“Beware of the Computer Called The Beast” Part 3

super computer called the beast


Is the story of the “Beast” a Conspiracy, a WARNING or, maybe it’s just a prediction of this Super Spy Computer collecting your private data? The information for this article was printed back in the 1970s, and it does have some impressive views. Some of the thinking in this book I agree with but, but…mostly it’s way out there.  Zoom—Zoom!

Could this be a Warning Or Prediction?

author with a coronavirus on maskThe rumour goes like this on the Beast. There is a supercomputer in Brussels called the Beast. Its sole purpose is to store the personal information for every person on this planet. The reason being, eventually, it will be used for People Control. Somebody built the computer before the 1970s. At the time of the original book’s printing where I got some of this information, they say it was already active, and storing and compiling every person’s data.

Could Conspiracy theorists be somewhat right about “Control?” Even now, with the covid-19 flu pandemic, it is said that it has nothing to do with wearing a protective face mask. It has all to do with being told and regimented to wearing the mask. That’s the issue. Our rights are somewhat being violated, our Freedom is gone.

Could Conspiracy theorists be right about “Control?

As the story goes, this computer was nicknamed by its employees, “The Beast,”  The computer is supposedly  three stories high, and is tied in with 270 banks on the European Continent.

This computer is supposedly tied into individual banking systems in the United States and Russia. A supercomputer known as “The Beast”, is SELF-PROGRAMMING and has the housing capacity with a number, for every person on the planet.

The story indicates that the banks are prepared to shift their economic banking system into a computerized system wherein all entities would use a card and a number rather than cash, checks, or credit.

Now remember, this theory DATES back in the 1970s.

HELL, I didn’t realize they had a good computer back then, but the author of this information thought the high tech monstrosity was already active and collecting data.

Now suppose that was a rumor back in the 1970s, but “Could storing everyone’s personal information be possible today???”

Is our society going in that direction of a paperless system? Of course, the answer would be yes! It would make total sense if it weren’t for one thing that I assumed before, in my other article, “PRIVACY” concerns.

A RED FLAG will fly high when Governments suggest doing away with the swipe plastic cards and paper currency, for a more convenient way. Maybe a “tattooed number on your hand or a chip placed under your skin.” Then it is time to consider the consequences. And there is that Red Flag.

Could Conspiracy theorists be somewhat right about “Control?”

Someone would suggest that this grand idea would be “For your convenience only.”

Now, this 1970s information has a little more validity. They will say you can no longer be robbed. You can no longer have your pockets picked because you don’t carry any money! In many parts of the world, the authorities remind all tourists, “Beware of Pickpockets.” Cashless society.

That will be the argument.

It’s common today for people to do banking on their cell phones and give out their passwords when asked by an unknown person on the other end. An evil person could intervene, and when you’re on a delicate money transaction and entering your password, could say, “Sorry you entered the wrong numbers.” Then you give them another password. “WRONG!” Then you give them another.


Now you have willingly blurted out all your passwords to everything you own, to some person halfway around the world. Is it possible that hackers can steal your identity and passwords? I think, yes. And I also think you did it willingly but without knowing.

The Computer Called “The Beast “is a self-programming computer with (AI) intelligence.

(Artificial Intelligence Reference.)

Artificial intelligence (AI) refers to the simulation of human intelligence in machines programmed to think like humans and mimic their actions.

The term may also be applied to any device that exhibits traits associated with a human mind like learning, and problem-solving. ( speech recognition, problem-solving, learning and planning.) So can this computer from the 70s be SELF-PROGRAMMING ???

Watch for the conclusion of “Could Conspiracy Theorist be right about Control,” “World Domination,” and what about Covid-19 Pandemic.

After reading these articles, you can be the judge of whether it’s true or not.

After reading these articles, you can be the judge of whether it’s true or not.

Watch for Part four. 

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