All Female” Car Clubs of America

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Are Female Car Clubs on the rise?

As an avid automotive swap meet vendor, there’s always been rumbling amongst us … sales associates. One would say, there’s noticeably less attendance this year than from last, but, that’s something stupid we say every year, or is it stupid?

Should we worry, is the attendance really down?

Are the car club membership and interest on the decline or is the classic car culture changing as a whole?

Watching an interesting episode of  ”All Girls Garage” on the boob tube. Research shows there are more females signing up for the automotive tech. trade and industry than ever before.

Are The Female Car Clubs on the rise?

author with a coronavirus on maskNot that it’s surprising; you see more lady truck drivers, more heavy equipment operators being women. More women are into trades that were once believed to be male-dominated.

As a past truck fleet manager, I use to watch the ladies do their mandatory circle checks and I was impressed with the diligence they showed and, their truck driving skills in most parts were second to none.

Now I’m not blowing smoke here, and there is a lot of bad apples male or female in the industry.

However, I’m not sure whether these up-come women are nuclear-powered or, where they get their steam, I would say yes they are nuke-powered.

In my early career days as a car mechanic maybe, 1-1000 women would sign up for car apprentice positions. and now according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2.1 percent of auto mechanics sorry, (auto service technicians) are females and that number is steadily rising.


But this brings us back to the question. Are the car club membership and interest on the decline?

Has the interest in Classic Cars and anything automobile-related moved slightly and swaying to the female side of the spectrum?

Are Female” Car Clubs on the rise?

Checking Google research again and this time asking the phrase  “Women Car Clubs” I came across a long list in North America and most are advertised as “All Girls Car Clubs. “ONLY!


Now I’m not changing the theme of this article, but given the equality issue that’s forever present in our society, I was surprised that their car clubs would be advertised quite that way, but no matter to me, I just found that odd.

“Gear Jammers All Male Car Club would not go over very big in our community.”

That’s the changing of the times and maybe the total dynamics of the all-male dominate car clubs is also changing.

Check out my interesting article  on a Truck Mechanic VS Computer Guru/

This chapter is not about gender equality it’s about men’s car clubs, woman’s car clubs and, the automotive industry in general.

I looked over some of the Ladies Car Clubs’ code of conduct rules and regulations that they post on their websites and how they conduct themselves. I had to admit, some of these “all-male car clubs” could learn a few pointers from these upcoming Lady Clubs.

But in my earlier article “The Changing Dynamics Of Car Clubs” I was more referring to the men in general, the all-male car club members that are showing less interest every year.

Maybe it is more of a gender thing than I realized, maybe it’s the women’s turn to show us guys that they are interested, they can do the job, and that they can be as competitive as the next guy and, GUY being the word.

Bring on those All-female Car Clubs eh!

Another Thought

It’s not surprising and not uncommon to see famous female NASCAR drivers like, Mara Reyes, and Brittney Zamora or former drag racer Force Courtney that dominated the circuit and that was years ago. and now with “All Girls Garage” reality shows on TV, who knows?

An “All Girls Car Club.” eh!

Extra Information worth sharing from “”

Ron Pruett wanted boys. Instead, the land speed racer had two girls.

One of the girls was named Leah. At 8 years old, Leah was driving in youth drag races. By the time she was 11, Leah knew she wanted to become a professional drag racer.

Around the same time, NHRA legend John Force was introducing his third daughter, Brittany, to drag racing. Brittany Force went to all of the races with her father, but never thought she would get behind a wheel. She waited until she was 16 to run her first race and considered becoming a teacher after attending California State University, Fullerton, before ultimately deciding to race full time.

Meanwhile, Leah, now known as Leah Pritchett, was going to school less than 50 miles away at California State University, San Bernardino, albeit for different reasons. While Force was searching for alternate careers to racing, Pritchett was putting herself through school to maximize her chances at earning potential racing sponsors.

There you have it. ALL FEMALE “only” Car Clubs of America.

I asked this question on Quora, Its ask and answer website.

Is the classic car movement slowing down just because the young blood is losing interest? Swap meets are getting less attendance every year, is that a sign?

Answers one:

Paul ……….. I think it’s simply high prices and less disposable income keeping the young out. Classics keep expanding model wise and prices are going up on none-desirable models.

It sort of carved a ghetto. After the priced-out young pass into the range where they could afford it- they won’t.

Although I see many doing what their parents did, going for their generations cars. They want Nissan’s not  Mustangs, and I think the performance gap is also an issue. No 60s classic is doing anything modern cars won’t do better.

But also: A lot of classics that youths do grab up have almost no parts support/ young people use eBay/ different market patterns. That going alone though just saps the subculture.

Answer 2;

Glenn S…. said  Traditional, American car-oriented swap meets are probably on the decline. Foreign and small car meets are probably on the upswing. I’ve talked to many young car enthusiasts who are seeking out the 1980s and 90s vehicles THEY find interesting. A lot of them want to turn these cars into tuner cars or restore them. The key to all of this is finding out what people can relate to. I’m 56 and remember my parents ’62 VW Beetle. A 25-year-old would remember his parents Cavalier or Accord, or the neighbor guy that had the 300ZX.

I’ve noticed that first-gen Mazda RX-7s prices are going through the roof! I should have bought one when they were cheap! When I was 14, a young guy up the street had a ’79 RX-7. I thought that was the coolest car ever. I STILL like ‘79–’85 RX-7s. There you have it;

Are Female Car Clubs on the rise, I think yes.