Name Change Right For You

Numerology Numbers

Power of Numbers.  Numerologists would like you to believe that by doing a little mathematics, they could predict changing your name could be a good move or bad move.

A lot of movie stars change their names for a STAGE NAME, a name, a little more catchy, a little more memorable, colorful and that makes good sense.

This famous actress changed her name and look, and look where it got her!  Fame and glory and not necessarily in that order.  Marilyn Monroe (her real born name was Norma Jeane Mortenson I kind of liked her old original name.

Google name changes and there will be no shortage of reasons for people to change their name. I really don’t know if there are good reasons or bad reasons for wanting to change your name.

But it was always traditional the bride to be, would change her name to the husbands’ surname. Some people change names for adoptions, divorce.  Or it could be as simple as, “I just don’t like my name. It never quite felt right.”

Get him to change his name

I remember a Numerologist saying to a new bride to be, “why would you change your name The stars and good fortune are with you. Don’t change your name for your husband, that spells doom and gloom. Get your new husband to change his name.” How about combining your names, as long as the numbers match.

Would that be true? All you have to do is a little math, change your name that corresponds to all the right numbers and you will be showered with gold dust. Right!

I would like to think it was that easy. The Numerologist will supposedly give you a rough idea. Close, maybe.  Some people are doing it by instinct, knowing nothing about the “science” behind the letters. It’s my name, that’s the reason for all my problems, bad, bad luck.

There was a dark period of time in my younger days. I was down on my luck. I don’t remember ever wanting to change my name, but if I thought of it I would have. But I did move away from my comfort zone, family, and friends. Maybe they were the reason for my bad luck…  Silly thinking Eh!

It was me all along.

I thought maybe new surroundings would totally improve my situation.  Then I remembered saying, “I’ve moved all that way to Alberta, a few thousand miles away from home and it didn’t improve my luck at all.” I realized,  I brought me with me, and my troubles and problems came with me. I remember moving back and I should have, but didn’t apologize to everybody that I even “thought” were the cause of my problem. It was me along, all along.

Do it for the right reason.

No matter what a numerologist says, it was me, my thinking, I had to make the change.

So changing your name for the right reasons could make sense but to change your name for the wrong reasons, like trying to change your luck, because the numbers say so, not sure but I will go out on a limb and say, no I don’t think so.

There was a song by Jonny Cash, “My name is Sue” The song was about parents naming their son “Sue”, now that would be a really good reason for a guy to change his name!

Anyway, doing things for the right reason could be considered a  good thing, but doing something for all the wrong reasons? Well?


Having said all that, numbers do play a big part in the grand scheme of things. For one simple reason it’s all around us, its a major player in our lives. There is math for this, math for that, everything has a number to it. Could it be a player in our luck too? …. Nah!!


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