Chronicles of a Taxi Driver” “Covid-19 and the Taxi Driver”

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You have to ask yourself, — how are the Taxi Drivers dealing with the Covid-19 Pandemic? Some of these researched stories are downright disturbing.  Some taxi operators are falling on hard times, most company owners say, half of their taxi fleets are parked because of the shortage of customers.

Many cabbies are coming down with the COVID-19 virus through fares and infected people getting in and out of their cabs.

author with a coronavirus on maskFew of you lucky people can stay at home with a measly, but still a paycheck of sorts. Government authorities expect you to stay home, “Stop the spread of the flu virus.”

But cabbies have to remain working, move people around.

The “Chronicles of a Taxi Driver” Series is where I’m collecting information and stories, show different sides of Taxi drivers, and sometimes … not pretty ones…

Your community taxi drivers (the grunts of the road.) the same people that get you from here to there don’t have the same luxury of staying at home, “That’s what cab drivers do,” their job solely revolves “Around People.”

Healthy ones and … not so healthy ones.

So you ask yourself, “How does a Taxi Driver protect themselves against Covid-19?” and their customers?

The cabbies that are still working are incorporating a makeshift plastic protection curtain barrier between the seats to try and contain the coughing and the sneezing. The driver also makes it known that whoever is entering their cab, wearing face masks, is a must. But even with all the safety measures in place, it still has its challenges.

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A union representative who says his members are taking all COVID-19 precautions possible. Windsor Ontario cab drivers are cleaning and disinfecting their vehicles after every trip. Government and unions only advice to cab drivers, besides staying safe is, “You can refuse to take passengers who are not wearing face coverings.”

But – there are still people who feel that masks are not needed, and Coronavirus is a total hoax. The fare says to the cab driver, “a cabby has no right to refuse me as a paying customer.” That, on its own, could lead to an unnecessary confutation, and it usually does.

So, Covid-19 is a real challenge for the Taxi Driver.

A survey also says, ever since the pandemic started, Cab driver’s main jobs have been transporting NHS staff, key workers, patients and the vulnerable … which make them totally at risk. The survey also says that taxi drivers have the highest rates of Covid-19 deaths amongst all other industries, which is not surprising.

Chronicles of a Taxi Driver” Series is about “Taxi Drivers.”

One cabby from New York City said, “Business is just not there because of the Coronavirus scare,” nobody wants to take a cab — and if I had a choice — I wouldn’t be here! … Cabby Unknown.

  • Elias Dabneh, who works in downtown Montreal Quebec told Global News a few months ago that his business is dwindling. While he usually picks up 10 customers on a regular day, he only had three passengers on Friday.

“Everybody is afraid of the virus,” he said.

  • Some of the older cab drivers or ones with pre-existing health problems are fearful of their lives have opted to stay home, The same cabby said he had one fair in 4 hours, In YouTube Video, it shows taxis are lining up outside a bus stop with — no riders on the bus. … Cab Driver Unknown.

Customers are only taking taxis for essential reasons like groceries or going to work; the business has dropped by at least 50 percent, He estimates there is currently about one-third the usual number of cabs on the street.

So, do you still want to be a cab driver, eh?

Click this YouTube video “New York City cabby “Richard Browns story.” eh”

“Chronicles of a Taxi Driver” Series is about “Taxi Drivers and their stories.”

Final word.

Amongst all the health risks of COVID-19, the die-hard taxi drivers still take the elderly shopping, the sick people to the Coronavirus Clinic for testing and or to a hospital. They risk their own lives and their family’s lives in the process.“Be Kind To A Cabby,”“It’s not all fame and glory.”

In my thinking, Taxi Drivers should be recognized as heroes of the road as well as hard-working truck drivers, doctors, nurses and all the other people trying to do their share. Just keep most of us safe at home.

“Chronicles of a Taxi Driver Series“ “Covid-19 and the Taxi Driver”

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