Avro Arrow Part 3

treasure hunter

treasure hunter

Searching THE OCEAN FOR THE AVRO ARROW (part 3) and as Chris Bateman stated in his 2012 article, the search continues for something, anything of Canada own scrapped Avro Arrow CF-105 Interceptor jet fighter..

This is the 3rd article of 3 installments  “History and downfall of the “Avro Arrow” 

These “die-hard” Avro Arrow treasure hunters like “John Burzynski”  just wouldn’t let it go, almost 60 years after the fact.  “GET OVER IT”!


These hunters are searching off Toronto harbor in Lake Ontario, and they’re searching the St. Lawrence, off Prince Edward County. These people will go anywhere where there is rumored to have been Avro airplane parts stashed, thrown out, or dumped in the water.

(On the four corners of the earth, MAYBE?),

With today’s high technology sonar’s, specialized equipment to map the ocean floor, see what no man has seen before, they might even have a chance of finding something of the fated project

At the time of this posting, this was the latest picture from the “OEX RECOVERY GROUP INC” which is one of the major sponsors of a project. This company is scouring the depths of the water RAISE THE ARROW EXPEDITIONfor the famed Avro and their website shows even more findings and insight of the of the canceled failed project.

But, it’s a lot of water.

As these interesting stories go, when the hammer came down on (Black Friday, October 14, 1959) cancellation day of our CF-105 Jet Fighter, and people finally got over the shock that it wasn’t just a bad Friday joke, and they realized,  our government was totally serious in shutting the project down, some went to work on disposing of all their blood sweat and tears as per instruction from the government.

Our fearless leaders said, “WE WANT EVERYTHING Gone”.

They ripped and they tore the planes apart. They run over a perfectly workable jet fighter with forklifts. Heavy equipment smashing these large planes into small pieces, just to be melted down for scrap metal. Our prime minister wanted nothing left. Even the molds, tooling, gone.

Anything that went to scrap yards or to the landfill was totally looked over by guards that in fact, made sure everything was disposed of as per government wishes and nobody took any souvenirs?  “Right”

Paperwork, blueprints. GONE

The rumor has it that some of these planes on the assembly line were almost completed and some had no engines.  Workers strapped booster rockets on their backs and shot these frames into the air towards the open water, never to be reclaimed from the Sea again.

Are these Bounty Hunters for Treasures or Historians looking for the famed Avro Arrow plane parts?

Having said that, these bounty hunters with enough money and electronics will eventually find something, anything, but for


Our previous Prime Minister John Diefenbaker  was serious


I believe he was strong-armed and that canceling the project wasn’t totally his decision.

Vintage planes and Avro Arrow

Vintage Planes and Avro Arrow

Did I say, this plane Canada built in the Late 1950s was capable of doing Mach 2+?  No other plane in the world could reach that speed. Putting this in perspective, this was only 5 years after the Great War; Armed Forces around the world were still using propeller (prop) aircraft.

The story by Chris Bateman is a few years old, but have recently heard that these treasure hunters by the “OEX RECOVERY GROUP INC” “have not given up”. In fact, the latest is, these people are even looking in more unspoken and unsuspected places.

PLEASE CHECK THIS LINK   for the latest find

Like our ex-prime minister, this group,  maybe other history buffs like “Arrowheads” are committed to finding some remanence of the project. I believe Canada’s future was robbed from us, and even though that period in time is gone, we should always guard against outside influences.

Canada’s safety, security, our future is at stake.     Eh


Please check out my 1st, 2nd and now 3rd part to this story.




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The demise of the Avro CF-105 Arrow and why our Canadian government canceled the “State of the Art” fighter jet.

I think we have to understand the Political Environment at the time and what really happened to the Avro Arrow Program.

wikimedia .org Avro Arrow

image from Wikimedia .org

In 1960,  our Prime Minister John Diefenbaker was trying to distance Canada from our neighbors to the south. Our PM thought at the time the United States was getting too pushy and now worried about with the newly elected President John F Kennedy. He thought JFK was an inexperienced rich guy and a bully.

Kennedy was updated on our Prime Minister and thought our PM was boring, a thief and many a time deliberately and in public mispronounced our Prime Minister Diefenbaker’s last name. 

Research shows there was a toxic environment between US President Kennedy and Prime Minister Diefenbaker right from the start. There was NO SHORTAGE OF ARTICLES ON THEIR  DISLIKE FOR EACH OTHER.

At one of their meetings,  Kennedy mistakenly left a “doodle”  note behind saying all the things he “wants and expects” Canada to do. Apparently, our Prime minister found the note and called Kennedy on the supposedly left note.  Threatening to make contents of the note public, which our PM  apparently didn’t.  Now, if  US President disliked our PM before,  now, he really doesn’t like him.

  It was called “Rostow Memo”

Now, with the Cuban and the USSR crisis escalating and Canada being “geographically” in a bad situation, our heads of state had to put their differences aside and come up with a plan on how to defend our two nations, they agreed to form NORAD

“ North American Aerospace Defense Command”

globe with missile track

globe with missile tracking over Canada


Keep in mind, the story is about our Avro Arrow jet fighter. It was designed solely for that reason to help ward off the threat from anything flying over the North Pole, and over our sovereign territory.

Having agreed to form Norad, the US also wanted these Bomarc Missiles armed with nuke warheads. Again, our prime minister didn’t like being bullied by the US who was still trying to force Canada into having nuclear warheads on Canadian soil, “that was totally out”.


Kennedy would refer to our Prime Minister, “That, WHATEVER HIS NAME IS”! …  I guess Kennedy must have forgotten that Canada was between the USSR and the United States and that in fact, they did really need our help. I guess by the US showing their appreciation, the president would slander our PM, deliberately mispronounce his name, and not privately, PUBLICLY.

And behind the scenes, downplaying our State of The Art Jet Fighter that they would no longer be needed in the future conflicts of the world. Missiles are where the future was taking us.  But having said that, (they, the US) did not give up their aerospace industry, they just wanted our industry,… gone.

So, as the Avro Arrow was outperforming anything in the sky at that time and capable of doing MACH 2+. It must have turned some heads in other foreign Government agencies. Our contribution to World War 2 in the aviation industry made many skilled workers and talented engineers. They helped and implemented the construction and design of this CF-105 interceptor. It was the pride and envy of Canada aerospace industry.

This whole project was taken on by our government because at the time we needed a high altitude, a supersonic plane that would meet our Canadian environment and commitments to NATO and the newly formed Norad. As the story goes, there was nothing to be bought.  The Americans had a Voodoo F101 jet fighter to sell but our political leaders didn’t think it was up to the task.

So, the Canadian Government decided to build our own, to our specifications. And thus came, the CF-105 interceptor.



*The Americans wanted and demanded consolations from the Canadian Government during and after the missile crisis

*Former Prime Minister John Diefenbaker wanted to distance Canada from the US and that, was before the noticeable feuding and the demanding President Kennedy, he thought the US  as a whole were getting too pushy.

*Avro Arrow was state of the art, and the pride of all Canadians.

*The Americans not endorsing our CF-105 Jet Fighter supposedly put an end to all our aerospace achievements in Canada …… Like any industry, the Avro Aerospace Company needed sales and endorsements of their jet fighter. By our brothers from the south not endorsing or wanting to buy any part of the Avro, put the nail on the project.

* Behind the scenes the US convinced our Canadian Defense Department to abandon the Avro Arrow and not to endorse it because missiles were the way of the future, knowing completely well, they weren’t giving up their industry. It just seemed they wanted ours …gone.

* At the end of the day, our aerospace industry disappeared as we knew it.

*We needed replacement aircraft and in the end, ended up buying surplus Voodoo F101 jet

Canadian Voodoo F101

US Voodoo F101

fighters from the U.S. “The same jets our war department didn’t think we’re to the task”

* Bomarc Missiles were armed with nuclear warheads, on Canadian soil. They turned out to be expensive duds.

* Feb. 20/1959, After John Diefenbaker, being strong-armed into canceling the Avro Arrow and the future of our aerospace industry. Ultimately all our engineers /brains went south to the United States. That on its own, adding insult to injury.  I think today they call it a  “Canadian BRAIN DRAIN” and maybe that’s how it started.

*Did the US government have influence over the media and that the Avro Arrow was a waste of Canadian tax dollar. And in the end, they published not so pleasant news, putting doubts in the minds of all Canadians that their tax money was being wasted on that old technology. A Supersonic airplane, that was capable of Mach 2+ and that, nobody wanted! (Mach 2 is pretty FAST) Twice the speed of sound.

After the Arrow cancellation, when our Prime Minister ordered everything gone like it never happened and only as the story goes. Foreign Companies were lined up wanting to buy something, anything of the Avro Technology. And you have to wonder, where were our “friends” before?

I can hear our PM John Diefenbaker saying


*So I THINK IN THE END, THAT’S WHY OUR PM wanted everything destroyed.

Even though the same engineers went south and took their knowledge with them and ultimately helped our ”brother” in  their NASA program, and we all know, without the Canadian engineers helping the Americans with their projects,

Hell, they still would be working on the first generation jetpack.

 But like I said, at the end of the day, there is no real proof that there were outside influences. Our ex-Prime Minister John Diefenbaker made the call, HE ALONE.

Please check out  

“The demise of the Avro Arrow-PART- 1”


He ultimately paid the price “come elections time”.

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Size of the Avro Arrow

Comparing Plane Sizes

Reading different articles (and there ain’t no shortage) about Canada very own state of the art CF-105 Supersonic Avro Arrow fighter. This article is about the demise of the Avro Arrow. It was homegrown, born, built and manufactured right here on Canadian soil. It was the pride of all Canadians citizens. The sudden cancelation of the Avro Arrow in 1959 was and still is a big mystery today. Most articles on this “state of the art” Jet Fighter is fascinating reading with many different authors perspective and conspiracies. This is Mine.

“What really happened on Black Friday?”

So now I’m reading the latest article of why our former Prime Minister John Diefenbaker decided to lay off 15,000 of his own countryman,  and thousands more Canadians were indirectly affected by his sudden decision, they all had one major thing in common, they all wondered… WHY?.

Did our Prime Minister wake up in a bad mood, did he not get his breakfast on time. What made him make such a drastic move that would affect so many people?

To know the answer, we have to think the way he thought.

The Canadian people voted and trusted his Progressive Conservative party, thinking that their number one priority would have been keeping Canadians and Canada in his best interest. This decision on shutting down CF-105 Interceptor program as history might say was not one of our Prime Ministers better moves. He kept the decision well hidden and a secret from everybody until he made the announcement in Parliament. So was this spontaneous thinking or was as, theorist would say, he was strong-armed into canceling the project.


As of today, I decided to “lay off 15,000”, I mean cancel the Avro Arrow Program. Avro Arrow WorkersAnd laying off all our faithful workers in our aviation industry effective as of, NOW, as we speak, Disbanded all making of the Arrow program, we want it … GONE!

Our Government at the time could not have given this a long-term THOUGHT?

The teletypes couldn’t print the news fast enough. In the factories at lightning speed, they got the news. The management was instructed to read this message, so on October 14, 1959 “Black Friday” it was said, effective immediately, send your workers home.

Please check out this YouTube video on the Avro Arrow.

The management was shocked at the news, a lay off maybe, but a complete shutdown! So, over their internal loudspeakers, this message rang out, shut her down boys, take the rest of the day off and don’t forget to take all your personals with you, just in case you don’t come back, “which they didn’t”.

So that black Friday, as it was called, our Aviation Industry as we knew it was gone.

But what made our Prime Minister do such a thing? At the time, it was well known that the Kennedy administration didn’t get along with, “as they put it, boring” Canadian prime minister, but that couldn’t be a deciding factor or WAS IT? …  Eh

*** Did the US President John F Kennedy meddle in our elections and HAPPILY cause the fall of our Diefenbaker’s Conservative Government. Under-handedly, leaking to the press, the U.S. would not buy any of their/our “state of the art Jets” … “The Domino Effect”.

*** If this is true, I will remove Kennedy from my favorite Presidents list and it’s, getting pretty short.

*** (Note) At the end of the day, with all remnants of our Fighter Jets, gone like it never existed, Canada still had commitments to fill with  Nato and the newly committed “NORAD”.  So, we still had to purchase much-needed jet fighters for the task and where do you think they came from?

“Outside our Country”.

Please come back for PART 2 and 3



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President Donald Trump’s new America

President Donald Trump making history


U.S. President Donald Trump has been in power a very short period of time and has already sent ripples, I mean (shivers) around the world, his personal (New America) is now making history, I THINK?

∞ President Donald Trump’s New America ∞

Watching all the news that comes down the pipe I see many changes that have happened and many more to come. Siphoning through all the bull, the hype, and the threats, I see a man with a very powerful position that is changing the course of history. He sneezes and everybody catches a cold, and the worst part is, he knows it.

The Americans themselves made many a “movie” about a world dominant power. Did these people have some psychic power and can they predict the future? And if so, not one of their movies ended up on a positive note.

World Governments all set themselves up.

The world governments all set themselves up for this kind of events. I remember reading this rule on business sense, “NEVER PUT ALL YOUR EGGS IN ONE BASKET”.

I’m somewhat peeved at our Canadian prime ministers. For all these years, they didn’t try to be more self-sufficient and more reliant as a nation,  instead of … well, the US for example. We always sold out. Who do you think owns the right to the slogan “I AM CANADIAN” Hint … not Canadians? Eh.

Who do you think runs and operates all our Canadian Government Surplus Auctions….not Canadians and that’s only to mention a few! Hell, you may as well consider Canada the 51st. state of the “United States.”

In essence, we have depended too much on other countries. We sell off our housing to the highest bidder,  foreign or not. We let the Americans, the Chinese, and others buy up our technology. Our own homegrown educated citizens get “strong-armed” enticed into leaving their homeland to work and pay taxes to other countries. Our country, like a lot of other countries, has been dissected bit by bit, over a long period of time in the name of progress.

We elect officials to oversee these future events and keep Canada’s future and welfare in our best interest but, most were born in other countries, so I have to wonder?

∞ So, back to the American president. ∞

Yes, we have been brothers forever and we have fought and died for the same values, freedom and at one time to fight off communism. How many US allies’ soldiers have fought and died for that very reason.

As I hear, the US President is making a complete mockery of everything the Americans, Canadians, and all the other allies preserved and valued for all these years. It’s appalling that all these soldiers, American included, died for nothing.

So while the US president slanders its allies, and now is slandering his own country, he is sucking up to

Korea-Kim Jong Un Russian-Vladimir Putin.

Two countries that we fought in past wars to uphold our democratic way of life. I believe in change and maybe closer ties to all nations (Communist or otherwise) would be a good thing.

(Keep your friends close, and keep your enemies…closer)

But it shouldn’t be at the expense of its friends.

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The worst part I see is, weeding out all the bull and madness,  he is starting to win over the American public. The American people actually believe that all their friends and allies for all these years, have been taking advantage of the US and we are  “the enemy”.


American people are the flag-waving type. President Trump is a salesman. He knows exactly how and what to say to rally the people. The US invented propaganda and now it’s being used on their own citizens.

Just a reminder,  there have been many leaders that had the charisma to start many wars and try to make many world changes, and they all were,  just “GOOD SALESMEN”.

I hope for a good outcome with Russia and North Korea. It will add a little less tension around the world but … “history will be the judge”.

∞ Please check out my other posting on “Day AfterNafta”

∞ Please check out these links for more information on history in the making.

Reporter Forcibly Removed From Trump-Putin Press Conference

∞ ∞ Please leave me a good, bad or ugly comment. ∞ ∞


Do you believe in luck Punk

LUCKYI’m not trying to promote these good old time movies “Dirty Harry” movie/franchise. But the question is, do you believe in luck, punk.

Do you believe in luck???

Opening up the newspaper, you bypass the Sunshine Girl and you go directly to the horoscope section. Don’t be embarrassed you’re not alone. Everybody checks out how their day is going to go, and just sometimes before leaving their home.

The article reads, “the stars are all lined up” today, luck will be in your favor. But exactly, what does that really mean.

Yes, I woke up today and that’s a good sign.  The sun is shining, and they call for nice weather. Should today be the day I consider, buying that lucky lottery ticket?

car hitting green lights

If this person doesn’t move, his luck will be … different.

My wife says as we’re driving to work, do you notice something different? Yeah, I’m hitting all green lights. I never hit green lights. That’s a good sign on its own. Eh! Today is going to be that day.

BUT, how far do you take your lucky day?

You could go stupid, take your rent money, bet it all on a horse with 50 to 1 odds. That should set me up.

NaH I  don’t think so!

But through all reality, the Cosmos says today is YOUR lucky day and if there is some truth in that, it would only apply to you. Not the bad dudes you hang out with, somebody cheats when your playing cards, or maybe standing in front of a moving  Mach truck to test fate or how lucky you really are, that would not be in your best interest.

So, there are so many variables in this world that would determine how lucky or unlucky you’re really going to be. Betting all your money on a horse race might not be the wisest move you ever made either, maybe a $2.00 scratcher.

My personal opinion would be, be happy you’re having a good day, that’s what good luck means. In the land of the astrology or horoscope, that is for once, you’re going to hit all those green lights,  that’s all it means.

∞∞ Have a good Day and good luck Eh. ∞∞

UNTIL the NEXT TIME the stars line up.

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Cycling is Healthy but could it be UNSAFE

cycling for fun It’s that time of year to put the ozone polluting car away and get your bicycles out. Leave that car parked as long as you can, and let’s get cracking, I mean biking.

You know there is nothing more enjoyable and that moves the most amount of mussels IN YOUR BODY AS cycling. Good for the environment, good for your health and let’s not forget, just the fun and sport of it. With all the new bike trails in our cities of Ontario whats not to like.


When you, the cyclist enjoy the sun in your face, the breeze in your hair and just the peacefulness of cycling, there is a downside. It’s the 2000 lb car behind you.

Most motorists will agree that some cyclist leaves something at home, their common sense. With the adrenalin rush of cycling, most people are in a different world, they feel that the highway rules and regulations don’t apply or maybe, they don’t even GIVE IT A SECOND THOUGHT.


There is not a day that goes by that you don’t hear of a cyclist being hit by a car, truck or just a mirror, always something bigger and heavier than them. But through all reality, can you always blame the vehicle driver for a mishap with a cyclist?

is Bicycling SAFE

It’s not uncommon to see a cyclist moving out of his bike lane, into traffics lane, in and out.  It’s not uncommon to see cyclists on the road that are three, side by side to each other, two cyclistnot in a single file, which would totally make more sense.

Our highways system is being more accommodating to the cyclist, every year they design new highways and or revamp old ones to incorporate bigger and better bike lanes.  The trick is to train the cyclist to stay in those lanes.

I watched a cyclist go through a stop sign and motioned for him to come over; I said to him, “you know you just went through a stop sign”. His answer was,



And yes, you do have to abide by the same highway rules as everybody else, certainly, for no other reason, than,


I always keep in mind when cycling; “I WILL BE THE BIGGEST LOSER” when a 2000 lb car comes roaring down on me.


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Are your cats trainable

Are your cats trainable or are you just fooling yourself

cat laughing at stick

boy image by Vector toons

If you throw a stick your dog will run as fast as he can to retrieve. He will bring it back in hopes you’ll throw the stick again, and you do.

Just try throwing a stick and expect your CAT to fetch it, THE JOKE IS,

“It would be easier to train that stick to fetch the cat”.

Just in case you haven’t noticed, cats are un-trainable, they will only do something if they want to and, or if there something in it for them.

If for one moment, you entertained the idea that your cat just listened to you and “did what you wanted them to do”.   You have just been duped/had.

They did it, that ‘whatever’ thing because the cat wanted to do it, not because you think you finally trained them.

Cat-scientists say they are the only known species that has not been through major changes in their evolution. They say,  that cats first got domesticated by the Faros in Ancient Egypt, but most say they go back at least 9000 years. Today our domesticated inside living cats would still have no trouble surviving in the wild. So their hunting instincts are still there.  But, … why would they leave? They have it made right here.

Now, have you ever upset your cat? Eh

Take, for example, that you went out in the afternoon and you

“FORGOT TO FILL UP their CAT DISH”. And they ran out of food!

NO  food.

You’re back and you just opened the door and you see your cat perched up in a spot, WELL, where they’re not supposed to be.   So, do they have a way of getting even or at least getting your attention? Didn’t think they were that smart. “Don’t be surprised, evolution says, they’ll never change, but yoooou will” And, YA, …  they are that smart.

They will brazenly sit there long enough until you make the big “eye contact” then they leisurely come down off the mantel amongst all your Royal Dalton collectibles. “NOW YOUR CAT says, DON’T FORGET to feed me NEXTIME”! They just give you, that mental gesture. “Or the finger in our language”


So, make no mistake, your furry lovable Cat friend is your buddy because he lets you be his buddy, “not the other way around”. Consequently, contrary to a dog, you can’t really own a cat and guaranteed one thing for sure, “You wouldn’t teach them to fetch you a beer”.

Please check this site out, The difference between cats and dog.

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dave's work stationBlogging for the HEALTH of it.

As a newbie blogger, my purpose was to have some fun, share my point of view as an ordinary Canadian and maybe share a little WISDOM along the way and then I find, it’s also healthy for me. Eh!

Blogging just might have an added bonus, “Reducing Stress”.

My writings are about anything and everything.  As the old guys used to say in their day, “make sure you have lots of meat and potatoes” They weren’t talking about blogging back then, but I will use it as a metaphor for my posting, they mean, “SUBSTANCE”. I try as a blogger to have some good and sometimes light informative information.

But I also have learned, which is equally important, spelling has to be perfect, from labeling photos properly, to attributes in your blog posting, which, may I say, “Spelling is NOT my best suit”.

Thank goodness for Microsoft word, they take care of the spelling department and my wife, she takes care of Microsoft misspelled “Canadian” words.

But I do try and keep my posts interesting and my spelling in check.

There are very few things in this world that are free, but blogging comes close. Pay your yearly hosting service fees, set your site up in less than 15 min, and you’re good to spiel off anything your little heart desires. JUST …  (DON’T BELIEVE THE  15  MIN  THING). AND, for all you people that are just starting out, you might find blogging a good STRESS RELIEVER.

Write down what you ’re thinking, post it, and you’ll be surprised at how many people out there, say, “Yeah, that’s right” and now you have a follower.

Post what you want and when you want, watch a lot of YOUTUBE videos on the do’s and don’ts of web and blog building. Learn at your own pace. Weed out all that unnecessary information, and use what ONLY pertains to you and what your goals are as a blogger. Try to watch and read only the latest up-to-date information.

The web and how it operates seems to change weekly, hourly. Learn to be in favor with the Google gods, “that part really helps”.

The World Wide Web even says you can even make money at doing this fun stuff, SO I SAY,

bring on the $$$$ Denaro’s,  … IM STILL WAITING$$

Note: if you don’t find blogging fun, then it’s just another job. The choice is yours,

 While you’re leaving me a good, bad or ugly comment,

Please let me know what part of the world you live in. I really would like to know. Eh!


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U.S. Flood Damaged Vehicles go to Canada?

flood damaged vehicles

youtube images

Is the U.S. dumping their flood-damaged cars into Canada

The United States has had some bad weather in the past and all the videos show

flood-damaged vehicles bobbing up and down in the water. Are these waterlogged vehicles heading North to Canada?.

Many of these vehicles from hurricane states have been written off by insurance companies, too unsafe for the road and too expensive to repair. BUT, are they still destined to our country as workable vehicles?

As the story goes, some of these vehicles come across legally into Canada providing they are sold as scrap. “Not fit for the road”.

 So now, you just purchased your dream car, cheap, what a deal you tell your friends.

But there’s one problem, it never made it off the car lot. The mechanic comes out, checks the no start and he says. “must have some electrical problem”. 

Two things would worry me, it’s from the United States with no history, and it has electrical problems that would raise a BIG RED flag.

Beware of those good deals.

We, in Ontario, have to purchase a “USED VEHICLE INSPECTION PACKAGE” before buying a used car. I always thought it was a government money grab, but it does somewhat protect the consumer.

The complete car history is in this package and it divulges all the previous owners, accident reports, etc. The problem stems from when a vehicle crosses the border, there is no information, no accident report, or any information of being written off by a US insurance company due to water damage (Cars being submerged in SALT water) “that would worry me”.

So that’s where the problem lies. Water on its own might not be that bad. Dry the vehicle out, it starts, it runs, and it has no miles on it. What’s not to like. CHEAP.


We in Canada see our fair share of what salt can do to a car. It rots out the metal, the structure of your car, making it over time, unsafe for the road. Try submerging your vehicle in THE OCEAN. The salt water would discolor your interior, it would work its way into the very fabric and metal of your car. The engine could have been submerged in the salt water doing major damage to internal components and that, might not show up right away, but it will!

Salt is a form of acid and is a real killer for anything metal / cars etc.

 And let’s not forget the sensitive wiring on your car. Most automotive computer sensors and systems on new cars work on very low voltage and any disruption of bad connections, or water in the plugs, will have a major effect on the performance of your vehicle. In worst case scenarios, the car just won’t run at all and all problems in-between.

Dealerships charge major shop rates for tracing electrical problems in cars.

If you’re really hot after that car, knowing that it comes from the U.S, at least do your due diligence and check its history.

The United States insurance companies wrote these vehicles off for a good reason.

Always “try” and get a “used vehicle inspection package” history from the state that the car came from.

( in case you don’t know ) All vehicles from the U.S.have

“MILES PER HOUR” on their SPEEDOMETERS instead of kilometers per hour.


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Storage Auction Notice

storage auctions

auction pictures

Storage locker Auction in your area.

I started off my daily routine by checking and answering all my e-mails and inquiries, and I came across this one that just stood out, “Storage Auction Notice”.

Now, that’s a definite call to action!

“Closing in your area is good, today is good,” well, it’s not like I had a lot of inquiries or my agenda was full.  I could entertain the idea, so I opened up my e-mail.

Well, this was a last minute decision. But that’s ok.

Ah, it’s the same storage auction I read about a few days earlier. When I first looked at the auction ad, I found nothing of interest and now giving it a second look, it still didn’t improve my opinion. “Nothing”. But it is in my area and the price looked right. My normally “heavy” day was free; (darn), and, I had no e-mails to answer!

WHY NOT! So I put in a lowball price and behold, nobody wanted it, well then,

“Lucky me” Eh!

I just bought an abandoned locker. Now after looking the locker over, you have to wonder, why would people pay good hard earned money to store absolutely nothing of value. Many of the articles I found were not even good giveaways.  I’m not totally surprised by few bidders, BUT I didn’t pay much.

I shouldn’t forget, a lot of people do fall on hard times and at the last moment, storing whatever valuables they had looked to be their only option.

And having said that, if by chance they foresee that the monthly locker payments won’t work either, (food or locker payments) well, that would be a no-brainer. So these same people would scavenge what good belongings they do have and leave the rest.

Most of these lockers, do tell a very sad story.

So yea, I cleaned out the abandoned locker from the people that just left in a hurry. I cleaned and nearly washed the floor for the locker company, (that’s required) just so they can cut their losses, and re-rent the unit as soon as humanly possible.

What did I find?

Pots and pans that went to Good Will, winter clothes, 3 office chairs, that all went to Good Will,boat anchor the city landfill got their share and I got the rest? … O YA, an old cash register, that’s only good for a (boat Anchor) 2 old couches, some bed frames that you couldn’t put together because … there were “parts missing?”… But, I did find some high-end audio speakers, that thankfully paid for the locker.

Me, I just bought a job.

Now through all fairness, this was not, household material. People do not pay to store these kinds of “items” so I have to wonder after all these years of buying lockers, do the companies themselves use one of their units to store “garbage” and knowingly auction off the locker as “abandoned”.

“They wouldn’t do that, WOULD THEY?”


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