Relationship Between Climate Change and Covid-19

Is there a relationship between Climate Change and the Covid-19  pandemic of 2020? You have to wonder are they related somehow? The unprecedented shut down of economies, curfews, work from home policies. “Could there possibly be an upside to this terrible event?”

The Coronavirus brought on some drastic changes and probably more than just the flu virus, take for example;

Many people around the world happen to notice many unusual phenomena happening. Something you have never seen in modern-day and, probably could not have happened any other way.

If Covid-19 is a hoax, “It does have an up-side!!”

author with a coronavirus on maskAs some people reflect that Coronavirus Covid-19 is a hoax it does have an upside as far as climate change is concerned. These skeptics can’t dispute that the environmental reaction to the virus shut-down was a positive one.
The Coronavirus, Covid-19 Pandemic is classified as the scare of the decade by some. But having said that, it could be a SNAPSHOT of our future.
At the time of writing this article in 2020 this disease was and is still running ramped around the globe. Every nation and inhabitants that took the Coronavirus Pandemic seriously took drastically “never to seen before” measures.

They shut down their economies to a crawl in lieu of the Covid-19 flu pandemic.

Government officials ordered a “stay at home” lockdown of its citizens to stop the virus from spreading. The no-touch and 6 ft distance policies were implemented. In most countries, the mandatory wearing face masks.

“That part is not going over well with the non-believers”

But the interesting positive side is, environmentally speaking, and I’m not downplaying the severity of the pandemic. it’s the reaction our environment is taking.
No Cars on the road, coal-burning factories shut down. Ships and Airplane traffic took a real hit with minimal movement.
These modes of transportation burn a lot of fossil fuel and lots of pollutants in the air.
No people, no tourists in our national parks, no road traffic, and it was reported that wildlife coming back in remote areas. Some reported tenfold in animal activity not seen for years.
The space satellite cameras are known as the “spy camera in the sky,” took “never to be seen” photos of parts of the world. It’s not because these cities and countries were clouded in secrecy, you just couldn’t see them before because of the smog.
Some of the places on earth were so polluted they were just — “never visible before,” well, at least in the history of that camera. The sky was showing through, clean, breathable, see-able air in many parts of our planet, and that’s a good thing.
The fascinating part is how fast the planet rebounded without people polluting. And that shutdown period was, only a couple of month’s duration.

If Covid-19 is a hoax, “It does have an up-side!!”

Most honorably recognized scientists believed the planet would take thousands of years to recover from man’s destructive ways. This Coronavirus Covid-19 shows the opposite.
The virus that’s plaguing the world will slowly go away, but it does show that positive reactions can happen to our environment, “Just a tweaking from humankind.”
The smog from the shutdown will slowly come back as industries re-open, and, everything will be back to normal. Whatever our normal was, “Smog-Ville.” Eh!
But you have to wonder, due to our polluting bad habits, will this planet of ours let humans destroy the third rock from the sun. “I Would Bet Not” and I would also bet the Covid-19 flu virus could be nature’s way of fighting back…just maybe.
Climate Change And Corvid-19, Are They Related?

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