Twenty Five Most Read Short Stories

,25 Most Read Short Stories book cover These are Twenty Five of my most read short stories. Some chapters are entertaining, some are informative, and some are just downright good short reads for your work commute.

Some of my Stories might even have a Canadian theme and orientation to them.
I’m not a long book reader and very few times, a book will captivate me long enough to read the whole thing. That unconsciously inspired me to write short fun and to the point short stories for readers, just like you and me. For those people that are always on the go. Continue reading

Legionary land of Atlantis real?

World Map of Atlantis

Was the Legionary land of Atlantis real, you ask? Well, it has not been a proven fact. However, according to my research, some believe the continent and its people existed around 90,000 years ago and the continent was a big part of the Atlantic Ocean. Of course, there are other sceptics that think it was situated more around the Mediterranean Sea.

Is the whole story a myth? Well again, people are making money on writing books, publications, fiction, and some even go as far as to say it is non-fiction, which means they believe it’s true. Continue reading

Who are the Star People Arcturians

Starship Athena above earth

Arcturians are Intercontinental travelers on a starship from the Constellation of Bootes. (ET) They proclaim to humankind that they come in peace.

Their purpose is simple. We Arcturians, have been sent to observe earth’s progress since the beginning of time and are here again to help humankind through the coming changes.

We come in peace, they stressed.

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