dave's work stationBlogging for the HEALTH of it.

As a newbie blogger on the block, my purpose was to have fun, share my points of view as an ordinary Canadian and maybe share a little WISDOM along the way. Eh!

Blogging just might have an added bonus, “reducing stress”.

I write about anything and everything.  As the old guys used to say in their day, “make sure you have lots of meat and potatoes” They weren’t talking about blogging back then, but I will use it as a metaphor for my posting. “SUBSTANCE”. I try and have some good information in my postings.

But I also learned, which is equally important, spelling has to be perfect, from labeling photos properly, to blog posting, which, may I say, “Spelling is NOT my best suit”.

Thank goodness for Microsoft word, that’ll take care of the spelling department.

But I do try and keep my posts interesting and my spelling in check.

There are very few things in this world that are free, but blogging comes close. Pay your yearly hosting service fees, set your site up in less than 5 min, and you’re good to spiel off anything your little heart desires. JUST …  (DON’T BELIEVE THE  5  MIN  THING). AND, for all you people that are just starting out, you might find blogging a good STRESS RELIEVER.

Write down what you ’re thinking, post it, and you’ll be surprised at how many people out there, say, “Yeah, that’s right” and now you have a follower.

Post what you want and when you want, watch a lot of YOUTUBE videos on the do’s and don’ts of web and blog building. Learn at your own pace. Weed out all that unnecessary information, and use what ONLY pertains to you and what your goals are as a blogger. Try to watch and read only the latest up-to-date information.

The web and how it operates seems to change weekly, hourly. Learn to be in favor with the Google gods, “that part really helps”.

The World Wide Web even says you can make money at doing this fun thing, SO I SAY,

bring on the Denaro’s, But … IM STILL WAITING!

Note: if you don’t find it fun, then it’s a job. The choice is yours.

Please check out my site and give me a comment or suggestions,

and I would really like to know what part of the world you live in.  Eh!


If my posting is not correct, please go to this link.


Canspace "Canada's" web hosting service

Canspace “Canada’s” web hosting service


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