Death is a Funny Thing Part 2

Can you desensitize yourself to the Inevitable Demise? Prepare yourself for the final moment, death itself?

You know there are only three things you’re guaranteed when coming into this world, “being born, taxes, and dying.”

Does that make it any easier knowing that there were no promises in your final moments or some dear friend or family member? Not really! So is death a funny thing like the title says? Continue reading

Fire Disasters Are The Most Destructive

fire fighting in Canada

It is fire season again and we’re in the same dilemma except worse. We have already seen more wildfires to date than from last year. And last year was a record-breaking wildfire season. In my estimation, fires are the most destructive of all disasters, and here is my reasoning why. Continue reading

UV Light Kills Germs and Bacteria.


Ultraviolet (UV)  light technology is used in deli’s, food stores, hospitals, and … it purifies your drinking water at a water treatment plant.

On Earth Day, our city had a free public open house and viewing of all of its government facilities. Of course, the one I was most interested in was the water treatment plant.  However, we’re due for the hundred-year flood topic was kinda cool.  I took in all the free events but the water treatment plant was the one I found most interesting. Continue reading

Is High Cost Of Real Estate Evicting Tenants

house just sold

In this post, I’m putting a different spin on the High Cost of Real Estate. But could that be the reason more apartment dwellers (tenants) are being evicted? Part one article to the high cost of living was about a person coming into a windfall, and then, you can buy your dream home. Continue reading