Photographer Taxi Driver Cabby

 Eye of a Photographer cartoon

Photography Taxi Driver Cabby says it’s in the eye of the beholder. Now even though the original saying is somewhat different, I will use it as a metaphor for this article.

My passion was always to be a better photographer, and, there were two ways to achieve my goal. Self-taught, or learn from the best, “New York Institution for Photography.”  I signed up and the rest was history. I never did accomplish professional status but there were many things I learned from that course. Continue reading

Medical Reincarnation Carry Over

author with a coronavirus on mask

Do you believe in Reincarnation? (Being Reborn again, that you never die, you just pass on)  If you do, you must know a term called the “Carry Over” condition?

Dictionary .com explains it something like this “that which is carried over, postponed, or extended to a later time.”

That explains it then … “well not really.” But you have to somewhat agree with the start of my post, or you wouldn’t have read it this far in my article. You have to at least keep an open mind to what I’m going to say, because, your health may depend on it. Continue reading

Could Coronavirus Face Masks Turn Into A Fashion Statement

variety of cool looking face masks

This article starts with a claim that wearing protective face masks have been around forever, some wore them, and some didn’t. So what’s the big deal eh!

And there is no more famous one as the Plaque Doctors Mask that you would see if you chose not to wear one.

Could these decorative Coronavirus face masks turn into a fashion statement?  Could they even stay in style?

I’m not trying to glamorize the severity of the Coronavirus Pandemic, but wearing a mask to protect one’s self or his family seems to be a no-brainer for this Canadian.

This article starts in the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries when many pandemics ran ramped in Europe. It killed millions of people in its wake. Some doctors wore distinctive beak-like face masks called the Plaque Doctors Mask.

author with a coronavirus on mask

this Covid-19 mask is not to protect me, it to protect … YOU

The beaks were filled with unsaturated chemicals, herbs, and spices to treat the ailing patient. The belief was the masks and leather suits that they wore were designed to protect them from putrid air when treating a sickly patient. It is much like the protective gear used today in health care and hospitals, but, “without the beak and leathers.” They suspected the virus could be airborne. So face masks have been around forever. Continue reading

Do you believe in Coronavirus Conspiracies?

Could Coronavirus  Covid-19 be just a nasty flu bug like Trump says?  Or maybe a person sway’s towards conspiracies theories? (link)  With the latest on the Coronavirus, there’s lots of information misinformation out there. Some to most are misleading, but who do you believe? Does your government have a secret agenda or is it, just the nasty flu that goes around every year?

 Is China being upfront with the Covid-19?

daves-post-time photo

Man at Work

These same people that are starting these conspiracies (rumors) are pretty scrupulous; they’re getting wealthy on everybody hitting on these made-up stories “There never was a pandemic.” They say, it’s a diversion from the real problems or it’s only designed to kill old people. Now, that’s the best one I read.

But reading those conspiracy theories ─ you, do have to wonder, why Covid19,  is only killing the #oldpeople. “85 % affected and dying are from the older generation group.” (I can say old people because I am old)

Do you believe in conspiracies? Well, this pandemic has the makings of one. Some even believe that all world governments are in on it.

Now, as these bogus stories are filling the social media sites — how true are they?

Continue reading