tweaking by Extraterrestrials

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WARNING … This article is not for everyone.

The question is; To stay on course” Does Man And The Planet Earth Need a little Tweaking?”

The creations of man! Where did man come from? And, where are we going?

There have been many theories on the creations of man and our beautiful blue planet called earth. Most people wonder, where did we all come from?

 As you’re doing A 380 degrees around yourself, where did all this come from?

The big bang theory mainly was entertained up to the last century as the creation of our existence.  Nothing more, and nothing less! Some people entertained the idea it was evolution, and we all started with the caveman or a monkey per-se and to what we turned out to look like today. That seems somewhat likely; however, probably like any good theory, experts believe that there are many pieces of the puzzle still missing,

But some scientist devotes their whole waking moments to finding out the absolute truth of man’s existence. Why and, for what purpose?

Today the thinking has changed in some circles somewhat again. Could it be something that was well thought out, maybe a deliberate and a well-orchestrated plan by other entities in the universe?  Maybe designed by some higher power at play for some unknown reason.

More interesting question!

But if we talk about the creation of man like the bible says, God is the only one and the creator of all things and if that’s so, we are all made in God’s likeness.

So as I look in the mirror, that’s not so bad. Eh. “He looks pretty good to me!”

But if we were put here on this planet for other reasons other than a reflection of the creator, what else could it be?

Well, that sounds like a deliberate plan of action by some higher power.

Was there a game strategy from the start of the line to the finish for the human race? I read a joke once, and it goes like this; “In the cosmos, the bigger picture describes Earth as the “Insane Asylum of the Universe”

That’s supposed to be a joke!

Although, there’s been many days, even that part you could entertain.

If the game plan from start to finish for humanity is in a direction as some entity chooses, then whom and for what reason?

Now, I’m not changing gears here so stay with me.

In the world of manufacturing, most of us are familiar with or any good game planer.  Somewhere along the way, something has to be adjusted a little as you finalize the finished product; the unforeseen pops up and needs changing, so it is modified, and tweaked a little more.

Put it back on track for what it was designed to do. That’s a man’s way of correcting a problem.

Is that what happens to mankind today?  Do we need a little “TWEAKING?”

Super Computer Called The BEAST “LINK”      4 Parts 

Should we entertain the idea that anything along the way, any strategic plan needs tweaking a little, adjusting here and there to get it just — right, put in the right direction of someone’s choosing?

Is mankind being pushed and deliberately steered to a higher entity’s liking or is the tweaking done by the man himself?

By many people, the prominent theory today is that we were seeded genetically altered somehow by Extra-Terrestrials; (ET) planted on Earth to be the way we are today and as the story goes, a result, maybe tomorrow, what we will be like in the “end.”

Does this Planet need tweaking?

tweak-it-a-little-more MEME

If you entertain that assumption, what is the purpose of humankind? And the tweaking is for what reason, exactly? I believe this is us; the ‘Boiling Frog’ Phenomenon.

The boiling frog metaphor is to caution people about gradual change.

Human Beings Are Susceptible to ‘Boiling Frog’ Phenomenon, Climate Scientists Warn

If you put a frog in boiling water, it will jump out; if you put a frog into the water and turned the temperature up to boiling, the frog will sit there and be boiled alive.

Reason — the frog in the water didn’t notice the gradual change!

Any physician will tell you that your own body’s immune system doesn’t always recognize a gradual change. A foreign entity slips past the body’s radar and it even fools nature.

Could that be us, a gradual change that nobody notices?


If we were created here, mean genetically altered for a special reason other than to work out our karma, or our past dirty deeds, then if that’s so. What can you do about it, if your destiny is steered? Now, this thinking could be a scary thought eh!

 I WARNED you, that this article is not for everyone!    LINK

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