Didn’t make the US Open then golf just for the collecting of it.


The Least you Should Know logoIf you find yourself not making the cut for PGA golf tournament or the US Open then you can always go to planUS OPEN GOLF TOURNAMENT B. the fun of Collecting golfing memorabilia or golf related novelties.

There will be a slight difference in pay but you’re “somewhat” still in the golfing scene. So stop chasing that little white ball around and consider collecting golf memorabilia or golf novelties instead.

Here is a Little History on Golfing

According to GolfEurope.com golfing originated in Scotland around the 15 century, some, say it was traced back to the Sung Dynasty 960 BC in China. Whatever you believe or not, golfing “anything” is BIG business. Whether you’re into pro golfing with the PGA or you do the 9 hole golf course in an old abandoned stone quarry, “which by the way is a cheaper way to go”.

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Model trains a hobby or considered a collection?

buildings used for model train setups

The advertisement reads,” Model train show in your area”. So if you are a hobbyist or into model train collecting, please consider attending and it’s only … 5 bucks. ($5.00 in normal language) What’s not to like on an afternoon of fun and entertainment for only 5 bucks!

Five bucks, 5 bucks, 5 bucks, will get you into this Model Train show

I’ve blogged about many different topics before; “and I always tried to make it clear”, vendors at all these trade shows, whether it’s antique, collectables or any other trade shows. These people are more than happy to share their knowledge and friendship with anyone that’s sincerely interested.

So, off I go to the train show, maybe pick some guys brain while I’m there, maybe learn a few things on the latest generation of model trains.  Pick up a few pointers for my upcoming blog posting on model trains.

5 bucks to get you in the door and a door prize to boot. (which by the way I didn’t win).  A fun place to spend a couple of hours for you and your family and bonus…just be a kid again. “What’s not to like?”

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Old Time Instruments


Old Time Instruments cigar boxes CanadianDWIt was suggested to me to write about old time “Cigar Box Guitars”, and I said, “SAY WHAT”!  What is a cigar box guitar? You’re talking to a person that doesn’t know the difference between fret-boards to a banjo string. This subject matter of old-time instruments is a totally new topic for me, but maybe . . . that’s OK … I’ll learn. Research on Old Time Instruments material is the real fun part of blogging and the subject matter on cigar box guitars did get my Mo-Jo working.

“A poor man’s cigar box guitar…Eh”. I can do this!

I used to be an avid cigar smoker so I am familiar with the different styles and sizes of boxes. Hell, I used to collect them for a hobby. This topic could be right up my alley. I enjoy music, but … that’s as far as my talent goes with making instruments.

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Is there a difference in an auction? Yes, there is a big difference auctions and here are the 6 most popular auction platforms and their differences.

Of course, we all know what an auction is “RIGHT”?

Wikipedia says. The word “auction” is derived from the Latin augeō, which means “I increase” or “I augment” … just in case you’re interested. Auctions are a process of buying and selling of goods and placed items are up for the public to bid on; and in most cases, the item is then sold to the highest bid.

Here are the 5 most popular categories and how to participate. There are Online, (link) Storage auctions, Absolute, Reserve and Sealed Bid. So they are the different types of auctions, and now, this is how to go about bidding on them.

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