Is the GARDEN OF EDEN on planet Earth?

Garden Of Eden And Earth

Around the world Archaeologists and Christian Scientists have spent many years and lots of Denaro’s looking for the biblical land called the GARDEN OF EDEN. They’re looking on top of Mount Sinai, also called the Mountain of Moses Egypt or the Andes Mountains in South America and the Himalayas Mountains in India. They are endlessly looking at the highest points on the globe for that special place mentioned in the bible.

But what if they’re looking in the wrong place?

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Is the Air We Breathe Polluted?

As a truck and heavy equipment mechanic turned blogger, I have to approach this article from a mechanical point of view. There is some misconception with us, stupid humans, that we believe there is a lot of water and air …to pollute.

So, polluting our whole planet will never happen. Some might even say something really stupid like, “at least not in my lifetime.” Continue reading

Climate Change, Global Warming and Covid-19

Global Warming Graphics

So as of writing this article on Climate Change, the Coronavirus flu is running rampant around the world. The flu virus is taken all the limelight away from just as an important issue called “Global Warming.” We will eventfully get a handle on COVID-19 and it will disappear as fast as it came. There’s not a doubt in my mind, but what worries me is the next round. Continue reading

Relationship Between Climate Change and Covid-19

In the relationship between Climate Change and Covid-19 of the year 2020 pandemic you have to wonder, are they related somehow? The unprecedented shut down of economies, curfews, work from home policies, “Could there be an up-side?”

The Coronavirus brought on some drastic change and probably more than than just the flu.

But many people around the world happen to notice an unusual phenomenon happening. Something you have never seen in modern-day and, probably could not have happened any other way. Continue reading