Are there two of Me?

two of me photo Did the creator make a certain amount of molds or patterns for each and every person on this planet? Could there be two of me or, even more? Like a part stamped and shaped off an assembly line?

daves-post-time photoHas it ever crossed your mind that there could be another one of you running loose, the exact double? The other identity that thinks like you, talks like you, and wears the same style of clothes! Maybe even the same haircut!

And I don’t mean a twin brother or sister; I mean an actual double living someplace on this planet! Could the creator in the grand scheme of things have said, “I’ll make two of them, five of them and … six of them?”

Could it be that easy, or am I in this wild straight-out of the “Twilight Zone” thinking? Maybe, smoken too many Canadian dubbies, clouding my mind a little? Eh!

Well, maybe I’m going a little off track … But not Really …

Six Billion people have asked that very question on Google!

Take, for example;

In our younger days, we decided to relocate to a small northern community.  After moving there and settling in, I noticed right off the people we left behind must have followed us, but not really! Was forever looking around and saying, that guy looks like Joe that I work with. Later on, you’ll say, that lady looks like that lady you worked with at your last job. And for the longest time you would run into many people you know, but don’t.

Now we have all gone down that road before asking, “Are there two of me?” I believe there is.

A Physician specializing in Psychology (shrink) would have a 10 dollar word for that symptom. But in the end, he would say I’m missing my old surroundings and the people I missed. That’s WHY they look so similar and, in turn, tweaks the brain a little, trying to adjust to your new environment. In short, you miss your old buddies from where you left. That’s a good thing.

Silly me, I was starting to think that there could be two of me out there creating havoc. That settles it then; I’m just missing my old buddies, “that must be the answer!”

We know Doctors have a label 10 dollar word for everything they don’t understand.

But what if I’m more right than wrong? There is more of me or you out there!

A few years go by, and my symptom does go away; it haunted me for the longest time until my body finally got used to seeing all the doubles.

But take, for example, this story.

I hired a person that I knew for a few years, for shop duties. He was a pleasant enough person, and I thought up till then he was a one-of-a-kind type person. Nothing unusual or memorable for me to mesmerize seeing a double, but I did.

The story starts this way. One Sunday afternoon, we went into a famous and well-respected restaurant in a town near Lake of Bays. As the waitress sat us down at a table overlooking this beautiful lake, I looked around at all the happy tourists and cottage goers in and outside the building. I spotted this man and an older lady finishing up their meal at the far end of the room. “Gee I said” that looks like the fellow I just hired. Na couldn’t be, but there is some resemblance, no not really, there are a lot of uncanny similarities.

I couldn’t keep my eyes off this guy. If it were him, he was in the wrong area, wrong dress code, and —with an older lady that was not his wife. As they were ready to leave, I had to go over and apologized for my noticeable staring and introduced myself, and explained somewhat why I was looking his way.

As he and this older biker chick were putting on their leathers, “yeah” “he said” my name is Buster, and I’m from, well, let’s say, not from around here.

He was by all intents and purposes the man I hired that I knew well, and his first name was the same. He was a clone image, but with one distinct difference, “I don’t think my bud knew how to ride a Harley Davidson motorcycle.”

Could this be possible, the same age, looks, mannerism, and the same … first name everything precisely equal to my bud.

Take another example and then you can be the judge;

Visiting the local casino for a fun night of losing my money, we were casually wandering the floor. I’m looking for that particular machine calling my name! David over here David, I’m ready to give you some money, David.

So as we looked down the one aisle, I spotted my mother sitting there playing a slot machine. As I stopped my wife and said, “look down that aisle and tell me who you see.”

That’s your mum-ma! But that couldn’t be. My mother passed away years before. (And she loved her gambling!) As we come closer to this lady, it was my mother, the same Nova Scotia accent, the same mannerism. We sat beside her and played the bandit machine next to her, and we did the small talk. She was talking to another lady down away’s. But that was my mother!

Could that have been her clone from the same mold that I was talking about, right in our backyard, not halfway around the world? But 20 miles away? And as far as my mother’s clone, she just left after a few minutes, and we have never seen her again.

Twilight Zone introduction was, “Do you Believe?”

So, are there two of me, you ask? You can be the judge, but there were two of my mother, so I think a big yes. “The creator says, let’s have two more!

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