Exciting Night at the Horse Races, But What Changed


We’re not Gamblers.. Really, we’re not, WERE NOT!

Bingo or the Horse Races, what to do, what to do.

Well, that ’s a no-brainer.

So we decided to have an exciting evening out at the horse races. Have a little dinner at “Jockey’s only Eatery”, Check out all the horses in the Lounge, (I mean outside the lounge) that ’s overlooking the racetrack. …

Life is Good…

After not being at the races for a long, long time, the excitement was still there, but I have to confess, the betting, well the betting was still, a disappointing system.

“The by guess or by golly rule”.

I never knew how to read the program then and I remember

….O Yah ..  I still don’t.

But some things have changed in the horse races.

It’s still a good entertaining night out, but I noticed the horse racing industry has changed through the years. I remember the last time I placed a bet, the rows in front of the ticket agents were at least 20 deep, people all trying to place their bets and that’s 10 tellers. The racing industry was a vibrant place to go on a Thursday or Saturday night. There was always a good payout, well, “ONLY” what I heard!

I remember always rubbing shoulders with somebody, everybody. It was wall-to-wall people. And that’s how busy and exciting it was back then.

On the news not long ago, our previous Provincial Government said the horse racing industry should start sustaining itself. We are NOT helping subsidize this industry anymore! That was a total surprise; I thought they were doing well.

When we went, I did notice that the attendance was down, and certainly not the way I remember it… Maybe a fewer customer,

NO…  a lot fewer customers!

So what happened?

In the years that we went, it seemed to have always sustained itself “at least at face value”. Everyone was betting large, and there looked to be no shortage of people. So what went wrong?

Like most industries, whoever has the power and control to make changes, do, while the rest of us have to either follow along and adapt to the changes, or? Fall behind. I guess the term, Collateral Damage would apply.

It’s somewhat unfair that being away from the horse racing, we remember the before and after years. But one thing has changed, Our government incorporated ‘One Arm Bandits’ in the same building as the horse races, and I know that’s been in place a long time, so it’s not like I just came out of the WOODS, but I think it has  affected the horse racing industry as a whole. Now don’t misunderstand, our government brings in good tax revenue to help sustain our way of life and that’s a good thing.

But I am sure- the slots took lots of patrons away from the racing end and somewhat, lured them into ….

“The other room!”.

So yes, I hope the horse racing industry recovers from other peoples (government) decision making because I think you get better entertainment and a bigger bang for your buck betting on the ponies.

The latest article I read is that our government will continue to help out the horse racing industry, because, maybe, they’re feeling a little guilty. …”NOT”  Well they should, the horse racing was a big industry and they changed the whole dynamics.

At the horse races, the excitement is still there and  after being absent for a few years, I still think my chances of winning are better than in the “other room”   (only my opinion),

Fresh air is gooood, no big line up at the tellers, it’s free to get in, you can bring your kids for a night of entertainment, (get them hooked on gambling) good food, and maybe at the end of the racing evening, you might still have jingle left over to buy a cold beverage/beer.  I still think the chances of winning are better at the horse races. A lot better.

$2.00 bet x 10 races= cheap entertainment.

“What’s not to like!”

Heck.;  This is only my observation and only my opinion.



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Regular Casino Donation to the Friendly One arm Bandit

    Talk about getting a lot of looks from the Casino Security, as I sit here, beer in one hand and a pencil in the other.  I’m jotting down my vast EXPERIENCE AS A HIGH ROLLER and I had to pick, the minimum 100 dollar section of the casino to do it.

I’m sitting here because I spent my allowance … GONE!

Doesn’t take me long.

 “NO SIR!”

After my annual donation to the casino corporation, which I know, needs the money more than me, I sit here patiently waiting for my better half.

I check my pockets, check my wallet, just to make sure I have at least enough money left to buy that well-deserved beer and enough for a good tip to the server. At least someone is getting something out of my exciting night.

(My arm is sore, don’t you know,)

I worked up quite a sweat pulling that lever on that one arm bandit.

You know the chance of winning would be … well next to nill but still a lot of fun none the less. We all know how it works.

But I have to say, it would be better if some of the machines would at least, give you a sporting chance. The standard rule of thumb is, “the house always wins” and that’s a given,

So here I sit. At least there is a good sitting area for us sore losers to cry in our beer.

Many years back when the casinos just started to become popular they had music throughout the casino.

Some casinos even had live entertainment and with the sound of the machines going off, that was the sound of money!. Everybody seemed to be winning, and that was a fun atmosphere. I didn’t even mind losing on occasion.   #NOT!

I think some FooooL complained that the noise was getting too loud and the Casinos must have found a way to quiet the one arm bandits down. They don’t seem to make that same sound any-more.

Must be noise pollution. eh

On the other hand, and this is a long shot..  maybe no one’s winning.

So here I sit, beer in one hand and a pencil in the other, writing down my vast experience on how I spent my allowance money in one easy lesson and ….  have fun too.

“Hope my wife is winning so I can cut my losses”. eH          

……. “But I always did like the live music playing.”

Until the next time or … #NOT.


I would like to blame somebody, anybody for my bad habits, but I can’t. … FREE COUNTRY / free will and nobody forced me to go.  There you go.   eH


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Light just come On Dog Joke

 “So that’s how it’s done”.

I happened to notice this person walking her dog and the dog stayed real close to a hydrant. This big male dog had a stance of a female when doing it’s duty… who knows why, but it brought back memories of our dog we rescued, which he is long gone in body, but he did the same thing up to an early age. He had the same noticeable female stance when relieving himself.

One day, when we were out for a walk he happened to notice this big dog doing the same thing, but there was something different, the big male dog lifted his hind leg to do his duty.

My dogs head tilted to the right and then to the left. You could tell a “light just went on”. He must have thought to himself “so that’s how it’s done!” and from that time on, when he had to do his constitution, he always lifted his hind leg and picked a big old red hydrant.

He never forgot the proper etiquette of a male dog having a pee.

We rescued our dog from a family of three dogs. Our dog was called  “SIX-PAQUE”, and what do you think the other dogs were called, “MOLSON and BLUE”

“You have to be a Canadian beer lover to understand”.

And that’s why I call this website   SIXPAQUE.CA

CA. for being Canadian


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Friday FUNNY Day


 On Fridays I’m going to put a joke, saying or a bit of wisdom on my site to lighten up the end of your hard work week.

I say, …  let’s start your WeekEnd with a Funny.

and I will try and keep the jokes clean.

PLEASE remember the intent is to not offend any group, religion or people. They are just funnies and if you do not find them that way, please don’t read my jokes. I didn’t come up with these funnies, I’m just passing them along.

My intent is honorable and in no way want to offend anyone.

You have to have a few Beer to get the humor in some of these jokes, so come back a different day, and you’ll get it.

Sometimes I will read a joke and laugh my head off, other days I could read the same joke and not find it funny at all…  again, depending on what mood you’re in, but this is a fun duo, Cheech and Chong movie to watch. They made 3.



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