Online Storage or Live Auction.

A real slump in Auctions

storage auction and flea marketThere’s been a slump in our regular live auctions lately and I guess the baby boomers. aren’t retiring and downsizing like they have in the past. There’s been a good run of quality items for that very reason … well…  I”ll just have to wait for the second wave.

Plan B

So, I’ll go to plan B, that’s what I’ll have to do, go back to my favorite1 in.x 1 in. block of  gold, or is it?, the Storage Auctions.

You know the reality show that you watch on TV. You know, where the auction junky finds a fortune by sticking their bare hands into an unknown container of?

That part is just silly, Eh!

For a blog writer, if you are ever in a slump for something to write and you need inspiration, check out the storage locker circuit. Some of the lockers have a lot of good, bad or ugly stories to tell.

Open the door to a nice, neat looking boxes, and a couch and chair which are surgically wrapped in plastic Or, open the door and it’s as if somebody stood in the doorway and just threw the items in. (Now there is one upset person)

Taking the fun out of the auctions

A lot of these locker auctions are now being sold online with only a couple of terrible looking pictures to go by.

So, buying these lockers is not for everybody.

Live storage auctions were bad enough before with only a flashlight to find your prize, so, number one rule at those auctions is to bring a really good flashlight and a good imagination.

Now,… how do these companies expect you to bid on something with a blacked out picture that’s taken upside down?

You have to be either stupid or nervy.

Must be a lot of nervy people out there because the online delinquent storage business is doing good, so, call me “Nervy”

But, these lockers could be a lot of work, and did I say … you’re bidding on these lockers with very lousy photos.

As we speak I spot this large locker with skids. Why would they pay $700? rental a month to store skids? And why would somebody buy these skids? No money in skids! So. Call me stupid.

“I just bought a job “

I did find some gold once…  I think?

“Future POST” Finding gold in a storage locker.

Anyway, …

It’s not for everyone.

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Name Change Right For You

Numerology Numbers

Power of Numbers.  Numerologists would like you to believe that by doing a little mathematics, they could predict changing your name could be a good move or bad move.

A lot of movie stars change their names for a STAGE NAME, a name, a little more catchy, a little more memorable, colorful and that makes good sense.

This famous actress changed her name and look, and look where it got her!  Fame and glory and not necessarily in that order.  Marilyn Monroe (her real born name was Norma Jeane Mortenson I kind of liked her old original name.

Google name changes and there will be no shortage of reasons for people to change their name. I really don’t know if there are good reasons or bad reasons for wanting to change your name.

But it was always traditional the bride to be, would change her name to the husbands’ surname. Some people change names for adoptions, divorce.  Or it could be as simple as, “I just don’t like my name. It never quite felt right.”

Get him to change his name

I remember a Numerologist saying to a new bride to be, “why would you change your name The stars and good fortune are with you. Don’t change your name for your husband, that spells doom and gloom. Get your new husband to change his name.” How about combining your names, as long as the numbers match.

Would that be true? All you have to do is a little math, change your name that corresponds to all the right numbers and you will be showered with gold dust. Right!

I would like to think it was that easy. The Numerologist will supposedly give you a rough idea. Close, maybe.  Some people are doing it by instinct, knowing nothing about the “science” behind the letters. It’s my name, that’s the reason for all my problems, bad, bad luck.

There was a dark period of time in my younger days. I was down on my luck. I don’t remember ever wanting to change my name, but if I thought of it I would have. But I did move away from my comfort zone, family, and friends. Maybe they were the reason for my bad luck…  Silly thinking Eh!

It was me all along.

I thought maybe new surroundings would totally improve my situation.  Then I remembered saying, “I’ve moved all that way to Alberta, a few thousand miles away from home and it didn’t improve my luck at all.” I realized,  I brought me with me, and my troubles and problems came with me. I remember moving back and I should have, but didn’t apologize to everybody that I even “thought” were the cause of my problem. It was me along, all along.

Do it for the right reason.

No matter what a numerologist says, it was me, my thinking, I had to make the change.

So changing your name for the right reasons could make sense but to change your name for the wrong reasons, like trying to change your luck, because the numbers say so, not sure but I will go out on a limb and say, no I don’t think so.

There was a song by Jonny Cash, “My name is Sue” The song was about parents naming their son “Sue”, now that would be a really good reason for a guy to change his name!

Anyway, doing things for the right reason could be considered a  good thing, but doing something for all the wrong reasons? Well?


Having said all that, numbers do play a big part in the grand scheme of things. For one simple reason it’s all around us, its a major player in our lives. There is math for this, math for that, everything has a number to it. Could it be a player in our luck too? …. Nah!!


Part 2 of Armored trucks in Canada, WHY

FOLLOW UP ON Armored vehicles.

At the time of writing one of my first articles, (Armored Trucks in Canada, Why) it was done on pure observation, with very little research.  Now, with a request to do a follow up my article  I did a little more beating the bush and I could not believe how accurate I was in that posting.

In just our area alone (100-mile radius) there are (up to 4) well known armored cars/trucks or armored personnel carrier companies/builders and that ’s just in our area.

These companies build trucks, cars, limos, anything with wheels and armor protect them and for several good reasons. Military, civilian use, protecting the rich and famous, and apparently we Canadians are quite respected in the armored car industry.

The original post was about armored personnel carriers and why do our police force need them in Canada

We are a reasonably peaceful nation. We have our bit of crime, but not compared to other countries. I personally think that all our law enforcement is out of control and have lost their sense of direction (Serve and protect) was their motto, and that was for our citizens. I watched  6 police cars surround this poor guy for a traffic violation. I counted at least a dozen police officers and their cars at any given charity walkathon, directing traffic. I guess my point would be what a misuse of public money, time and resources.  And all those departments cry poor every year and then add a couple of armored personnel carriers, that sit 99% of the time. At half a million dollars each, now, they’re really in the hole. And they cry that they’re understaffed, and over budget.

Don’t get me wrong, they have a dangerous job.

Don’t get me wrong, they do have a dangerous job and to keep our finest safe is a priority, but I think that good money could be allocated to different poorer departments in the force.

But it looks like I’m right again about the use of such vehicles. I would like to be a fly on the wall at one of these police seminars, yearly get together on exchanging crime information around our country. Their big grand scheme of things is not policing FOR the public but gearing up for something much bigger. Maybe they don’t even know themselves or maybe it’s the universal direction we are just going in.

Na, they know exactly what they’re buying and why they’re buying it.

We hosted the G20 a few years back. There were a few organized demonstrations and out came these armored vehicles. WHERE DID THEY COME FROM ON SUCH SHORT NOTICE? I think a lot of people

were surprised at seeing these things on our streets. After looking at the news, if someone said these were pictures from abroad, I would have totally believed them, not in Canada, not the way those demonstrators were treated. The fully dressed, in riot gear cops, with these intimidating armored vehicles, just made the situation worse. Police officers treated our citizens like they were trained to keep law and order under marshall rule, armored cars and all. And that’s in Canada.

These intimidating pieces of iron are not needed for a family argument, dispute or domestic problem and there has been nothing in this city that would suggest that we would need such a piece of machinery. Maybe organized rallies “bring out the armor boys, it looks like there is some rowdiness on 5th street”. …. I guess.

But police officials from Vancouver to New Glasgow, N.S., defended their acquisitions. Even if these heavy-duty vehicles are sitting in a garage most days of the week — some have not been deployed even once —”they are necessary for dealing with hostile and potentially life-threatening situations such as hostage-takings, incidents involving barricaded gunmen or active shooters and the execution of high-risk search warrants” officials said.

Just remember, this equipment is more intimidating than needed and could have more of a negative effect.

University of Ottawa criminologist Michael Kempa remains skeptical of the need for the military hardware and says the public ought to scrutinize these purchases.

“Nobody has presented the evidence that would suggest this is an essential part of local policing,” Kempa said. “How far are we going to go and for what purpose?”

I guess, he just doesn’t see the bigger picture. Eh!

Do other police services have armored vehicles like this?

Cost of these Troop Carriers.

Quite a few in Ontario do. Police departments in all our major cities have armored vehicles tucked away.

By comparison for the price, Sault Ste. Marie Police Ballistic Armoured Tactical Transport vehicle cost $255,000, while the OPP’s armored rescue vehicles cost over $400,000. Montreal polices’ armored vehicles cost $360,000.

General Dynamic Land Systems, donated a Tactical Rescue Vehicle to a local Police department, and a portion of the cost for the Sault Ste. Marie vehicle was donated by Essar Steel Algoma.

New Glasgow police in Nova Scotia, Canada acquired a decommissioned Cougar armored vehicle free of charge (nothing is free) from the Canadian Forces. All armaments had been removed but still, have to modify for their use and maintained to be ready for the next attack on Canadian soil. …. What attack?

Did I say?  Population 10,000 people, and, never mind about the full-time firefighters … “We need one of these babies, just in case!”

One officer said to the other, 


 Don’t you have one of these?

They must be seeing a bigger, gloomier, future than me.

Note.  Some of my bits of wisdom were borrowed from, National Post,

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Reincarnation True or False

Do you believe in reincarnation

Do you believe in reincarnation? Do you believe that you will be reborn, be back after passing on, may be given a second chance… a lot of people do. They believe all living things have a purpose and coming back, again and again, shows we all have a major role to play in the grand scheme of things. But what?

Check this related song by these 4 famous singers.

Johnny CashWaylon JenningsWillie Nelson, and Kris Kristofferson.

Well, some people say that you will be back to learn more lesson or maybe, only one lesson. Could it be as simple as, helping somebody cross the street, (if you weren’t there to help that person, there would have been a different outcome)? It could be as simple as giving a much-needed person good advice, again, something that simple.

A famous Trans-Channeler had a “free to the public” seminar; It was a full house of open-minded inquisitive people. As she got in her relaxed pose, we all were allowed to ask a question, any questions, big or small, about the universe, family, kids, the meaning of God or the creator. She believed that all the universe information was revealed to her.

Reincarnation was one of the first questions that came up. “Is it true?” the person asked.  The answer was yes, why would it not be. How can you expect to learn everything the universe has to offer in such a short period of a lifetime? It would only stand to reason a soul would have to come back, many, many times.

And each time you incarnate, you have a different lesson to learn, maybe atone for your last time or just, learn new lessons.

The night with this lady was very interesting and informative. I always said if it feels right, then it must be right for you and trust your feelings, it’s smarter than you.

If reincarnation is true, there is no way of telling one way or the other. But if it’s true, and we have to atone for this life of wickedness, well, for most of us, we will be in deep trouble.

But, would it change our thinking or lifestyle if we knew for sure that was true, that there was reincarnation and that we will be back. Would we treat our fellow man differently? Do onto others?

Did we honestly believe we fought and died in that Civil war? And now back again.

We had the opportunity to go to Gettysburg, Penn. There was no shortage of ghost stories in this historic town, but you couldn’t help but get in a sad mood of what went on in 1865.

They had shops that dressed the tourists up in that time period clothing and took photos of them as mementos. In those same shops, they had lots and lots of old historic photos of people and soldiers that are long gone.

We were looking at these old black and white’s photos through different eyes than the other tourists. We tried to recognize…US …  in those hundreds of photos. We didn’t find any look-alikes but that would have been a real hoot if we did.

We and a lot of people we know are attracted to the Civil War period for some reason, and were Canadians, “a long way from that war”. All those pictures, we didn’t recognize noooo-body, and why, would we even think that we would. Did we honestly believe we fought and died in that Civil war? And now back again.

Maybe deep down inside, we must all believe there is some truth to reincarnation and past lives? and just maybe, that’s what scares most people.

Do research on the subject; you might find it an interesting read.

Reincarnation, maybe yes, maybe no.

What did I say earlier …Trust your feelings, it’s smarter than you.


To lighten the article up, here is a bit of “Reincarnation Humour”

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Truck Drivers vs Car Drivers

Are truck drivers getting treated a little unfairly

Are truck drivers getting treated a little unfairly, do they always get picked on by the general public as an accident waiting to happen, or are they highly professional hard working underrated people.

“I’d be a truck driver if only they didn’t have any cars on the road”, the fame, the glory, the freedom of the road … that’s where it’s at.

And that’s partially right about trucking. But if you’re talking about the big rig truck drivers on the highway, (high milers)  well, they do see a lot of beautiful country, but if you’re talking about driving a local dump truck, you don’t see a lot of country, but you see a lot of dusty old gravel pits.

At one point in time, it was a selected trade amongst people that just didn’t want to punch a time clock, or have a timekeeper over your shoulders, cooped up inside a factory, “with a not for me attitude”.

How did trucking become so popular?

Years ago, it was decided that the national rail service was probably, not reliable or certainly if for no other reason, too slow in getting the product to the homes, stores etc. Maybe the rail system just wasn’t showing enough profit, who knows the reason, but one thing is for certain, the decision was made to cut the system back. So, one day our fearless leaders decided to do away with the rail service and the next day, they were already pulling up the Rail Road tracks. At that point there was no turning back or changing anyone’s minds, the tracks are gone.

But how do we still move our products around? There was trucking before, but the trucking industry must have changed dramatically overnight.

You have to admit, with these hated truck drivers on our highways, they do bring your products to market virtually overnight as predicted, and not the way I remember the slow-moving rail service to be.

The item you bought on E-BAY today gets delivered the next. “How do you think that happens” Eh.  It’s hard to thank these same people that you bad mouthed and always thought they, were the cause of all road accidents on our highways, it’s just hard to think, they had something to do with your food being fresh and the toys you ordered being delivered the next day.

The fame and glory days of a truck driver, (if there ever was) are over.  It’s a hard, demanding, and majorly skilled job.  Yes, it looks easy. You look up at this driver as he’s driving a nice shiny new truck, he looks down at you and gives you that biggest contented smile.

God, that would be a fun job !!

But it’s not all glory.  Yes, the freedom of the road, and seeing the country, yes. But the traffic you have to contend with, the people that are running late for their morning commute, you know, the guy that just decided to cut you off, so maybe he can get to work a little faster but not realizing, he just started a chain reaction of a 10 car pile-up. …. Darn truck drivers.

“I hope he made it to work on time, because some of us didn’t”

Like I wrote in one of my other posts, there are hundreds, if not thousands of new cars on the road, daily and most with inconsiderate drivers in them. The average public car drivers “do not “make it easy for truck drivers.

These truck drivers’ schedules are more demanding today than they ever were. Heavy traffic or not, if the delivery time is 5 pm then the shipper/ receiver wants and expects it there by 5 pm.” I have a crew of people waiting to unload that product, accident or not, you have to be on time”.

Secret Hint to a truck driver…. If you happen to get a grouchy receiver (always carry a bottle of Hooch with you for those late delivery times) That always helps ease the tension.

So you still think truck driving is fun?

Now, this is not always the case when you’re late. Purchasers do depend on their product to be on time and your company depends on you to be on time, but in all fairness, most people in the industry do understand unforeseen circumstances. Today, most trucks are equipped with GPS, so their employers, not necessarily keep track of the trucker, but their investment. So they know if you’re stuck in traffic or where-ever you are.

AND there… goes your freedom of the road! …  Big brother is watching!!

The “fame and glory” Well,  most people don’t realize it, but these highway drivers, dump truck driver, small delivery truck drivers, all have to have a special drivers license and extra drivers training. They have to be half accountants to make sure their daily paperwork is in order, AND, IF NOT, they’re in deep du-du. Fined, or worse case scenario your vehicle and content seized, Yes seized!


Truck drivers, big and small, by law have to do a complete mechanical inspection of their equipment, that’s before moving a wheel, before starting out on his days’ deliveries. By law, their equipment has to be safe on the road, daily and some of the conscientious drivers give it 110 %. They  look their truck and equipment over after each stop-over (Lunch, supper, etc.) The older more experienced drivers have to take regular medical exams, just to keep them and everybody else safe.


All truck manufacturers do the best they can by improving the safety and comfort of the driver, but they are still a lumpy, rough riding, heavy piece of equipment, which by the way, takes a lot of skill to operate.  So for the comfort of the drivers, the manufacturers invest major dollars on developing seating for these trucks and it’s not uncommon to pay thousands of dollars on a driver’s seat. And why not? Those highway dudes spend a big portion of their life in their truck. The funny part is, most of these drivers have bad backs to show for their life on our bumpy roads.

This post is not about some truck drivers but all truck drivers. It is a way of life for these people. It’s like once you’ve done it, you would never look for another type of job. You will never get trucking out of your blood. But having said all that, it takes a special someone at home and a family who understands that way of life. The life of a truck driver is not easy for him or family.

The sad part is, the public is the first to blame all truck drivers for accidents or a mechanical malfunction that happens on the road. In reality, the average truck driver will put on a few million miles in his career. He drives in and out of heavy traffic, fights the weather conditions, just so you can have your flowers fresh for the next day. And remember, there’s no phoning in sick when you’re on the road. In most cases, there is no pension plan, no internal RRSP contribution, you know, where the company matches your yearly donations. It is not a 9-5 job. In some cases, you might not be home for weeks. So you still want to be a truck driver.


Checking the equipment on all commercially licensed vehicles is a daily, mandatory adventure for drivers.

“Do you check your car over?”  

CAN WE SAY THE SAME, do we, THE PUBLIC, check our vehicles over daily? Do we have mandatory driver’s education? Do we have to go for medical exams and drivers exams regularly?  Do we have the same amount of driving skills and miles as these drivers, that, any one of these trucks drivers puts on?


This post is not about some, but all truck drivers in a general form. It is a way of life. They are a different breed of people that have a major role to play in our own lifestyle and economy and I think we should give these drivers a little more respect and leniency on our highways. Most drivers, when they retire will not have a big pension cheque coming in for a life of hard service. No, one million dollar bonus cheque at the end of the year for doing a good job/bad job and for a lot of these people, they will go through divorces caused by their choice of trade. A majority will suffer from major back ailments at retirement, but they are still the backbone of our economy and our fast-paced way of life and, most truckers, would never change a thing. Other than the attitude of car drivers.

Maybe, we should all cut these Road Warriors some slack for doing a hard day’s, demanding job.

So, you still want to be a truck driver?  The fame and glory days, … not sure.

Please check out my other related articles on road safety.

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Expert in Collecting Antiques?

   I asked this guy …what makes you an expert? “Because I say I am”

I read an article about an antique dealer on the hunt for unusual things, and he came across this fellow at an antique market who was highly recommended, but this dealer was taken by surprise as to how young he was.

This person was about 20 years old and said he was an expert.

I asked this guy what made him an expert. “Because I said I am”… Little on the smart ass side, but I was young once.

Was he really an expert?

Nobody asked him what school he went to, college or university degrees he had and in the end, did it really matter? Everyone just went to him and trusted his area of expertise.  There are no better credentials then all your peers in the Antique community saying, “if you want to know anything about …………..  Then look up this “John Doe” fellow.  He’s an expert in that field.

If you’re thinking of getting into Antiques or Collectables for a hobby, investment or, like my wife and I (Mercenaries) That is a person who buys and sells, and doesn’t get attached to the goods. Learn all you can about your choice of interest.

The web, even though it’s an information overload, does supply you with a valid intake of good quality information as well. Do your research!

So, yeah, this young fellow was an expert, so age, looks, and schooling did not play into the equation. He just studied everything there was to know about his fancy of antiquities and in this dealers eyes, he was a highly respected (smart ass) expert in his field.

             “Remember KNOWLEDGE is power”

We can’t know it all, but we can be real, real good at certain things of interest….. And hopefully make money too.

Excellent local antique newspaper paper. 

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What Is Tramp Art and Who Made Them

Who Made Tramp Art,  dah … Tramps!

Depending on where you got your information on Tramp Art, some collectors say Tramps did not make these famous art pieces as believed. So, where did they come from?

At the ending of the civil war and at the major stock market crash of the 30s, there was an influx of a lot of talented, educated and just unemployed people riding the rails looking for work. Some say during their lonely hours and days, they produced this form of art. 

In my thinking, Tramps would be considered a modern-day homeless person.

Wikipedia says… Tramp means “walk with Heavy Foot”

That would explain a lot about Tramps because they were known for rail hopping and they did a lot of walking.

I tend to think it is very possible, that in America these people riding the rails to someplace, anyplace, did indeed, do some of these carvings. Why would you think they didn’t? They had the means and certainly the time to make these pieces of art,  and especially during the thirties, there were a lot of talented and unemployed people roaming the country.

So during their travels from here to there, they kept busy by carving out their art form. Supposedly they made these pieces from discarded items such as empty cigar boxes, wood crates and I would assume anything they could use or find, just to pass the time, and they mostly carved these pieces out with a pocket/jackknife.

This is not saying other people didn’t pick up the trade. Anyway, whoever whittled or carved these items such as jewelry boxes, tables, small and large home decorations, lamps etc. out of discarded wood, are highly collectible today, no matter who made them. Cigar boxes were very easily found in those days and they were the most widely used for Tramp Art.

A few years back I made up a draft on Tramp Art, I thought I’d blow the dust off and freshen up my article. I found myself having to rewrite the whole thing, only because the beliefs have now changed on the origin of Tramp Art or maybe, … I’ve just changed my thinking and or found more update information?

Even though the tide has changed a little on the origins of Tramp Art, one thing is for certain, they are still a unique form of expression from hard working individuals with a lot of time on their hands. (No two are alike).

But, if we assume tramps did play a part in Tramp Art, they certainly did have the time for such an endeavor. If you had no talent before you started making this art form, you would certainly learn how to do it.  Staying busy during their sometime’s long in-between jobs and dark cold nights would totally make sense to me.

So through all reality, the word “Tramp” sounds like a negative, harsh word for an unfortunate group of people trying to stay active, busy, and alive through their hard times.

So whoever made these pieces of art got quite creative and talented enough to even sell their carved-goods/art for a little cash or food.  Of course, these pieces weren’t considered an art form until the 1950s, but still quite different looking, even in those days.

In my estimation, Tramps or whoever made Tramp Art in their day, were our first version of Recyclers, by using an old discarded material to make something new.

History of Tramps & Hobos

They both shared the same rail system, may be shared the same boxcar and I’m sure, they ran into each other everywhere.

They even shared the same code/language but they supposedly were two different types of people, workers, and …  none workers.

Tramp Art is part of our history and may be considered a dark period in North America and in Europe. There always were, and always will be, poor, unfortunate people just trying to make everything work in their lives, so whatever the origin of Tramp Art, these unusual pieces of art are highly collectible today.

The recorded time period for “Tramp Art” was from the year 1870-1940, but most say, that during the depression period in America, was the worst or the best time for these art pieces. Some also would put that period around the civil war.

Note … In 1940 the war was raging in Europe and every able body was needed elsewhere, that must have broken the trend and or that period in time for Tramps and Tramp Art. But it did bring in a new period of ART, “TRENCH ART”

(One of my next planned postings.) “TRENCH ART”

After saying all that about “Tramp Art”, and, we all know if there is money to be made, then a person might suggest that any and all groups of people would try their hand at making “Tramp Art”.

And why not? In those depression years, everybody tried to make a few extra dollars, but, none the less, these pieces of art would definitely fall under the category of “Folk Art”. Remember, Tramp Art was not recognized until after the Tramp Era, that was basically over around (the 1940s) and most collectors agree that the art form was handmade by hard working people.

Look for my links on Tramp Art.


I’m neither a collector of Tramp Art nor a Professor of fine arts and Crafts, but I am interested in our past history and maybe, sell a few oddities along the way.

Google tramp art for an interesting read.


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Antique Because You Love To

  • So, you’re a collector of old things or just have a fascination of the past

Maybe you’re a history buff or just occasionally go down memory lane.  Maybe you just want to decorate your rec. room/man cave with unusual things, well, …  then you’re not alone.

Collecting unusual items from your past and collecting Antiques are the latest crave.  We all love artifacts that we see, touch and remember from days gone by like that heirloom broach grandma gave you, you know, the one that was handed down to her from her mom. Ah …  ”There’s one just like it”!

Look at that Roy Rodgers cowboy suit. I remember wearing one when I was a lot, lot younger.

So here’s a story of a  lady walking down the aisle at a Big Antique Mall. She looked like she was a little distressed so I asked her if there was anything I could do for her. She turned around and said that she was having one of those memorable moments from years gone by, and a few tears ran down her cheeks.

  • Now there’s a lady that had a good childhood, so yeah, some things do have a good effect on people.
  • It’s healthy to jog the good memories of your days gone by.

       The Hard Work

Look at how simple the machines were made back then. No computers to do the math, lasers to form, shape or cut out your parts. They were all calculated by slide rule (you know a tool that looks like a piece of wood with numbers on it. How could they have done that?

Did you ever look at an Apple Peeler from the early days?  The machine peels one apple at a time, not 50…….ONE at a time!!

Look at those ordinary house nails. Before the industrial revolution, they were made one at a time, hand forged, shaped …. one nail at a time and not a thousand nails an hour … but one nail at a time.

These handmade square shank nails are a collectible item on their own. In 2017, they were being sold for $1-$2.00 a nail.

Look at that big sturdy looking antique picture frame. You’d have to mortgage your house for it today and look how solid that kitchen table is for being 100 years old.

How about that porcelain service station sign. That would look good in my Man cave/garage!!

But you have to dig real deep to buy those signs. They are really pricey.

  • Collect because you want too.

Some people collect because it could be a good  “investment”, but most collect because of the beauty, the history, or stories these antiques and collectibles could tell.

Whatever the Reason,

Collect and buy antiques because you enjoy the hunt, the fun, the nostalgia, and the memories, and let’s not forget the hard work that went into everything made in those days.

                             so …  “HUNTAWAY”


“If you have any more than 3 items the same,

“You’re already considered a collector”.

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Olympic Athletes on a Natural Adrenalin High


 Can Olympic Committees check for a natural high? We all know that Adrenalin Rush can’t be measured, the energy, …  it can’t be seen, it’s just there.

 2018 Olympics have come and gone and what a show!

Couldn’t help but notice,  at the top of the ski runs, the skiers lining themselves up to give it their all, and overcame a coach or a friend, giving them a big hug, bunting of the fists, wishing them good luck. The 2 and 4 man bobsleighing teams, all hands touched, wishing themselves good luck… All the way through the games, well-wishers were sharing their energy. They gave that person an edge, a little extra of your energy that they needed to pull it off. You can’t measure it with a blood test; you can’t test it through chemical analysis. It’s just there.

That athlete just got a little extra adrenalin fix from a well-wisher, but then,  you have to wonder, we all give each other handshakes, big hugs, and a pat on the back. Do we all do it for a deep down unknown reason? Is it just a tradition or is there more to it. Sharing of good energy could be a power booster. The athletes are already pumped; they trained long and dedicated hours to just qualify to be at the Olympics. I’m not just talking about our Canadian Olympians, but all the hard working athletes from around the world.  These dedicated people are already on a natural high and that extra bit of positive energy from a well-wisher might just have been enough to win that gold.

And that’s all they needed.

The pure energy that is produced in a stadium full of well-wishers can’t be measured, it’s just there.  Whether it’s our home countries’ team or not, we all feel sadness for an athlete that just didn’t make it or worse case scenario, getting hurt.  We might yell a little louder for our own homegrown team but overall, we root for all other teams as well. So the energy you can’t measure, it’s just there, passed on from one to the other.

These athletes dedicated their young lives to be the best and more importantly, they brought the world together for one short period of time. You made us all proud.

That’s what the Olympics’ is all about.  Eh!

For those athletes that don’t play fair, then they shouldn’t be amongst the real hard working Athletes that do.


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