Covid-19 Pandemic Fear Vs Common Sense


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A blogger/ghostwriter that calls her-self Tammy recently read  some of my blog articles. She left a comment and a interesting question. She wanted my opinion and thoughts on the Covid-19 “Pandemic Fear Vs Common Sense? “That’s a good title, I wish I would have thought of it myself, but I’ll use it anyway!

What is a Ghost Writer? 

A Ghost Writer is a person that writes articles, material for other people or syndications and not necessarily taking the credit for their writing.

However, the question was, “Do I trust the media and our Politician’s for possibly causing or spreading the “Pandemic Fear,” or does our common sense play into the equation?

Roosevelt said, “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”

author with a coronavirus on maskMy original intent was to take the month of January off, no blogging, no pointing the finger at Politician’s. Just stay focused on finishing my book titled “Classic Car Manual.”

But I believe I’m being put to the test by this blogger/associate and, I’ll take the challenge.

Do I trust the media and or our government for causing more fear and upset than they should? NO!

These same people are being caught daily, breaking their own rules.  CEO from Hospitals, Corporation and yes even our own Politician’s that are in charge of our laws, are being caught jet setting around the world. They are also in a lockdown and are not abiding by the very rules we the public are forced to take.

By undermining the “stay at home order”  they’re breeding a culture of more distrust and conspiracies in our governing system.

I’ll go one step further with a famous Orson Wells radio broadcast from the 1930s.

One of the most famous radio programs was by Orson Wells, and it was called “The War of the Worlds.” Orson Wells and his team acted the theme  out so well, the Columbia Broadcasting System’s confirmed the store. They “reported” that “our planet had been invaded by ET”

Martians have invaded New Jersey!

The story was so believable and riveting people committed suicide, believing the broadcast was the real deal. Martians were invading us, and one person must have said, “They’re not getting me!”

Many listeners committed suicide, believing what they heard was true.

So, never underestimate the power of radio and television. That story was a prime example of the impact the media has.

Do I trust the mass media ? No, “Good stories don’t Sell!” School of Journalism must at one point stress that the news should be told truthfully and accurately. But that doesn’t necessarily sell newspapers so they are found fluffing up a story.

So in the past, the “War of the Worlds radio broadcast” is the earliest story I heard of how media can affect the average person’s thinking. Since that point, many programs have caught my interest in manipulation by both the government and the media.

Propaganda is alive and well in our society.

An interesting CBC Canadian program called “Under The Influence With Terry O’Reilly” talks about how corporations manipulate advertising to sell whatever they sell to the dumb ass public.  The program is well-orchestrated and worth listening to.

Should we bow down to the Pandemic fear or just use  Common Sense?

The story of K-Tell Records in the early years was another true story of the media’s influence. He spent all his budgeted money on TV ads, and the phone rang off the wall instantly with orders, and he had no records to sell.

But there again, it shows how the general public can be easily influenced by media coverage.

That brings us back to covid-19.

I do not like a cold that you get every year, a flu that proves it can kill people I take serious. I will do anything to stay away from its ugly hold on me or family. My wife and I are retired from our day jobs. How are we coping you ask? and “do we believe?” We are abiding by the rule-governed; that’s all we can do. We have to trust what comes down the pipe at face value. Do I have reservations as a blogger and an ordinary person about the severity of the pandemic? Yes.

Do I believe that there is a secondary plan? Maybe again!

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#1 Does the government or all governments around the world have a population control plan in mind? Only kills old people.

#2 Is there a correction being made in man’s history, a direction that can only be made by a scare and a social shut down brought on by?

#3  I believe I was being tested for my answers, and I hope I passed, however in reality, I believe we were all put to the test and failed miserably. If this is a dry run for things that could happen, the higher officials already know that a “Voluntary Lock-Down Does Not Work.” They will go one step further next time in locking this country down with Marshal Law and you will not like option B

Pandemic Fear Vs Common Sense

So “Pandemic Fear” is fear itself, “Common Sense” WELL, use what caution you feel is right for you and your family.

Roosevelt said, “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself,” but he didn’t have to go through Covid-19.

My opinion is, Covid-19 is not a Hoax, it is the real deal and we, will abide by reasoning and run our lives on the side of caution.

Second Amendment Gun Rally

As of today, Ontario Canada is in a “Declaration of Emergency” mode. Which means, stay at home is ordered and will be enforced.

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