Climate Change, Global Warming and Covid-19

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So as of writing this article on Climate Change, the Coronavirus flu is running rampant around the world. The flu virus is taken all the limelight away from just as an important issue called “Global Warming.” We will eventfully get a handle on COVID-19 and it will disappear as fast as it came. There’s not a doubt in my mind, but what worries me is the next round.

Are these ever-changing adaptable viruses due to climate change or just mankind’s bad habits, all 10 billion of us on this planet?

Additionally, this brings me to Climate Change and Global Warming issue and what other surprises it will bring or — is it already here in form of world virus epidemics?

 Everybody had to notice the air did get cleaner with the global shut down of dirty industries.

Up to lately, there was a real awareness on Global Warming and the overall Climate changing of or environment. And like all concerned people, I feel we are kept out of the loop of pure unedited information on how good or bad Climate Change really is. Everything that you see and hear is from the media source, TV or radio, owned by a very select few people in this world. But to get the true scope of global warming I feel we get second-hand information and maybe not too accurate of information at that.

For example, Coronavirus, Sars, MI-21, ETC. are related to Climate Change and Global Warming?

So you ask yourself is Climate Change and Global Warming true or false?

Now most of us have not seen the melting of the glaciers or the oceans and beaches full of plastic debris, how do we really know this is true?  So, do you put total faith in the media and all that they say, especially when it’s something as important as global warming, true or false?

Read this article on the man that seen it coming.

Or even, how bad the Coronavirus flu is.

US President Donald Trump doesn’t believe and publicly shares his views, it’s all fake news. Trump of all people knows how the media works and, its effect on people’s thinking and everyday lives. He uses that technic daily, and may I add, he’s a master at it. Trump was weened on the media. One way or the other he knows how they either create news that wasn’t there or, overdramatizes bad news to sell papers.

He knows exactly how they can manipulate the people through media coverage. As my article shows some skepticism on climate change, I really do believe something is majorly going on. But I somewhat have to agree with Trump’s evaluation of the media.

This article is not about Trump, but you have to ask yourself, is Climate Change and Global Warming Real?

The new President says it this way towards global warming.

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Take for example the Orson Wells radio program in the late 30s.

At this same time a year on a Halloween night, Orson Wells had a radio broadcast and his theme was earth was being invaded by UFOS.  It was called. “War of the Worlds” The broadcast was so powerful people believing this dramatic radio program was real that some of the people listening committed suicide. All believing that what they heard on that radio was real and we were being invaded by Extra-Terrestrials from Mars. “And it was only just a radio program” Sole purpose was to entertain the audience on a lonely cold night without a television.

Do not underestimate the power and advertising of the Media

Here is another link to an excellent Canadian Radio Program called #Under the Influence – by Terry O’Reilly.

The radio host promotes their program this way,

“This radio program gives you a backstage pass to the world of CORPORATE ADVERTISING”

They talk extensively about how the marketing world and the media go hand in hand, and how best to influence the consumer to buy their product. And that’s —” You and me the consumer.”

Today it is not much different than years ago, propaganda is still widely used today to change the coerce of the average person thinking. True or … not true, you be the judge Eh!

Consequently, the media is talking about climate change, the media again claiming to the public of catastrophic events that are going to happen if we don’t curb our ways. Again the general public has to cut back, sort your garbage, compact when you can. Stop driving your car!

When in fact, you don’t see a lot of major changes being done by the overall polluting industries or — countries.

Climate Change and Global Warming are true or false.

They say, look at the devastating climate changes, hotter summers, colder winters, and unpredictable climate changes. Tornados, hurricanes devastating land masses wild-fires displaced unimaginable property damage.

So what is the world doing about it? What are you doing about it? Are we all doing our share or only some? This means it will not even put a dent in the environmental impact if only some and not all take this problem seriously.

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