Collecting Vs Hoarding

Hoarder or Collector's house

To know the difference in Collecting vs hoarding you have to ask yourself … what is a hoarder? Here is a simple explanation, if you have any more than three items the same, you’re considered a collector. If you can’t get into any room in your house because of your “collection,” you’re considered a “HOARDER.”

Are you a hoarder or a collector?

Through all fairness, collectors collect a particular item of interest and maybe lots of the them, hoarders collect … anything and lots of it.

I have a friend, that if it’s not nailed to the floor, he had to have it. “Where are you putting all this stuff?” I asked him.

Well, I knew he had, and HAD is the word, lots of extra room. But to date, all the two full-size garages, double deep, are full of lumber pieces, six lawnmowers, five leaf blowers, and a buried Harley Davidson, and the list go on. “Why?” I ask him.” It’s all good stuff,” he replies.

Read my take on Farmers could be Hoarders.

Well, yes, it is, but?

Suppose something happens to you “Your wife will have two dumpsters in the yard before you go to the afterlife. That got his attention but only for a moment.

Is hoarding an addiction? Are you a collector of delicate articles of years gone by?  Or do you just, recycle and want to reuse your new-found treasures, or do you belong to the “Hoarders Club of America” and want to save and recycle …everything.

In all reality, collectors collect a specific item of interest. Hoarders collect … anything and—everything. Eh!

So, are you a collector of Tiffany Lamps, or do you collect things just because you want them, anything? Then that would bump you into a category called a HOARDER. Eh!

I once  read an interesting article about a man that had to move out of his house and into a hotel because he collected so much stuff, He had no room for his bed.

People suspected he had a problem, but nobody really knew for sure until his passing.

This fellow in question left his estate to a young couple in the family. Oh boy, they said, a house was given to us for free, until they inspected the home.” Nothing is free in this world,” as the saying goes.

The passed gentleman was not a collector of fine artifacts; he was an out and out Hoarder

What are the symptoms of a hoarder?

As soon as they opened the door to their new home, things just fell out, something was leaning against the inside of the door, and these people had no idea!

There was no pathway into the house, and you couldn’t even see the other side of the room. It was just jammed with …everything and anything. To start cleaning out the house, you had to start at any given doorway and work your way in.

Three months into cleaning the house, the fella said, I found 50 two-way radios, eight complete mechanics tool boxes, 50 clock radios, and a hoard of bicycle parts and pieces. And all I have is a pathway going into the rooms.

So you ask, “What are the symptoms of a hoarder?”

Researchers believe it is an addiction of sorts, and the addiction should be treated as such; they even have a ten-dollar term for a hoarder, and it’s called:

Hoarding Disorder   (Obsessive-compulsive personality Disorder) (OCPD),

Could collectors fall into that trap? I don’t have one of them in my collection, I must have that, whatever and I’ll put it …well, I’ll-just make room!

Can you be considered a borderline hoarder? Ask yourself. does my house look like this one?

Point of Interest, Google Images of hoarders reminds me of the Abandoned Storage Lockers I buy, just “Like the ones you see on the Canadian Storage Wars TV series.”

Hoarding Disorder   (obsessive-compulsive personality disorder) (OCPD),

So now you know the Difference to Collecting Vs Hoarding, what are YOU?

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