Secret Weapon to Blogging


Writing a good blog post with a lot of SUBSTANCE is UTMOST important.  (The old guys will say, with lots of,  “Meat and Potatoes”) My mission is to captivate 500 billion people around the world to my site. And then the money/Denaros will follow, exactly IN THAT ORDER.

Through all reality, I think I set my sites a little high, so, HALF would be good. But I have noticed in making a good Blog site, it’s very important to have good readable content and I prefer a simple readable theme.

What is good content? Well, that’s what you and I have to find out, test the waters. Write about what you’re good at, your interests, your passion, things you want to share with the world. There are a lot of people that are like you, and think like you and, have the same interests. The trick is, you have to find them.

You can see my blog is about … everything.  I feel like I’ve been around the block at least twice in my life and am going to write about it and hope I don’t bore too many readers in the meantime.

The content, it’s all in the eye of the beholder. Some topics might interest someone, where it would appall others.

Informative writing information is good, research your article is good, spelling and grammar is a must. I’m doing well, 1 out of three, GOOD ODDS FOR A BOOKIE, but not in posting good content. I‘ll have to work hard on the other 2, and I will get it.

But I have a SECRET Weapon … I’ll share it later.

My observation in blogging is, you have to captivate the audience right away, not the third sentence and not the second paragraph.  The information/post they say should be no less than 300 + words. But try not to make it into a book form/novel. Some people ask me what I would write about.

A professional blogger, ghostwriter, wrote that in his spare time he teaches creative writing at a local senior’s club. They asked him the same question. “What do I write about” His answer is simple… (Everybody has a story to tell,) things to say.

Another story goes like this:

This other writer for a major newspaper firm worked from his home. “Most people envy a job like that”. He would get up in the morning, grab a coffee, and open up his sliding doors to his deck. His house and deck overlooked the nicest scenic lake you have ever seen.  All his stories would start with how beautiful this lake is and how peaceful it was. (Like he owned the lake Eh!)  I’m sure that would give him the drive and total Inspiration to write more and good quality content.  I can’t remember his writing much, but what’s not to like if he starts his article off with,” I’m looking over my quiet … and serene surroundings “. What’s not to like. You had to read this article just in case he talked about that quiet spot by the lake again. Our family lived close to Bass Lake at the time and he did describe the lake perfectly. I’m not quite sure if he owned the lake though, but I am sure that was how he got his inspiration to keep writing.

As a novice photographer, I don’t have to go far to get my award-winning photos. Having said that, finding something to write about well, that’s the same. 

To find inspiration for my blog post, I find some quiet road, surrounded by country, farms, Mennonite folks with horse and buggies going up and down the road, and those young bucks drag-racing down the dirt country road in summer, that’s a cool sight. I remember drag- racing in our early days, but with cars.  What’s not to write about?

There are many grammar and spelling programs that will make you look like you have a Doctrine. Look around, smell the roses, and start writing some good stuff.

I’m into 700 words already, so it doesn’t take long. … SO…

Here is my   “SECRET WEAPON”

When I write a post or an article, Microsoft corrects my grammar and spelling,

When my wife reads my writing…She corrects mine and Microsoft’s grammar and spelling

( Americans do spell some words differently )

Thank god for my wife. She makes me look gooood or at least a lot better.

The flip side, if you find my bit of wisdom with a lot of errors or mistakes,

Don’t blame my wife…..

“She didn’t read it” …ha ha

The rest I can do myself.….Did I say we are “Canadian”

The most beautiful Country in the World … Eh!!!


Antique Furniture and Recycling

∞∞∞ What does Antique Furniture and Recycling have in common?

When it comes to wood, well, up to the 20th Century it was plentiful but since then, we’ve been cutting trees down faster than they can grow.  

The industrial revolution changed the way we make furniture modernization, assembly lines machine-made products, faster, let’s use more.

Quantity and not quality was the thinking [and that’s not all a bad thing]

Recycling some of that old furniture,( heritage, history) makes a lot of sense in many ways.

Century-old furniture, in most cases, would still be good for another 100 years if they weren’t being discarded, thrown out and in some cases,  just because we need a change.

With a little imagination, you can save many destined pieces of furniture from an unworthy demise and you are doing your part with the carbon imprint problem and overfilling of the landfill.

Breathe new life into something that was built to last, from hard-working, caring people.

If you are a true blue recycler then consider what it takes to make new furniture, the imprint it makes … needlessly.

Just one furniture company, and we’re only talking one, uses 1% of all the global wood a year, mashes the wood up just to make particle board, and that’s how they make their line of furniture.

[Real Wood vs. Particle Board] ??? Google. Particle board for more info.

Trees aren’t getting big enough before they are harvested and the lumber is getting smaller, so they have to find creative ways to do the same with less. 

This BLURP is not about industrial revolution, but recycling items from the past with history & personality, and let’s not forget [in most cases quality]

I’m not talking about furnishing your whole place of residence with the old/new refurbished furnishings but if everybody considered a few pieces, it would make a big difference.

With all the colors of the rainbow [paints, stains] at your disposal, with love, care, pride, and imagination, you will end up with a fine piece of furniture that you saved …. And that’s what they call


Never forget the money factor…..check prices online for the item you’re looking for, ….  a small (student) secretary desk …. curio cabinets, etc and bonus,  you would pay a fraction of the cost compared to a newly made of pressboard,

If you have never considered antiquing before, you might be pleasantly surprised how reasonably priced good old solid furniture is worth.

Please check Reno these sites … Refurbished Furniture … there’s truly a lot of good ideas how to decorate your home with some older furniture that are some cases pieces of  “ ARTWORK”

Let your imagination flow.

Check out your local ..Antique Markets, Estate Auction, Downsizing Sales  Auctions, Garage Sales etc. 

Remember antiques older furniture have History, Personality and some have good stories to tell V/S Machine made, NO personality & NO history

I’m not an expert by any means, but we all are trying to do our part …Right.


Regular Casino Donation to the Friendly One arm Bandit

    Talk about getting a lot of looks from the Casino Security, as I sit here, beer in one hand and a pencil in the other.  I’m jotting down my vast EXPERIENCE AS A HIGH ROLLER and I had to pick, the minimum 100 dollar section of the casino to do it.

I’m sitting here because I spent my allowance … GONE!

Doesn’t take me long.

 “NO SIR!”

After my annual donation to the casino corporation, which I know, needs the money more than me, I sit here patiently waiting for my better half.

I check my pockets, check my wallet, just to make sure I have at least enough money left to buy that well-deserved beer and enough for a good tip to the server. At least someone is getting something out of my exciting night.

(My arm is sore, don’t you know,)

I worked up quite a sweat pulling that lever on that one arm bandit.

You know the chance of winning would be … well next to nill but still a lot of fun none the less. We all know how it works.

But I have to say, it would be better if some of the machines would at least, give you a sporting chance. The standard rule of thumb is, “the house always wins” and that’s a given,

So here I sit. At least there is a good sitting area for us sore losers to cry in our beer.

Many years back when the casinos just started to become popular they had music throughout the casino.

Some casinos even had live entertainment and with the sound of the machines going off, that was the sound of money!. Everybody seemed to be winning, and that was a fun atmosphere. I didn’t even mind losing on occasion.   #NOT!

I think some FooooL complained that the noise was getting too loud and the Casinos must have found a way to quiet the one arm bandits down. They don’t seem to make that same sound any-more.

Must be noise pollution. eh

On the other hand, and this is a long shot..  maybe no one’s winning.

So here I sit, beer in one hand and a pencil in the other, writing down my vast experience on how I spent my allowance money in one easy lesson and ….  have fun too.

“Hope my wife is winning so I can cut my losses”. eH

……. “But I always did like the live music playing.”

Until the next time or … #NOT.


I would like to blame somebody, anybody for my bad habits, but I can’t. … FREE COUNTRY / free will and nobody forced me to go.  There you go.   eH


Armored trucks in Canada Why

Are Police forces gearing up for Civil unrest, or am I getting paranoid.

Years back I read an article on how our police forces are possibly gearing up for major problems in our society [civil unrest].

This American writer noticed how many of these “trucks” were being transported up and down their major highways and wondered why; he was quite concerned of the fact.

That was in the US, and not that many years back."got to get me one"

In Canada every once in a while you will catch a glimpse of one of these armored trucks in the local news. I really didn’t do any research on the matter, probably because, I really “don’t want to know” how many are out there.

But when you see small cities, communities buying up these armored trucks just to transport our troops …. Sorry, I mean… police forces to the crime scene, it seems like an over kill.

These same cities that are buying this equipment, and only my guess, up to a 1/4 of a million dollars a truck can’t afford this kind of expenditure, never the less the maintenance.

Even if they never see the outside of a garage, they still have to be looked over, spent money on, made ready for that unexpected phone call,

“Get ready boys, we’re going in!”

I think our Finest have been going to too many policeman balls/ functions and sharing good, bad and ugly stories over a little…  hooch.

One officer says to the other, “What? You don’t have ONE!!!!” …. I would hate to think that’s all it takes.

Hell, one Mayor says, we don’t even have full-time firefighters.

Protect our Police Officers in every way possible…YES, but Armored Vehicles in CANADA.

I’m sorry to see it come to that.   Eh!

On a lighter NOTE …

Many years back there was a bank robbery around the corner from where I worked, I saw two officers speeding by our door, one driving the Motor Cycle and one in the side car…  But that was then. And now look at this baby,

“Have to get me one of them”.

By the way, this fun Photo goes back a little further than I do, but you get the “picture”.

WORKING Lights are Law in Canada


“One light up and one light down”   Lights out, signal NOT WORKING. Doesn’t anybody realize these conditions are a recipe for an accident waiting to happen?

As a retired truck mechanic, a big part of my job was preventive maintenance. It was boring but never the less a very necessary and very important job, to keep all the cars, trucks and equipment safe for the road and safe for families and the general public.  But you don’t have to have a trained evil eye to spot unsafe vehicles with lights out. Coming towards you is this car with one head light out; I go by this fella, another head light out. In any given day I will pass 5 cars + with lights out and that’s always, not some days, every day. …

Then I spot “One light up and one light down” Lights out, signals out. Doesn’t anybody realize these conditions are a recipe for an accident waiting to happen?

Road safety “Ignored” at its finest.

Our days are shorter and that makes nights longer and darker.

I’m picking on the simplest and most ignored part of a vehicle, which if you haven’t guessed it by now, it’s …Lights. 

I have to give my head a shake because that’s what my specialty was looking for infractions and repair those conditions before a catastrophic event happens.

Am I the only one that sees that this is a major safety factor and thanks you for asking, the …. LAW.

Police Officers, Ministry of Transport have every right to pull over any car, commercially licensed vehicle, anything on wheels that’s on government highways with a light infraction. They have every right to force you to repair the problem in a timely manner, and by the way, the first thing they ask for is (UPDATED Drivers LICENCE OWNERSHIP, INSURANCE) all the paperwork on the wheels you’re driving.  That on its own should give some people an incentive to keep your lights working properly.

I have trained myself to spot and repair this condition before accidents occur, especially during poor visibility conditions. Winter night driving for most people is a real challenge and to add to the equation, poor lighting. You might say to yourself, you have a well-trained eye to spot these infractions, and of course, my answer would be …..

“I’m not blind”.

Did you know you can spot a headlight out on a vehicle a mile away, that would make a big difference if it’s night and its either the right or the left light out coming towards you… Think about a bad situation, motorcycle, car…hummm

When you spot a SCHOOL BUS and “One head light up and One head light down”, would you not be concerned about the maintenance of the rest of the vehicle, your kid’s safety?

I guess this is where the years of professional experience come in, as I always spot these conditions, it’s like second nature. These vehicles that show a great amount of rust, HOLES, lights out, and that’s from the comfort of my own car is concerning. But that’s just me getting carried away.

And let’s not forget our picked on (trucks) Transport Companies, School Buses, any and all commercial vehicle. They have to, by law, do a complete mechanical safety check (list) and record the results on paper before moving a wheel, any infractions, bad tires, lights, door falling off, have to be repaired before going on your way and that’s every day, they will be checked all over again the next day.

Can you say the same with your car?

Now through all fairness, lights can go out at any time but remember “One head light up and One head light down”, that does not happen overnight, that’s considered poor maintenance.

Here is the CHALLENGE, when on the road, out and about, count the motor vehicles with lights out, you will be surprised on how many there are on the road, and in case you’re wondering there shouldn’t have any lights out, but that’s only in a perfect world.

If you’re in an accident and you’re on the GIVING end, you say to the Officer I didn’t see his lights… you could very well have been right.

It’s all of our responsibility to maintain our own vehicles and make them safe for our families and the public and it’s the responsibility of Law Enforcement to make sure all the vehicles, are, Safe for the road and that’s for everybody concerned.

Lights play a MAJOR role in public highway safety,  Eh

Did I say …(It’s the #Law)

Please check out my ” 5 MIN. could save your life” 




Fun Day At an Estate AUCTION

      Auction time in the big smoke and all the online information was intriguing enough that we planned on attending. The night before the auction I downloaded all the pictures/ information and did little a research to get set for the next day. It does look to be a good auction. A few hours to go before I hit the sack and I picked up my favorite book to read, Killer Stuff and Tons of Money.  Very interesting read on flea markets and antiquing. through the eyes of one main character and the author.

In this one chapter, he talks about this old hard to find 6 board blanket chest/box. I’m reading this article like it was my last will and testament. We live in an old order Mennonite community and it is  possible I will run into one of these boxes and as the story goes, the ordinary settlers had all their belongings in one of these chests as they immigrated to the new world, it’s (not mistaken for steamer trunks) These chests  were crude, and probably not very stylish, but, did the job.

After a good nights sleep, off we went. The auction had many antiques and collectibles, just what we’re looking for but this old rough looking pile of lumber caught my eye and Na … couldn’t be an old wood chest. It had all the makings of being old, rough saw marks on the underside of the wood, hand cut dovetail construction/joints, old handmade steel, and forged hinges. A very nice 6 boarded chest with a small tray on the inside. A very acceptable condition, this was a nice find.

Knowing that it was old I didn’t have enough time to do my research on the box……. Short of the article in the book, I know nothing about this style of chest.

The auction had started and my mind was totally on that chest and  “most of the antiques went too high anyway” After 2 hours the auction helpers went around the chest, to the other corner of the building, then the other corner, then they started selling cups and the saucers separately and still my chest sits there.

Finally up it comes and now we’re in the bidding mode. Nobody started the bidding and that could be a good sign, so I started the bid and then there was another, If you have ever been to an auction, you know how it goes. I lost the bid … that extra $10… well, maybe. What are the chances that it was the same 6 board blanket chest that I read about in the book????? … We’ll never know.

“The moral of the story”:

Should have, Could have… BUT DIDN’T,

“but I still have my money”.

Did I mention that we have ANTIQUES-for-Sale?

Just inquire on my comment section.





Dryer is eating my clothes joke

I went to dig out all my winter attire and yup, I have 1 glove, ya, I found another, I’m on a roll. In all, I found four gloves. We’re doing good, but they’re all RIGHT-HAND gloves?


I read an article a few years back. This author had the same problem with his socks.  He swears he put all of them in the dryer, but he’s always missing the mate to his socks, and now, me. He thinks his dryer had it in for him and was eating his socks. I blame it on the guy that used to hit me over the head, when I had too much Whisky.

Playing tricks, I don’t like it.

Nope I don’t like it one bit.


Strange Eh!

Light just come On Dog Joke

     You can always tell when the light goes on.

I happened to notice this person walking her dog and the dog had to relieve itself. This big male dog had a stance of a female when doing it’s duty.. #1 … who knows why, but it brought back memories of our dog, which is long gone in body, but he did the same thing up to an early age. He had the same noticeable female stance when relieving himself.

One day, when we were out for a walk he happened to notice this big dog doing the same thing, but there was something different, the big male dog lifted his hind leg to do his duty.

His head tilted to the right and then to the left. You could tell a “light just went on”. He must have thought to himself “so that’s how it’s done!” and from that time on, when he had to do his constitution, he always lifted his hind leg and picked a big old red hydrant.

He never forgot the proper etiquette of having a pee.

We rescued our dog from a family of three dogs. Our dog was called  “SIX-PAQUE”, and what do you think the other dogs were called………….. “MOLSON and BLUE”

“You have to be a Canadian beer lover to understand”.

And that’s why I call this website   SIXPAQUE.CA

CA. for being Canadian






Friday FUNNY Day

On Fridays I’m going to put a joke, saying or bit of wisdom on my site to lighten up the end of your hard work week. and let’s start your

WeekEnd with a Funny.

I will try and keep them clean and PLEASE remember the intent is to not offend any group, religion  or people. They are just funnies and if you do not find them that way, please don’t read my jokes. I didn’t come up with these funnies, I’m just passing them along.

My intent is honorable and in no way want to offend anyone.

You have to have a few Beer to get the humor in some of these jokes, so come back a different day, and you’ll get it.

Sometimes I will read a joke and laugh my head off, other days I could read the same joke and not find it funny at all…. , call me “moody”.

Depend what mood you’re in this is a fun duo, Cheech and Chong movie to watch