4 Reasons Why Farmers Are On My List of Hoarders


barn findIn all my blog posts I talk about going at a situation from a different angle and so this is how I look at hoarding.. Doctors and Psychiatrist claim that hoarding is a disorder of sorts; I claim it’s just a bad habit. So . . . could Farmers be classified as hoarders? I think yes and this is a good reason why. I think being human, collecting things is part of our DNA. And one most crucial factor, they have the room. And that makes them a good candidate to join the Hoarders club of America.

So, as the Medical Industry declares people that over accumulate too many items are called hoarders and they put a $10 label on them, their called. “Obsessive Compulsive Personality Disorder (OCPD).”

I say they just have a bad habit.

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You know, farmers have always been known to save things for a rainy day, and why not. When their machinery brakes down in the middle of haying season, time is the utmost important to have it up and working. The days of fixing something with a ball of twine just might be over, they need extra parts, and more is better … right

Here are 4 top reasons I think farmers are good candidate to be in the hoarders club.

#1  At a junior hockey tournament, you exchange niceties with all the parents. But I have an inquisitive side and always asked the dads, what they do for a living. The one boldly says he rebuilds military equipment. Now, this guy’s got my attention. Who would buy this type of equipment?  I asked.

Farmers love this stuff he says.

#2  A few years from that point, I’m operating a mobile equipment repair service. I would go to a job sites and repair anything that’s broken and farmers were my biggest customers.

“Did I say I was inquisitive?”

(Oh I already said that) … Anyway here comes the small talk?  “So what’s inside that abandon looking chicken barn?”  Some old pieces of equipment, he says. So now I just have to pry this information out of this old farmer. He finally says, it just a little old army tank and been sitting there for years.  I don’t even know if it runs anymore he says. I’m not sure about you people, but there’s nothing small about an army tank.

SO, are farmer’s hoarders or collectors?

#3 Sand blasting was a side line that proved to be extremely lucrative sideline to my business.  Everybody wants a quote. My company took me to a lot of some unusual spots for estimates, but I always ended up back at a farm, with … just lots of barns.

This elderly farmer just beat me down on my going price; “It is my off season” he said, so I totally understood. I adjusted my price accordingly. Almost finished our business, there I’m at it again. “So what’s in that barn” I asked him? At that point he forget that the equipment he wanted repaired was in that barn.

He had to show me.

“Gee, I said as we entered his barn”, I recognize that thing under the tarp, Na he says, junk.  Porsche 911 under that wrap is not junk. You can spot that half round body style anywhere, even if their undercover.  And what’s that beside it? 4 man helicopterWell it’s not working right now he said, the contract was up and it’s just sitting there.

It was a four man Helicopter, he says he leases out to the hydro, but it’s not working now!

 “½ million dollars just sitting there”

Farmers are a humble breed of people. They don’t have to brag or show-off anything that they worked real hard for. But you never know what’s leering in those rundown old barns. “Just sitting there.” —-

— Waiting for a picker. press here red dot

That Army tank the other farmer had hasn’t been moved in years, but I don’t own one and nobody on my block has one!

But this Farmer did.

#4   Now my life style has changed and I hung up my tools and joined the buying, selling oddities circuit. I remember all these spots, barn finds, equipment tucked away behind or in some old garage, never to be moved, “FORGOTTEN”.

The American pickers and the Canadian Version of pickers are testament that these stories are true. The reality shows as well as finding old oddities in barns, shed, storage lockers, they are also true. The reality shows on TV add a little, no, a lot of fluff to their story line, but they are correct none the less.

They still can be found if you look hard enough.

I remember these places and still I know where to look and to buy.  I’m not into army tanks, Bren- gun carriers or military half-tracks from the war. But I could be. barn find

So the question still stands, are farmer a good candidate to join the “Hoarders Club of America” Nah, they are just hard working people that “HAVE A LOT OF ROOM” to put everything.

“It must be a man thing” eH!

There was a write up of this person in our town that had to rent a room in a boarding house. Not because he was poor. But because he ran out of room in his house, not even room for a bed. Now that’s a hoarder. He doesn’t do it anymore . . .  Why? Because again, he ran out of ROOM, and  “THAT’S NOT A JOKE.”

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