“Chronicles of a Taxi Driver” Series of Articles

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“Chronicles of a Taxi Driver” Series of Articles starts off with asking questions. Is the Taxi Industry being unfairly treated by the general public? Is it trade with very little respect? Are our cab drivers themselves being treated unfairly? Are cabbies portrayed like high school dropouts with no education?

 Questions, Questions, and More Questions!!

Chronicles of a Taxi Driver” articles and stories will show, unlike other trades, most taxi drivers, have no pension plan or … job security. They have oddball hours, fare evasion from a lot of passengers, and threats on their life. And let’s not forget my all-time favourite… health problems from lack of exercise due to their work environment.  And … most taxi drivers “Are well educated

Adding insult to injury, the Covid-19 virus OF 2020 brought on even more health challenges for the average Cab Driver. So driving a cab could be a very stress-related job and, “It’s not for everybody.”

Chronicles of a Taxi Driver” is a series of Interesting Taxi Drivers Stories and articles about the taxi industry. These truths and myth stories are told mostly by Cabby Drivers themselves.


The articles will show that not all Cabbies are high school dropouts with no education. Some of my stories hopefully will come across that, driving taxis is not all fame and glory either like Hollywood Movies Portray.

The Cabbies trade could be swayed a little more towards one of the most dangerous professions out there “Without the danger Pay.” So, do you still want to be a taxi driver?

  • Taxi Drivers Got Their Nick Name “Cabbies” because; THEY drive “Taxi Cabbies.”

Watch for my Series of “#ChroniclesofaTaxiDriver” where truths and myth stories are told mostly by Cabby Drivers themselves.

Remember; “Taxi Driving is not for everybody.”    Click Here Is Uber taking over the article 

WANTED-Taxi stories

Tell your story to the world. “Good Taxi Driver Stories” are always wanted as guest writers with credit going to the author. Sorry, but all articles and stories will be the property of this author.  A “Possibility Of Future Publishing.”  Eh!

Contact me at Canadiandw@gmail.com with your good, bad, or ugly story of driving a Taxi Cab.

 More stories are being added so please  “Check back often”

“#ChroniclesofaTaxiDriver” eh

Chronicles of a Taxi Driver” Series of Articles


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