Collecting Space Age Memorabellia.

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What is Art deco style space-age collectible furniture and decor

WELL, they classify during the making of the atomic bomb 1944sh and after the war years, they called that the Atomic Age.

Around 1947 there was a ROSWELL, New Mexico incident and then the race to the moon, all that in a short period of time.

Futuristic Space age everything

Which brings us up to the space age time period? Race to the moon, USSR vs. the United States

News networks from around the world were writing articles on all these events, race to the moon, flying saucer crashing in Roswell… There was no shortage of things to write about during those exciting times after the war.

Cashing in on the hype. 

Major manufacturing companies see all this free publicity on the space age era and they must have seen this as a good opportunity to cash in on the hype.

So they just started making anything and everything space age, futuristic oriented,space age

There was furniture that looked like flying saucers, their cars with fins, there where space/rocket ship toys.

Real, I mean really, space looking airport terminals were built,Space restaurant houses and buildings were built with a space theme

Movies, electronics, lighting even some countries had commemorative postage stamps ufo stampwith pictures of spaceships on them. And the list goes on.

I myself like banks; you know the kind that you put your loose change into, normally called “piggy banks”

Rocketship banks, flying saucer mechanical banks, they were all my favorite styles.

But that would be another post on bank collecting…

So, they were interesting times and most like I said, these companies sure used their talent and imagination to the maximum.

Look on the WEB for these space age items of the late 1940s -1980s,  most are highly collectible today, and that’s, only if you can still find anything, Sorry I lied! …

because there are still lots of the original tin toys around, but they’re pricey.

Like anything, you can still find reproductions.

Some call those times the atomic era or Mid-century times, I call it the space age period.

If you owned a space-age home stereo system, GUARANTEED you would have the only one on your street.

If you’re still interested in that space-age time period, please check out these sites.

Google …Mechanical space ship banks, space-age furniture, vintage space toys

Pinterest has many photos to share of this futuristic timeline…

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