Are your cats trainable

Are your cats trainable or are you just fooling yourself

cat laughing at stick

boy image by Vector toons

If you throw a stick your dog will run as fast as he can to retrieve. He will bring it back in hopes you’ll throw the stick again, and you do.

Just try throwing a stick and expect your CAT to fetch it, THE JOKE IS,

“It would be easier to train that stick to fetch the cat”.

Just in case you haven’t noticed, cats are un-trainable, they will only do something if they want to and, or if there something in it for them.

If for one moment, you entertained the idea that your cat just listened to you and “did what you wanted them to do”.   You have just been duped/had.

They did it, that ‘whatever’ thing because the cat wanted to do it, not because you think you finally trained them.

Cat-scientists say they are the only known species that has not been through major changes in their evolution. They say,  that cats first got domesticated by the Faros in Ancient Egypt, but most say they go back at least 9000 years. Today our domesticated inside living cats would still have no trouble surviving in the wild. So their hunting instincts are still there.  But, … why would they leave? They have it made right here.

Now, have you ever upset your cat? Eh

Take, for example, that you went out in the afternoon and youcat peeing cartoon

“FORGOT TO FILL UP their CAT DISH”. And they ran out of food!

NO  food.

You’re back and you just opened the door and you see your cat perched up in a spot, WELL, where they’re not supposed to be.   So, do they have a way of getting even or at least getting your attention? Didn’t think they were that smart. “Don’t be surprised, evolution says, they’ll never change, but yoooou will” And, YA, …  they are that smart.

They will brazenly sit there long enough until you make the big “eye contact” then they leisurely come down off the mantel amongst all your Royal Dalton collectibles. “NOW YOUR CAT says, DON’T FORGET to feed me NEXTIME”! They just give you, that mental gesture. “Or the finger in our language”


So, make no mistake, your furry lovable Cat friend is your buddy because he lets you be his buddy, “not the other way around”. Consequently, contrary to a dog, you can’t really own a cat and guaranteed one thing for sure, “You wouldn’t teach them to fetch you a beer”.

Please check this site out, The difference between cats and dog.

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Dryer is eating my clothes joke

I went to dig out all my winter attire and yup, I have 1 glove, ya, I found another, I’m on a roll. In all, I found four gloves. We’re doing good, but they’re all RIGHT-HAND gloves?


I read an article a few years back. This author had the same problem with his socks.  He swears he put all of them in the dryer, but he’s always missing the mate to his socks, and now, me. He thinks his dryer had it in for him and was eating his socks. I blame it on the guy that used to hit me over the head when I had too much Whisky.

Playing tricks, I don’t like it.

Nope, I don’t like it one bit.


Strange Eh!

Light just come On Dog Joke

 “So that’s how it’s done”.

I happened to notice this person walking her dog and the dog stayed real close to a hydrant. This big male dog had a stance of a female when doing it’s duty… who knows why, but it brought back memories of our dog we rescued, which he is long gone in body, but he did the same thing up to an early age. He had the same noticeable female stance when relieving himself.

One day, when we were out for a walk he happened to notice this big dog doing the same thing, but there was something different, the big male dog lifted his hind leg to do his duty.

My dogs head tilted to the right and then to the left. You could tell a “light just went on”. He must have thought to himself “so that’s how it’s done!” and from that time on, when he had to do his constitution, he always lifted his hind leg and picked a big old red hydrant.

He never forgot the proper etiquette of a male dog having a pee.

We rescued our dog from a family of three dogs. Our dog was called  “SIX-PAQUE”, and what do you think the other dogs were called, “MOLSON and BLUE”

“You have to be a Canadian beer lover to understand”.

And that’s why I call this website   SIXPAQUE.CA

CA. for being Canadian