Death is a Funny Thing Part 2

Can you desensitize yourself to the Inevitable Demise? Prepare yourself for the final moment, death itself?

You know there are only three things you’re guaranteed when coming into this world, “being born, taxes, and dying.”

Does that make it any easier knowing that there were no promises in your final moments or some dear friend or family member? Not really! So is death a funny thing like the title says?

No, death is not a funny thing!

 Authors PhotoWhether it’s to prepare you for that final moment or the sudden death of a family member/friend, how can you get used to it or prepare yourself for such a time?

The answer is plain and simple. You can’t!

When a person dies and passes on to a better place, a widespread belief in today’s tradition is having a “celebration of life”

A Celebration of life is when a person passes on (has died), and instead of having a traditional wake, a funeral, or even a drab gathering with distraught people, we celebrate a deceased person’s life and achievements. ( the happy times!)

After saying all that, now we look over the old photos for that special presentation at the celebration of life. Discard all the bad time reminder photos and only look and present the fun times, the good moments.

Those flashes of the not-so-good times are now gone as you know it.

Personally, I think it’s somewhat of a distraction to the real purpose of the gathering, but —maybe that’s the point!

You can believe as much as you want, and what you want, and you can assume your loved one has gone to a better place. That is a comforting thought. It still doesn’t get any easier to not see them at the supper table or that special partner/friend at your favourite bingo hall.

No more family picnics, no more two-hour phone yacks, or even going out for that last-minute morning breakfast.

In the physical sense, it doesn’t make it any easier. We down here are the ones upset. The people that have passed over to a better place are happy, free of illness, free of pain, but only sad as they look down to see us unhappy.

“Reacting to death is a funny thing. CLICK HERE”

It’s an article I wrote, and as the title reads, “The Inevitable Demise is not a funny thing at all!”

The older we all get, the more of our friends and family have passed away. AND IT NEVER GETS EASIER.

One very close friend that recently died said, “I have more friends waiting on the other side than I know on this plain of life” Well, that helped him to accept the inevitable. That’s a good thing because now he’s with all of them!

So as you think you can handle the passing of a loved one, don’t be so sure that you’re over the worst part. Days or weeks could pass, and now the death of the loved one is starting to show some signs that you never encountered before.

Can you desensitize yourself to the Inevitable Demise? Not Really!

Check out this post if you are over fifty years old, only if you dare.

Anxiety and maybe some remorse could have symptoms.

Your eyes might start to twitch uncontrollably for no apparent reason, flashbacks, maybe restless nights that you can’t explain. If your body is not connected to the brain they don’t talk anymore. “I feel ok, and I handled it well,” you say.

You know, that part is funny because that’s more right than wrong. The brain says you are good, but the body has other ideas.

You’re over those sad days and now you’re moving on. I’m over it, back to the grind and trying to make a living spinning our wheels like a mouse in a cage. Around we go.

But your body is not finished with you YET. “You’re not over it until I say so” your body is saying quietly. And you haven’t grieved enough. The brain says yes, and the body says no, we’re not finished!

I’m just coming back from that very thing, I have my moments, like all you other folks that think you handled it reasonably well, considering. Ha!

I’m sitting back, trying not to say anything stupid to anybody that I will regret later. I’m driving carefully just in case I’m not with the program. My body says I’m not just finished with you yet.

Final Comment!

Everybody handles death differently. Some are calm and collected, some are like me, a babbling idiot at times. We all have to be kind to one another through those inevitable moments. You’ll never get used to it! You will never prepare yourself for the inevitable next time.

You can believe as much as you want, what you want, and you can believe that comforting feeling they’ve gone to a better place. It still doesn’t get any easier.

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Extra Note:

There is one rule in nature that’s hard to accept. When a child passes on before the parent, that’s simply is wrong in my books. Your belief in life, death, and religion itself has to really be intact to face that dilemma.

Inevitable Demise, Death Is A Funny Thing

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