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Do you believe in Reincarnation? (Being Reborn again, that you never die, you just pass on)  If you do, you must know a term called the “Carry Over” condition?

Dictionary .com explains it something like this “that which is carried over, postponed, or extended to a later time.”

That explains it then … “well not really.” But you have to somewhat agree with the start of my post, or you wouldn’t have read it this far in my article. You have to at least keep an open mind to what I’m going to say, because, your health may depend on it.

If Reincarnation is correct, you end up coming back from another lifetime. Some people believe you never die, and you keep coming back, reborn, many times. The idea is you keep on learning a new lesson every time.

That statement has a lot of rethinking for the average person.  If you knew for sure that was the case, would your attitude and treatment towards your fellow man be different?

The belief is, you cannot learn all there is to know in one lifetime. Or on the flip side, atone for your past dirty deeds.

But if that is true, can you carry some of your previous life’s baggage with you: your hurts, your wants, your bad habits?

If one is possible, well, I guess you would have to entertain that the baggage part could also be correct.

Take for example, if you have health problems and the doctors can’t find a thing wrong, could some ailments be blamed on a carryover from another lifetime? And if that’s the case, how do you cure an illness that physically ─ is not there?

Only in your head, or can it be a carryover condition?

Take another example, I remember something whizzing by my ear, whoosh. And it followed by a nasty bee sting (for a better description) and then another bee sting.

Watching a space movie the “Alien,” I was never ever too fond of that sci-fi flick. It always made my stomach turn. But the funny thing is, that was part of the plot of the movie.  It had everything to do with the stomach.

But my point would be, I always had minor stomach problems and the doctors could never find anything wrong. Always had a problem with the right shoulder —the same side of the whizzing past my ear and the bee stings.

Now, as I get up there in years, the shoulder problem escalates into other conditions related to age. But only the one side!

Again, is this reincarnation, a carryover health condition from a previous lifetime?

A family member always had soft tissue problems. Doctors chalk it up to a condition that a lot of people have, the muscle just loses its memory, somehow? Like programming a computer and it loses what memory it has and now you have to reboot your muscles.

How would that happen?

Swami and a crystal ball

Going to a weekend psychic show, it was explained to her by a psychic that the problems she has are a carryover condition from the civil war era. “Her horse fell on her “She was a He at the time” and damaged the same side that plaques her body today.  Is that even possible?

Could being scared of the dark or being close to water, be a carry-over from a past lifetime? … interesting thought.

Never discuss this with your doctor, because he’ll ask you to try on this specially designed white jacket that ties up from the back, “Is that too tight for you, dear?” He’ll say.

If this thinking is correct and maybe has a little merit, how do you cure something that’s not there?

But, just knowing or suspecting that this condition is from a lifetime before, could it help you understand your health condition today? You would now at least understand.

When doctors can’t find the problem, they seem to sway towards mind-altering medicine. They must believe it’s in your head, “except maybe in a different way.”

Do you believe in Reincarnation and the term, Carry Over” condition?     Food for thought. Eh!

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