Does Planet Earth Need Tweaking

tweaking by Extraterrestrials

Photos by Willard Krause and Pixabay-Image

WARNING … This article is not for everyone.

The question is; To stay on course” Does Man And The Planet Earth Need a little Tweaking?”

The creations of man! Where did man come from? And, where are we going? Continue reading

WARNING; They Were Told, Never Go There

siting on porch over looking desert

I watched it crash by that old mine

In the Bad Lands of Alberta, Canada, white cap mountains stand on one side and white sandy desert on the other. Sitting smack in the middle is 5ooo acre cattle ranches, all divided by a mere interlocking and imaginary fence and a gate.

Seventy million years ago, dinosaurs walked the earth, and southern Alberta was a subtropical paradise of towering redwoods and lush vegetation. Today the once fertile plains suddenly drop away into a world of multi-hued canyons and wind-sculpted sand-doons. Continue reading