Changing Dynamics of Car Clubs

rat fink gear jamming cartoon

Rat Fink gear jamming cartoon

The changing dynamics of Car Clubs, I mean the clubs are just, different today. In the early days of hot rodding, joining a local Car Club and fixing up and repairing your old beater was the thing everybody did. And the term HOT-ROD was Swapping this part out for that and painting our old cars to make them “Hot looking … PURTY”

And “Rods” well, they are the internal parts of every gas engine. When modifying an engine for more HP, we sometimes change the rods. Then you end up with my version of a “Hot Rod”. And that’s my story. Eh!

But the ever-changing dynamics of Car Clubs is “different today”.

According to Wikipedia the returning soldiers after the war were the first to start up the Hot Rodding Story. And  I would agree, “That’s where and when it all began” California.USA.

We were all mechanically inclined people back then. If it was broken we had to find a way to fix it and we did. Most of us needed a place to do our tinkering so we banded together and formed “CAR CLUBS”.

Today the fad has turned into a multi-million dollar industry. If you go online, you would have no problem finding any reproduced parts for your classic car or hot rod. Fiberglass, steel, HELL, you can buy kits to do your own casting and for those hard to find parts, you can even buy kits to do your own chroming, etc.

So yeah, It can be an expensive hobby.

This post is more about the many Car Clubs that were started and flourished during those times and like today, most are still around. But in part, today’s car clubs although still focused on classic cars and the sorts, they do a lot of unpublished charity work, with very little or no credit. A lot of these car clubs hold dances, pig roasts; they have cheap wing night for the public, car shows etc. and all the proceeds/profits go to local charities.

Thousands of dollars are collected annually by these Car Clubs, “just for charity”.

However, the dynamics of Car Clubs have changed since the beginning of the Hot Rodding story. New members are hard to find. Their beliefs are that cars of today are more complicated, sophisticated, and to the average person, there too intimidating to work on. And maybe they should be intimidated, but they are still “repairable”

gear jammer cartoon

Camaro Drag Racing Cartoon

SO, my answer would be, MAN MADE IT, MAN CAN FIX IT. . .  “That’s my slogan!”

Some Colorful Car Club Names . . . Like

         ∞ Gear Jammer, Road Masters, Highwaymen, Shifters, Road Runners. ETC ∞

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But as the years passed, the dynamics of car clubs have swung in a different direction and new members just want to work on their own vehicles, motorcycles, and snowmobiles. They say, classic cars are far too expensive of a hobby for the average person. One of our club members is referring our club as a “social club” not a car club?

Could they or he be right?

ARE rebuilding classic cars and Hot Rods winding down?  Even though you can find all the parts known to man, car or beast, it still could be costly venture. The swap meets are a good example of how the trend might be slowing down. Every year the attendance seems to be falling, the decline of swap meet vendors is another telltale of future slowdown.

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Are the classic car enthusiasts winding down or are we all just getting older? Well some of us are getting older but, nobody is taking up the hobby. Car swap meets are fine examples of the past car eras, but it does take new blood to carry on the tradition, and that’s, getting harder to find.

rat rod at car show

rat rod at a car show

So, are the car clubs as we knew them slowly disappearing, yeah, maybe, but I think there will always be room for the younger generation, maybe a few of the new members can tinker on their own equipment and perhaps, learn a thing or two from the old members on Hot Rods.  Time will tell!
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Storage Auction Notice

storage auctions

auction pictures

Storage locker Auction in your area.

I started off my daily routine by checking and answering all my e-mails and inquiries, and I came across this one that just stood out, “Storage Auction Notice”.

Now, that’s a definite call to action!

“Closing in your area is good, today is good,” well, it’s not like I had a lot of inquiries or my agenda was full.  I could entertain the idea, so I opened up my e-mail.

Well, this was a last minute decision. But that’s ok.

Ah, it’s the same storage auction I read about a few days earlier. When I first looked at the auction ad, I found nothing of interest and now giving it a second look, it still didn’t improve my opinion. “Nothing”. But it is in my area and the price looked right. My normally “heavy” day was free; (darn), and, I had no e-mails to answer!

WHY NOT! So I put in a lowball price and behold, nobody wanted it, well then,

“Lucky me” Eh!

I just bought an abandoned locker. Now after looking the locker over, you have to wonder, why would people pay good hard earned money to store absolutely nothing of value. Many of the articles I found were not even good giveaways.  I’m not totally surprised by few bidders, BUT I didn’t pay much.

I shouldn’t forget, a lot of people do fall on hard times and at the last moment, storing whatever valuables they had looked to be their only option.

And having said that, if by chance they foresee that the monthly locker payments won’t work either, (food or locker payments) well, that would be a no-brainer. So these same people would scavenge what good belongings they do have and leave the rest.

Most of these lockers, do tell a very sad story.

Government & Police Auctions-Automobiles

So yea, I cleaned out the abandoned locker from the people that just left in a hurry. I cleaned and nearly washed the floor for the locker company, (that’s required) just so they can cut their losses, and re-rent the unit as soon as humanly possible.

What did I find?

Pots and pans that went to Good Will, winter clothes, 3 office chairs, that all went to Good Will,boat anchor the city landfill got their share and I got the rest? … O YA, an old cash register, that’s only good for a (boat Anchor) 2 old couches, some bed frames that you couldn’t put together because … there were “parts missing?”… But, I did find some high-end audio speakers, that thankfully paid for the locker.

Me, I just bought a job.

Now through all fairness, this was not, household material. People do not pay to store these kinds of “items” so I have to wonder after all these years of buying lockers, do the companies themselves use one of their units to store “garbage” and knowingly auction off the locker as “abandoned”.

“They wouldn’t do that, WOULD THEY?”


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