Friday FUNNY Day

On Fridays I’m going to put a joke, saying or bit of wisdom on my site to lighten up the end of your hard work week. and let’s start your

WeekEnd with a Funny.

I will try and keep them clean and PLEASE remember the intent is to not offend any group, religion  or people. They are just funnies and if you do not find them that way, please don’t read my jokes. I didn’t come up with these funnies, I’m just passing them along.

My intent is honorable and in no way want to offend anyone.

You have to have a few Beer to get the humor in some of these jokes, so come back a different day, and you’ll get it.

Sometimes I will read a joke and laugh my head off, other days I could read the same joke and not find it funny at all…. , call me “moody”.

Depend what mood you’re in this is a fun duo, Cheech and Chong movie to watch

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