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First off, Who Is David Wettlaufer?  Who is David Allan Wiles?

Dave Wettlaufer is my real name, and I am the author of this website. However, I go by the Pen Name, David Allan Wiles, for publishing my books. 

I am also the author of these two website address

Sixpaque.ca … @ … BloginginCanada.com

This site is named after my once abandoned, and then rescued dog (my buddy) that passed away, Sixpaque.

My pen name is “David Allan Wiles” I go by that name when writing softcover books sold by Amazon.  The name Wiles is a tribute to my Mother (her maiden name,) and the Wiles Clan from Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia, Canada.

Now After All That Bla, Bla,  About Me, The Author.

With little education, I learned that this guy would take any opportunity if it came my way.

I had a chance to apprentice in the transportation industry, and for the next many years, that was my trade. I was repairing trucks, heavy equipment, buses, big and small boats, and everything mechanical in-between. I was an emergency roadman for many years which took me to many places and heard lots of stories.

That’s What Brings Me Here!

Some people are naturals at what they do and, for sure, that comes in handy. I didn’t come from a line of mechanics, just hard-working people trying to make a living. So I was not a natural. I persevered and learned as much as possible in my chosen trade.

 In my opinion, I became one of the best at what I did.

But, If I had to describe our family tree, it would go like this, my mother was from a quiet community in Nova Scotia. My Dad was like a newer version of a gypsy, always looking, searching for something. We moved around a lot because of it, and as a young person, that was ok. Still, it played hell on close friends and school. I saw more of Canada by the age of ten than most people see in their lifetime.

I believe everything in your life happens for a reason. My dad was either born too early or too late for his way of thinking, “Interesting thought.”

(So the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree)


  • I like photography and being creative in Photoshop.
  • I fix things that are broken, and I am not a throwaway person.
  • I am a full-blown Libra and believe in balance from writing my blog posts to real life. What is fair for you should be fair for me.
  • I’m aware of people and my surroundings.
  • I used to believe hard work was noticed and always paid off.
  •  In this day and age, “I Don’t Anymore,”
  • I believe if I find information, and am comfortable with it, then my body says it’s right for me, whether it’s a book I’m reading or advice given.
  • I learned to take everything at my own pace, not somebody else’s

Maybe I’ll share some of my award-winning photos, and some that are yet to be taken.

There is a name for people like me;

“No grass grows under their feet,” and that’s me. “I promise not to bore you too badly.”

Thank you in advance for taking the time to read my ranting and maybe throw in some good stuff you never knew before. If you still haven’t quite got a feel for where I’m taking you on this blogosphere journey, please check out my Very First post.

“David Allan Wiles” … Sorry, I already said that. Eh!

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Did I mention  “I Am Canadian” eh!

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