Why Is There a U.S. Embargo On Cuba

Old Church in Cuba

Old Church in Cuba

Why is there a U.S. embargo on Cuba after all these years? But why is there still an embargo on Cuba after all these years? I believe there could be a deeper reason that the U.S still has an embargo on Cuba, and it could date back to Kennedy’s Demise, but that’s a conspiracy theory left for another day. Continue reading

Huron People and the Black Robe Connection

“Saint Marie among the Hurons” is my destination of choice this summer, especially after watching the less-known Hollywood movie called “Black Robe.” This flick just crossed the T and dotted the I with its French Jesuit Missionaries connection with the Huron People of Canada. Continue reading

Children’s Remains Found At Indigenous Residential School.

Canadian Native Flag

The Canadian Native Flag was designed by Kwakwaka’wakw artist Curtis Wilson. His design for the flag is meant to represent First Nations in Canada

Newspaper Headline reads: Canadians Mourn As Children’s Remains are Found At Indigenous School

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How Legitimate Is Canada Claim to The North

Canada-Northwest passage map

How legitimate is Canada’s claim to the North  Look at any globe or map dating back as far as map-making goes. It shows Canada in black and white being the rightful owner of the Northern part and up to the North Pole.  Including the Northwest Passage. Under international law that should be proof. Some are claiming NorthWest Passage as being international waters. But as per any map that’s clearly not the case. Continue reading