blackballed me for some unknown reason, Can’t be my writing! I believe, well, maybe in my own mind, but as time goes I can only get better.  How easy electronic manipulation can be in your favour or NOT.

Here are some web examples says.

Since 2016, when the Facebook/Cambridge Analytica scandal began to emerge, public concern has grown around the threat of “online manipulation”. While these worries are familiar to privacy researchers, this paper aims to make them more salient to policymakers—first, by defining “online manipulation”, thus enabling the identification of manipulative practices; and second, by drawing attention to the specific harms online manipulation threatens. We argue that online manipulation is the use of information technology to covertly influence another person’s decision-making, by targeting and exploiting their decision-making vulnerabilities. Engaging in such practices can harm individuals by diminishing their economic interests, but it’s deeper, more insidious harm is its challenge to individual autonomy. We explore this autonomy harm, emphasizing its implications for both individuals and society, and we briefly outline some strategies for combating online manipulation and strengthening autonomy in an increasingly digital world. And Facebook continues to be in the spotlight today.

Electronic Manipulation?

Electronic Manipulation was a dark side of force power that allowed the user to manipulate the electrical components of a computing device. … To perform Electronic Manipulation, the user required some knowledge of absorbing energy and affecting the minds of other living beings through the Force.

Electronic Manipulation I Believe Is Alive And Well.

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