Is Trench Art Highly Collectable

Some HISTORY on Trench Art

figurine trench artWhat Is Trench Art Collectables and why should I collect them.

Trench Art is highly collectible and some think “Decorative“. Trench Art is considered items made out of used and discarded war materials by soldiers of war.

They were made by imaginative soldiers in trenches, POWs camps, war casualties (hospitals) and civilians with access to mounds of war leftovers and just some people that had the time. (Boredom)

Shell casings of any shape or size were widely used.  Bullets, Landmines,scrap shell caseings and mortars were easily made into some kind of an art form, including picture frames, ashtrays, paperweights, flower pots, candlestick holder, etc.

I would almost consider this a form of “Folk Art”

Trench art started to be noticed during the 1st & 2nd world wars, but I’m sure all world conflicts have their own form of “art”.

The majority of Trench Art (as the story goes) was made because of pure BOREDOM in Trenches, “POW camps”  and some, as they say, made them as a MEMENTO of their time served, or the art could be just traded for much needed useable goods.

This continued many years after the war with civilians making their own form of trench art. There certainly was no shortage of discarded leftover war material.

This art is a little funky looking and not for everybody’s taste, but most of these items do have a good, bad, or ugly story to tell by people that know firsthand what war was really like.

Believe it or not, there is a following of collectors out there that are into Trench Art/War Memorabilia.

This article was based on a lot of independent information and I am passing it on, however,

BORDOM or MEMENTOS, I’m not sure I agree. “Trench Art” images   “trench art”[]=trench%7Ctyped&term_meta[]=art%7Ctyped


TRAMP art has a lot of similarity to trench art, where people made items from boredom and lots of discarded material.

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