Could Coronavirus Face Masks Turn Into A Fashion Statement

variety of cool looking face masks

This article starts with a claim that wearing protective face masks have been around forever, some wore them, and some didn’t. So what’s the big deal eh!

And there is no more famous one as the Plaque Doctors Mask that you would see if you chose not to wear one.

Could these decorative Coronavirus face masks turn into a fashion statement?  Could they even stay in style?

I’m not trying to glamorize the severity of the Coronavirus Pandemic, but wearing a mask to protect one’s self or his family seems to be a no-brainer for this Canadian.

This article starts in the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries when many pandemics ran ramped in Europe. It killed millions of people in its wake. Some doctors wore distinctive beak-like face masks called the Plaque Doctors Mask.

author with a coronavirus on mask

this Covid-19 mask is not to protect me, it to protect … YOU

The beaks were filled with unsaturated chemicals, herbs, and spices to treat the ailing patient. The belief was the masks and leather suits that they wore were designed to protect them from putrid air when treating a sickly patient. It is much like the protective gear used today in health care and hospitals, but, “without the beak and leathers.” They suspected the virus could be airborne. So face masks have been around forever.

Could wearing face masks help reduce the Coronavirus COVID -19 from spreading? I think YES

Bubonic plague doctor photoAccording to the now obsolete miasmatic theory of disease, airborne viruses were seen early as the cause of infection. But most didn’t heed the warning, and wearing a mask was not cool, even back then.

Men in the 1918 pandemic did indeed feel as though masks and personal hygiene weren’t aligned with their “masculinity,” some believed at the time. It was a sign of weakness. So, today it makes total sense as to why officials feel the need to adapt public health calls-to-action accordingly, just for the people that are not willing to take this Covid-19 virus seriously.

But, that does explain why some High US Government Officials in the white house refuse to wear face masks.

As far back as recorded times of diseases and right up until today, some people ask the question, “How do pandemics end?”

The most popular answer is that a plague slows down and ends through the implementation of quarantines. The uninfected would typically remain in their homes quarantined and only leave when it was necessary. In contrast, those who could afford to do so would leave the more densely populated areas and live in more of an isolation area, like out in the country with less population.

This information was from an old advertisement in 1912.

  • I did read someplace; Countries sent lepers; disease-oriented people to lonely islands full of the same ailing type of people. Governments would even send them to other remote colonies. Rumors, you got to love um, eh!

There you have it, breathing someone else’s germs is not cool, being around infected people with contaminated air that can travel tens of meters indoors, could, “be hazardous to your health.”  So yeah, some people have covered their faces to try to ward off diseases, even way back then!

“Wear A Face Mask” could be in style one day.

Protective Face Masks Have Been Around For Ever. Could these decorative Coronavirus face masks turn into a fashion statement? Could they even stay in style? I think yes because some are just cooool looking.