Dignity Of Flying Canada’s National Flag Part One

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Is there a proper way of flying flags? “Yes” According to an article from a Canadian Government web site, there is a proper way of flying flags. The site says a “National Flags or other Provincial or Territorial flag has to be displayed with proper consideration and that proper dignity and proper etiquette should be maintained.”

The location and position are to honor – that is,  the Canadian flag is placed at the top and any number of flags can be flown in a chosen formation below it.

The National Flag of Canada should not be written on or marked in any way, nor be covered by other objects. Nothing should be pinned or sewn on the National Flag of Canada. The flag is not to be displayed in any disrespectful manner what-so-ever. The National Flag of Canada should never be dipped or lowered to the ground as a means of paying a salute or compliment to any person or thing.

Here is a Government website for more information on “Dignity of flying a National Flag,” “CLICK HERE”  https://www.canada.ca/en/canadian-heritage/services/flag-canada-etiquette/flying-rules.html

There is also a proper edict even when flying another flag beside Canada’s national flag.

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I noticed the Gay Pride Flag is being flown below Canada’s national flag on the same pole. I have to wonder how this organization arranged to have such a dignitary spot on that pole.

To center out one group of people, out of so many groups, to fly their symbolic flag beside our proud Canadian flag, seems … just not right.

Those spots on the flag pole are to show respect to other countries or provinces as the Canadian web site shows, and they are there for recognition and to honor our fallen.

It should be noted, why a National Leader of Canada attached himself to a symbolic role in the “Gay Pride Movement,”  publicly defacing our Canadian national flag that he swore an oath to uphold with the highest of dignity and standards, is just wrong.

US Donald Trump occasionally surprises me. He ordered all US Embassies “NOT” to fly the Rainbow Color Gay Pride Flag on their Independence Day, and now, a new ruling came down the pipe. “The US State Department indicated that on the flag poles of their American Embassies,  only “One Flag Should Fly,” and that’s the American flag.”

That set me back a pace. I didn’t know flying that rainbow-colored flag at US Embassies was even allowed. I’m not American, but US Trump does have my vote in this case. There is a proper time and place for everything, and that is not the place.

But according to some Canadian News Outlets, many US Embassies flew the Rainbow Colored Flag regardless of the ruling.

But Why Would That Group Be Allowed?

Now the American People can fly or not fly their flag any way they like, but it did bring up an engaging thought here in Canada.

I’ve never seen my skull and crossbones family coat of arms flag flying beside Canada’s national flag, and I have to wonder, what I have to do to get my flag placed in such a prestigious spot on that pole.

How did it come to pass that the LGBTQ organization Rainbow Colored flag would be flown at all our Canadian Government Buildings? The flying of Canada’s  “1st “Assembly of First Nation Flag”  automatically comes to mind, for it should be flying next to the Maple Leaf.

Canada is noted for Diversity, Multiculturalism, and yet I have never seen that flag flying. Only on Canadian Multiculturalism Day June 27. But why not display the Multicultural Flag” more often?

The dignity of flying a National Flag.


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What is the purpose of showing so much recognition to one group? Is it politically motivated and there are so many voters? Do our elected officials sell their souls to one group because of votes?  Nah !! We know there are big bucks to be made with the movement. Is that the reason our government is so compliant … money?

When the National Flag of Canada or other provincial or territorial flags are displayed, proper consideration and etiquette should be maintained at all costs is the standard rule.

Flying Canada flagWe have Indigenous People in our country that deserve more recognition. Maybe it’s about time and long overdue that this should be put on the right track.

What prouder way is there than to honor them by having  their flag  below the Canadian Maple Leaf and … in that order.”

And if there is room on a pole, the “family coat of arms” would be good, “even in the bottom. eh!”

Coronavirus in 2020 and the “Black Lives Matter” movement, brought with it change. Let’s start making things right in Canada.

The dignity of flying a National Flag has to be upheld with the highest of honor.

Gay rights are accepted in this country and most parts of the world, and that is a good thing, but that’s not part of this article.

Posting this blog for the world to see, might ruffle a few feathers, but the gay pride movement does fall under the category of diversity. That’s what Canada is all about. Let’s put things back in their proper perspective and start recognizing the First Nations of this land. This simple gesture of flying their represented flag could be an excellent start to reconciliation among all Canadian’s. Eh!

Stay tuned and “Watch for a Gay Pride MasterCard” coming to a store near you. SOOOON.

There is Proper Etiquette of Flying Canada’s  Nation Flag. “Be proud ”

Extra … An Ontario City Mayor says:

“One of the reasons I stopped issuing proclamations as mayor, probably about 15 years ago, was because I was approached by a good group, a European heritage front, turns out it was a racist group. So at that point, on legal advice, I stopped issuing proclamations, because if you issue one, you must issue them all.”

A reader wrote in

“The flag is not a symbol of someone’s protest; it’s a sign of patriotism and a symbol of our wonderful country.”

A reader wrote in

Distress Or Dishonor. ANGERS RESIDENTS in the town of %$#^&^&&   There is a proper place for everything, “fly your flag with Dignity and Pride”   You can salute if you like.

Dear School Board Trustees from a parent,

I was alarmed to learn that Ontario’s Greater Essex County District School Board voted to force all its public elementary schools to fly the gay pride flag for a minimum of one week, every June.

“It’s disturbing to see the flag put to such a use,” Rod Taylor, head of the Christian Heritage Party,

I think it is that time in history we should go back to the beginning and only fly “Canada’s Mable Leaf Flag” on those government flag poles.

Singing the Canadian National Anthem is not illegal

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