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My name is Mike, and as fate would have it, cab driving was my destiny for 30 plus years of my life. It started out as a part-time job bringing some much needed extra cash as I was raising a young family and swimming in debt.

The timeline which I started….the late seventies right into the early 2010’s. As mentioned, I started off part-time but end up full-time when in between jobs (which happened many times).That is another chapter of my life in the naked city. I viewed it as a job and not a career, never for a moment that fate would having me driving for so many years. I can’t really say I overly enjoyed my “career” but for the most part, it did what it supposed to do…..keep a roof over my head and pay the bills….nothing more, nothing less….so the saga begins.

So, “you want to be a Taxi Driver eh,” how about a “Rickshaw” cab driver.

  • Wikipedia Explains Rickshaw as a small-scale down tricycle designed to carry passengers on a “FOR-HIRE “ basis. Other name for a Rickshaw is TRICYCLE TAXI. Very popular in Asian and some European countries.

Every “career” cabby has a million stories he could tell…..this is one of mine…..

As with every taxi driver, who’s been around for a few years, you eventually end up driving a few, more or less, ”famous” people. This is one of those times. I was driving a evening shift one evening years ago. Those were some of our more prosperous times in Kitchener in the late 70’s(before the recession hit in 1980)….it was a time of “Lulu’s”…..the longest bar in Canada at 333 feet long, was bustling with long forgotten “oldies’ acts.

They could jam over 3,000 patrons in on a Friday or a Saturday night……this night…the “Soul Brothers” Sam and Dave were playing to the revelers. I happen to be sitting out front(waiting for a fare) and the back door opens….in walks “Dave”….”take me to my motel across the street and bring me back”…The Flying Dutchman Motel sat across from Lulu’s with a busy highway in between…a lot of the Lulu’s acts stayed over there….anyways, I take him over and bring him back….he has no cash…he says he will catch me later…yeah right…that puts food on my table….the one and only time I ever saw him……yes, there are even deadbeat “famous” people folks…not all were like that though…..

One evening I picked up one of the “Pointer Sisters” at the train station going to the Centre in the Square to catch up with her tour bus where they were playing….she was very nice….I picked up David Suzuki from the Walper Hotel another night and he was very nice also…being Asian, he was young beyond his years….Asians age very nicely….stick around…. more “celebrity “and cab stories to come…..

Kitchener Ontario Canada Cab Drivers Story

   Guest Blogger Mike Wettlaufer

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