Secret Weapon to Blogging


Writing a good blog post with a lot of SUBSTANCE is UTMOST important.  (The old guys will say, with lots of,  “Meat and Potatoes”) My mission is to captivate 500 billion people around the world to my site. And then the money/Denaros will follow, exactly IN THAT ORDER.

Through all reality, I think I set my sites a little high, so, HALF would be good. But I have noticed in making a good Blog site, it’s very important to have good readable content and I prefer a simple readable theme.

What is good content? Well, that’s what you and I have to find out, test the waters. Write about what you’re good at, your interests, your passion, things you want to share with the world. There are a lot of people that are like you, and think like you and, have the same interests. The trick is, you have to find them.

You can see my blog is about … everything.  I feel like I’ve been around the block at least twice in my life and am going to write about it and hope I don’t bore too many readers in the meantime.

The content, it’s all in the eye of the beholder. Some topics might interest someone, where it would appall others.

Informative writing information is good, research your article is good, spelling and grammar is a must. I’m doing well, 1 out of three, GOOD ODDS FOR A BOOKIE, but not in posting good content. I‘ll have to work hard on the other 2, and I will get it.

But I have a SECRET Weapon … I’ll share it later.

My observation in blogging is, you have to captivate the audience right away, not the third sentence and not the second paragraph.  The information/post they say should be no less than 300 + words. But try not to make it into a book form/novel. Some people ask me what I would write about.

A professional blogger, ghostwriter, wrote that in his spare time he teaches creative writing at a local senior’s club. They asked him the same question. “What do I write about” His answer is simple… (Everybody has a story to tell,) things to say.

Another story goes like this:

This other writer for a major newspaper firm worked from his home. “Most people envy a job like that”. He would get up in the morning, grab a coffee, and open up his sliding doors to his deck. His house and deck overlooked the nicest scenic lake you have ever seen.  All his stories would start with how beautiful this lake is and how peaceful it was. (Like he owned the lake Eh!)  I’m sure that would give him the drive and total Inspiration to write more and good quality content.  I can’t remember his writing much, but what’s not to like if he starts his article off with,” I’m looking over my quiet … and serene surroundings “. What’s not to like. You had to read this article just in case he talked about that quiet spot by the lake again. Our family lived close to Bass Lake at the time and he did describe the lake perfectly. I’m not quite sure if he owned the lake though, but I am sure that was how he got his inspiration to keep writing.

As a novice photographer, I don’t have to go far to get my award-winning photos. Having said that, finding something to write about well, that’s the same. 

To find inspiration for my blog post, I find some quiet road, surrounded by country, farms, Mennonite folks with horse and buggies going up and down the road, and those young bucks drag-racing down the dirt country road in summer, that’s a cool sight. I remember drag- racing in our early days, but with cars.  What’s not to write about?

There are many grammar and spelling programs that will make you look like you have a Doctrine. Look around, smell the roses, and start writing some good stuff.

I’m into 700 words already, so it doesn’t take long. … SO…

Here is my   “SECRET WEAPON”

When I write a post or an article, Microsoft corrects my grammar and spelling,

When my wife reads my writing…She corrects mine and Microsoft’s grammar and spelling

( Americans do spell some words differently )

Thank god for my wife. She makes me look gooood or at least a lot better.

The flip side, if you find my bit of wisdom with a lot of errors or mistakes,

Don’t blame my wife…..

“She didn’t read it” …ha ha

The rest I can do myself.….Did I say we are “Canadian”

The most beautiful Country in the World … Eh!!!


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Regular Casino Donation to the Friendly One arm Bandit

    Talk about getting a lot of looks from the Casino Security, as I sit here, beer in one hand and a pencil in the other.  I’m jotting down my vast EXPERIENCE AS A HIGH ROLLER and I had to pick, the minimum 100 dollar section of the casino to do it.

I’m sitting here because I spent my allowance … GONE!

Doesn’t take me long.

 “NO SIR!”

After my annual donation to the casino corporation, which I know, needs the money more than me, I sit here patiently waiting for my better half.

I check my pockets, check my wallet, just to make sure I have at least enough money left to buy that well-deserved beer and enough for a good tip to the server. At least someone is getting something out of my exciting night.

(My arm is sore, don’t you know,)

I worked up quite a sweat pulling that lever on that one arm bandit.

You know the chance of winning would be … well next to nill but still a lot of fun none the less. We all know how it works.

But I have to say, it would be better if some of the machines would at least, give you a sporting chance. The standard rule of thumb is, “the house always wins” and that’s a given,

So here I sit. At least there is a good sitting area for us sore losers to cry in our beer.

Many years back when the casinos just started to become popular they had music throughout the casino.

Some casinos even had live entertainment and with the sound of the machines going off, that was the sound of money!. Everybody seemed to be winning, and that was a fun atmosphere. I didn’t even mind losing on occasion.   #NOT!

I think some FooooL complained that the noise was getting too loud and the Casinos must have found a way to quiet the one arm bandits down. They don’t seem to make that same sound any-more.

Must be noise pollution. eh

On the other hand, and this is a long shot..  maybe no one’s winning.

So here I sit, beer in one hand and a pencil in the other, writing down my vast experience on how I spent my allowance money in one easy lesson and ….  have fun too.

“Hope my wife is winning so I can cut my losses”. eH

……. “But I always did like the live music playing.”

Until the next time or … #NOT.


I would like to blame somebody, anybody for my bad habits, but I can’t. … FREE COUNTRY / free will and nobody forced me to go.  There you go.   eH


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