Mechanic Vs Collectable Clocks

 Truck mechanic cartoon

How hard can it be to recondition old antique and collectible clocks? Well, this truck mechanic is going to find out but, those pieces are pretty small!

Being a connoisseur of fine antiques and collectibles, I look at most of these old items through a dollar sign, “how much retail are they worth?” I try hard not to get hooked on the collecting end of the business. But it’s pretty easy to fall into a trap of collecting when you see some interesting items that fit your fancy.

And Fancy Old Clocks I Do.

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Air Ride Suspension In Early Classic Cars


Did they have Air Ride Suspension In Early American Built Cars, in short, the answer is yes they did?

In my early years, I knew I was destined for some kind of mechanical trade. I always spotted stuff that — just wasn’t right. But what did I know as a young kid, I never knew which way was up until my early teens. Continue reading